Mizzou vs. Mercer Post Game Quotes



Nov. 14, 2011

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Mizzou Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Frank Haith

Opening Statement
"I thought that in the first half we were really active on the defensive end. We had 23 deflections in the first half, which is a great indication of how active we were. We had three or four loose balls where we laid out and sacrificed our bodies and went after them, and we came up with them. Those are momentum plays, and we had a lot of those in the first half. In the second half we let up defensively. This team has got to get better at understanding that when we get the lead that we had, we can't be taking plays off. I thought that's what we did tonight. We had a substantial lead and we took some gambles in the second. A great indication of that is our three turnovers in the first half and then we had a lot of turnovers in the second half, and they were all unforced."

On Kim English playing the four position...
"I just want him to play big boy basketball. He's battling in there, you know, you've got to give him a lot a credit. Look at his results, Kimmie's playing really well. I remember saying after a few exhibition games where he was struggling I'm not worried about Kim. He's battling and he's doing what we ask him to do. I've been really encouraged about his ability to fight and compete in there."

On using a four-guard lineup...
"We played two (forwards) tonight, too. I think there are going to be times where we have to (start 2 forwards). Kim's going to get his minutes but there will be times where we put two big guys out there. And we did that tonight. We have a certain offense we run when two big guys are in there that's a little different from our four-out set when Kimmie's in there."

On driving the lane with the guards in order to get to the foul line...
"That's a way we can slow the game down a little bit. Getting to the free throw line when you don't have a low post guy who isn't extremely active, then you need to drive the ball. You need to use our space, use our quickness, use our speed, put the ball on them, and create fouls. And that's what we did tonight."

On winning the rebounding battle versus a taller team
"We have to do that. Rebounding isn't just about how tall you are. It's about your desire, your passion, and paying attention to detail. It's about blocking out and lots of fundamentals, and then going to get the ball. If Kim can keep his guy off the boards and that ball is being tipped around, our guards are quick enough that can get that ball. It's a matter of not ball watching and expecting someone else to get it."

Junior Guard Michael Dixon

On the season so far...
"It's the second game of the season. I think we're improving. I think it's just something we've got to get used to as far as being up and playing the same defense we would if we were down. It's just mindset and we're just going to have to get better game by game."

On having an off-night shooting the ball
"I took the shots I normally take. One of two things happen when you shoot: you're either going to make it or you're going to miss it, and that just comes with playing the game. It's just another game. We got the win. That's all that counts."

On the guards helping the forwards...
"Kimmie's down there, I don't think he's getting enough credit for what he's doing, as far as things off the stat sheet, like boxing out and banging with those big guys. Doing all those things like that. For me and Phil and Marcus and Matt to get a few extra rebounds helps him, Ricardo, Kadeem and Steve. And we try as guards to get any loose balls or any long rebounds or any normal rebounds because we know we're shorthanded height-wise."

On the new temp of play...
"I don't think we necessarily play slow. Coach Haith always wants us to play our transition and we have a lot of plays in playing our transition. It's just a timing situation. Pressure busts pipes. I just think we've translated our full court defense to the half court. And brought it in and got a little more organized."

Senior Guard Kim English

On Phil Pressey's shooting...
" [Phil Pressey and Mike Dixon] along with Marcus and myself, put in countless hours after practice working on our shots. Those are shots I've seen Mike and Phil make millions of times. It's just a testament to Phil's hard work in this case."

On the new style of play
"The results are still the same. We forced 20 turnovers; a lot of those were in the half court."

Sophomore Guard Phil Pressey

On the new style of play...
"We're all capable of changing how it's played from last year to now. It's not that hard because we're all talented players and we can mold ourselves to how our coach wants us to play."



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