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Nov. 12, 2013

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Mizzou Interim Head Coach Tim Fuller

On the win...
"Obviously Coach Hinson had his team well prepared tonight. They showed us that in the first half. We told our guys that this would be a test and a challenge for us. They came out and they only made two 3s in their last two games, but they made six in the first half. We told them that may happen. We have some soft rims here at Mizzou Arena. All-in-all I think our guys came out and fought hard. I told Mr. Alden when we came off the floor that this was a recruited win. Jordan Clarkson and Jabari Brown took over the second half to victory."

On the production from the post players...
"I look at our five and four positions and there are 40 minutes available. Several guys are going to rotate into those positions. Everybody got reps in the first half and then we see how comfortable they feel. In the second half we had to go with guys that were going to be tough and physical and help us pull out a win."

On Ryan Rosburg's role so far...
"I think some guys are scorers and other guys have different roles. I don't know if Ryan is (a scorer) yet. He'll get his buckets from drop-off dunks or drop-stepping in the paint. We don't have a post player that we're going to ask to score 20 and 10. We're asking that effort from all three guys, rather than just one guy."

Ryan accepting that role of not scoring as much...
"That's the key; to have guys on the floor that want to win. Ryan wants to win. He has a desire. He paid his dues last year. I challenge him every day because I watched against Alex Oriakhi (last season). They battled for those lose balls and rebounds. I told him at halftime: I know you're better than what you gave us in the first half. I've seen you do it. I made him look up at his teammates and say that they need you. And he came out and preformed."

On Saturday's Hawaii game in Kansas City...
"They are a quality ball club with big men that can go 20 (points) and 10 (rebounds). They can score basket to basket. They press and run. "

On preparing the team for the game...
"It was a little easier (this time). Obviously, I knew Coach Hinson's ball club was going to give us a quality test and I just wanted to make sure our guys were ready to play. I think we did a good job as a staff. "

Mizzou Player Quotes vs. Southern Illinois

Junior Guard, Jordan Clarkson

On getting into the lane against SIU…

“Coach Fuller just tells us to attack the paint. So, I think we did a good job of that tonight and having a deadly shooter (Jabari Brown) coming off the drives tonight, they have to pick either one. It is kind of fire and ice. So, you are either going to let us knock down the layup or let Jabari [Brown] hit the three. I feel like we did a good job exploiting that and took advantage of it.”

On the excitement of a career night after sitting out last season…
“It was really exciting, especially with this guy (Coach Fuller) pulling the reins. This guy was with me every day in the gym. It didn’t matter if it was five in the morning, six, or seven. He was always working with me. It always means a lot to have a game like that.” 

On whether he had the green light throughout the game…
“Really, it is like that for everybody. If you are in rhythm and you have the shot, you take it.  If you feel like you have the man or the lane, you drive it. So, that is a big emphasis we put on our perimeter players this year, was driving the basketball and attacking. I feel like we are going to do that.”

Junior Guard, Jabari Brown

On what was said at halftime to make the offense more efficient…
“He wanted us to just take our time. Coach Fuller said to just slow down. We are confident players out there, so I feel like you always know you are going to hit the shot, but sometimes you just have to move the ball a little more and make the defense work.”

On moving the ball inside…
“First half, I don’t think we did that very well. In the second half, I feel like we did a little bit better. I feel like Jordan (Clarkson) took advantage of that. They were so spread out on E.J. and me; he was able to get in the lane. I feel like Johnathan Williams, III also was able to get the ball in the high post and go to work. (In the second half) we just had to make a conscious effort to get it there.”

On Ryan Rosburg’s career high nine rebounds…
“I told him to get me a dunk, but I will take the nine boards and the win. I am definitely happy that he played well. Coach Fuller told him that we were really going to need him in the second half, and I feel like he really stepped up and played strong down there."

Southern Illinois Head Basketball Coach Barry Hinson

On this game's impact for conference play...
"I think that's why we scheduled it. I think we played six guys tonight that had never played a Division I basketball game. What a better way than to do that in Mizzou Arena."

On the fight of his men...
"I liked it. I thought our kids played hard. I told our kids coming into this game that you have to play hard, had to play together and you had to play smart. We did two of those three things. We didn't play together and because of selfish reasons. Everybody wanted to hit the homerun. Everybody wanted to Mark McGwire it. We just can't do that. I like Whitey. Whitey used to say, "let's get singles" and "let's get runners on base." I thought tonight that we didn't play smart at all. Dog gone it. I'm glad they didn't give the ACT exam tonight. We wouldn't have done very well. We wouldn't have been eligible. "

On trying to handle Jordan Clarkson...
"Thank God we have a scouting report that said, "let him shoot the perimeter shot and don't let him drive. Seriously. Our focus tonight was that of a 4 year old. I mean, that's what we did. Let him shoot outside jumpers was the plan. Unbelievable--he was a ninja blender because he was in the lane so much tonight. It was unbelievable. Every time he came out on us, he just went around us."

On his team's success in the first half...
"It was good until the head coach made a decision to switch defenses right before we went in the locker room, and I don't know who that guy is but they should drug test him tomorrow. I mean, seriously. We went to man, and why we went to man--I just thought, "God, this will look good. Duh-nuh-nuh. Duh-nuh-nuh." We just let Jordan [Clarkson] go right down the middle of the lane."

On seeing big guards like Clarkson and Ross...
"I think it helps us. We're not going to see 6-5 guards in our league. We play with waterbugs and peckerwoods. We don't have big guards, we really don't. Shoot guys, you saw us today. We played a 6-4 center tonight. It was the shortest basketball team. At one time I looked at your scorer's table and said, "hey look at this, it's the shortest Division I basketball team right now." Our tallest guy was 6-5. And everybody else was a little bit taller than me but not by much."



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