Mizzou Basketball Post Game Quotes



Dec. 1, 2012

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Mizzou Basketball Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Frank Haith

Opening Statement...
"I thought it was a great game for us. I thought we came out with great intent on both ends of the court. Defensively, we were really good. Laurence (Bowers) was outstanding scoring the ball in the first half. All in all it was a really good win for us."

On a difficult week off the court...
"It's just great to play. I love playing games, so it was great to get back out there. We had a week off and with a week off , you have hard practices. So it was good to just get out there. Mike hasn't played for us all year, so we are who we are right now."

On the teams turnover problems...
"We only had five at the half. It was (more in) the second half. I think that is the thing that this team has to really get better with. We don't really have that killer instinct just yet. When we have a team down, we need to really go after it. A couple of those plays taken off in the second half, that's something, we have to get better with. A lot of those turnovers were from our interior guys, they're just bad ball handlers."

On expectations of Negus Webster-Chan...
"Negus gives us a secondary ball handler and I like to start the game now with him. He has established himself being that guy. When Negus is our back up point, it is tough for him to go in at that point when he subs for Phil (Pressey). My theory behind doing this is he gets a sweat and he is getting lathered up, so when he does go (to the point) he isn't dry."

On Keion Bell and his adjustment to coming off the bench...
"Keion has really bought into (the concept of) coming off the bench. He probably has never come off the bench in his life, but he is doing well with it. Hopefully he will continue to grow in that role. Phil said it best; being a great defender and a great rebounder, your offense will take care of itself. He had three steals and six rebounds off the bench. That is good stuff for us. It isn't about who starts the game, it is about who finishes. In the game against VCU, the game was still in (doubt) and he was in the game because he is a good free throw shooter. We have to continue getting him acclimated to our role for him and he is doing a good job of it."

On Laurence Bowers' transition to becoming a featured scorer...
"We don't really talk about being a go-to guy right now. We have a number of guys that can score. Laurence has really worked hard on his game and he is becoming a well-rounded player. That is what I have talked to him about. Not just being a slasher or going to the basket but expanding your game and being able to shoot the three."

On Tony Criswell's improvement...
"Tony can score the ball, but I have asked him to be more like Steve Moore, an energy guy. Steve's stamina didn't allow him to play long stretches but Tony can do that... take charges, get on the floor and create extra possessions. That's what I want Tony to do. But Tony also has the ability to score and that's a nice luxury to have."

Mizzou Basketball Player Quotes
Junior Guard, Phil Pressey

On the new players adapting to the passing game...
"It's about getting the feel for my teammates. In practice, it's hard to do because everyone on the team knows how I pass. So in the games it's just Laurence, he knows me like the back of his hand, he knows the pass I am going to do before I do, so it just takes time."

On having Keion come off the bench and produce...
"Every single game, Keion gives energy and I feel like if he keeps doing what he is on the defensive side, and if you play good defense and rebounding, his offense will take care of itself."

On facilitating the ball more during this game...
"In the Bahamas, I felt like I wasn't really trusting my teammates and this was a big game for me to get that going. Laurence started off playing well and shooting the ball, and I feel like if I can get everyone going on the offensive end, and that's just the first step in getting our chemistry right."

Mizzou Senior Forward, Laurence Bowers
On scoring this afternoon...
"I just wanted to come out and help the team in the first half. I mean a lot my shots, I was the beneficiary of a great pass. We always preach good shot versus great shot and all of my shots, I believe, were great shots because they were in the rhythm of the offense. I thought the flip-flop from the first and the second half just happened that way today. I am just going to continue to work and get better and help my team."

On improving his three-point shot...
"Just repetition, just when you work on something a lot. It just comes natural and I just try to work on my perimeter shots all the time before and after practices. I just need to be consistent. I have guys to motivate me to shoot after practice."

On the relief of getting back on the court...
"We had almost a week, I believe, to prepare and I thought guys really paid heed to what Coach was saying in practice, and we really came together after the Mike situation. He is our brother, and we hate that it happened, but it did. So, we just have to continue to build the chemistry of this team. This is the team we have been playing with since the beginning. We just have to continue to work, and we are going to pray for Mike and get ready for SEMO."

Appalachian State Head Coach Jason Capel

On Jay Canty's performance...
"He's a good player that could very easily be at this level. Jay has the athleticism, physicality, and aggression to play at a high level. He's played great for us all year. And he continued to do that today. In our league, obviously we're not going to face many guys the size of Ross or Oriakhi. Jay's more than capable of playing with these guys."

On if he sensed that the team was nervous...
"Absolutely. For a lot of these guys, it's their first road trip. We're a young team. It's their first road trip together on an airplane. It's the first time in an arena this size for a lot of these young kids and playing against a team this big and this physical. They're a top 25 team. The biggest thing is that we fought and we competed. Missouri's stronger, but today was about us getting better and us preparing to be a team in our league that can compete for a championship. I thought, in that sense, we got better."

On what they are able to take from today's game...
"Every opportunity to play is a chance to get better. In a lot of ways we got better. Not just Jay, but we got double digit offensive rebounds against a pretty high level team. We had good shots. There were probably nine layups in the first half that change the complexity of the game if we make those. I think nerves had a lot to do with that, but are we going to be able to get to the rim like that against teams in our league? Absolutely we got better. We're a young team on the road having a chance to compete against a very good team. I definitely think we got better, and we'll get better moving forward."



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