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Dec. 4, 2012

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Mizzou vs. SEMO
Head Coach Frank Haith Quotes

Opening Statement...
"Give SEMO credit, they came out and shot the ball extremely well in the first half. I felt they shot it well, but I felt we let them feel real comfortable out there. We couldn't make shots, and I think we settled in the first half and in the second half, we are a team who we are, and that is a team that is going to attack, get the ball inside, driving the ball. We were able to get 42 points in the paint and we were plus 20 on the boards, and those are the kind of stats that we have to have to be successful right now."

On Phil Pressey's game...
"I think Phil understands, particularly when momentum was swinging and they were making shots, we have to be poised to continue to execute. Teams are going to make shots and people are going to make shots. I thought we were rushing things and we have to get better at that. There may be a time where we want him to take 18 shots, but that's not his game tonight."

On starting Keion Bell and Tony Criswell in the second half...
"They were more energy and had more energy. I thought Keion's ability defensively in the first half was when we needed that and I thought Tony had a nice half, and it's a great thing to have depth; Tony played outstanding. He was really good the whole game."

On shutting down SEMO's shooting in the second half...
"Our guys talk about hot hands, it's about getting out there and pushing them off and making them drivers. I thought we were too casual on them in the first half. They made some shots and some tough shots, but not the way we needed to contest them. We did a much better job of that in the second half."

Missouri Player Quotes

Mizzou Guard Keion Bell

On adjustments that he has made...
"I just changed my approach of just trying to stay productive while I'm on the floor. Not necessarily worrying about scoring or where the next bucket's going to come from; just staying productive. Whether it's rebounding, defending, getting deflection or guarding somebody, whatever I can do to stay productive and make plays where they're available and I think it's paying off."

On defensive adjustments in the 2nd half...
"We just changed our focus in the way we were approaching them defensively. The coaches pretty much had the same gameplan before the game as they did at halftime. As a team, we made adjustments to make sure we were doing everything to execute the gameplan. We just got high hands on the shooter and affected the shot."

On adjusting to being a role player...
"It wasn't that much of a change for me. Just using my athleticism on defense and understanding where I'm supposed to be as far as help and just being a pest on the ball. I've always had the potential to be an excellent defender, and I still haven't reached that potential, but I think I have taken steps in the right direction to be a good defender and reach that potential. Coach Haith has called upon me, so I'm going to continue to progress in that direction."

Mizzou Forward Laurence Bowers

On the run in the 2nd half...
"Coach had been drawing up plays to get the ball inside. I thought we did a great job of getting the ball inside. Obviously if coach draws up plays for you, that means he trusts you to make stuff happen. That's all I did. I was just trying to be fearless and attack the basket. Everything was just falling for me. I got to the line a few times and I have to continue to build upon that. Coach had faith in me. Phil is a great player and can score whenever he wants to, but his main focus is distributing. So the 19 points just happened."

On Tyler Stone's improvement...
"He's definitely made a big improvement. When he was here, he was young and trying to get adjusted to the college life. Now that he's at a program where he has a lot of freedom, it definitely shows. I think he's going to have a great season."

On how his knee feels...
"I'm great. It was nothing with the knee. It almost cramped, but we got a hold of it before it got to that point. I just have to keep working and strengthening my legs and doing everything the coaches ask of me."

Southeast Missouri State Head Coach Dickey Nutt

On the team's overall performance tonight...
"Tonight was a tale of two halves. I thought we played hard, I thought we played good, we were very patient. Obviously when you shoot it well, good things happen. Defensively, our game plan was pretty good against them. They're very strong, and quick and physical inside. But I really thought that our guys played really well and with a lot of fight. In the second half, Missouri turned up the defense a little bit, and we didn't respond as well as we should have. I put our team through a grueling schedule. We just got done with seven of eight on the road. It could have been really easy to come in here wide-eyed and bushy tailed and think we've been on the road a lot and we're playing the number 11 team in the country, we don't have a prayer. But our guys didn't think that at all; we thought we could win from the time we started. I commend (Missouri) for a job well done, and they deserve the win. They're big and strong and physical."

On what Missouri did defensively in the second half...
"The first half we scored baskets and we were able to hit some shots. We were patient, we shared the basketball and we made shots. In the second half they turned up the pressure a little bit and we couldn't quite get the good shots. We missed some point blank layups and a couple of dunks. There's six to eight points that I can think of that turned into an easy basket for Missouri. There was a six minute stretch where they defended us pretty good and we just could not get a basket. We couldn't get to the free throw line, we couldn't get to the wing, we couldn't make a layup or a dunk. Their defense is good, and there's a reason why they're eleventh in the country. They're just a good team."

On SEMO's poise...
"I thought our poise was good. I thought we were a little rattled in the second half. But Corey Wilford was really outstanding in the first half. He really had a good game. He shot the ball well, we had a better offense, he came off screens. In the second half he wasn't there and they shut him down. They denied him and discouraged just about every pass he was able to catch. As a result, he didn't respond. There's more to the game than just shooting the basketball. I told our team that I was so proud of them because we showed that we can compete and that we've got it in that locker room to be competitive in our league, and that's our goal. Three years ago, out of 345 Division I schools, we were number 345. Today we are much different. We are disappointed for the loss, but we're a fan of the University of Missouri and we wish them well. But we're going to move on and get back to the OVC."

On preparing his team to face Missouri...
"When you play Division I basketball, our guys look forward to a game like this one. This is our Super Bowl game. We played Kansas ten games ago, and we have improved since then. We came in with the mentality that this was a winnable game for us. We played well on all cylinders for 40 minutes as best we could. That's the beauty about our team is that we think we can win. Our record is not where it needs to be, but we're playing a lot of those games on the road. I feel really good about our team, I'm not concerned at all."

On Tyler Stone's transformation since transferring to SEMO...
"Tyler came to us as a transfer from Missouri as we all know. Tyler has improved in every area in his life: his academic performance, his work ethic on the floor, his being a teammate. Everything has made a change for the better and that's why we're so proud and pleased to have Tyler. He's gotten better and better every play for us. Let me tell you, no one is more beat up with this loss than him. That's why he makes us good, and we're very proud to have Tyler with us."



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