Post Game Quotes: Mizzou vs. Missouri Southern



Nov. 4, 2012

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Missouri Head Coach Frank Haith Quotes

Opening Statement...
"I thought we came out a little sluggish to start the ball game. We didn't have good movement. I thought Missouri Southern did a good job of getting back and setting their defense. I thought we settled a little bit too much early. The tempo started (to improve) in the second half and it all started with our defense and it was much better with our active hands and knocking some balls loose. As you can see, today was basically a make shift team because Keion Bell goes down and he is sick. I actually had to talk Stefan through some offensive possessions because he was playing on the perimeter for the first time and he had one day of practice to do that and he goes and gets 20 and that probably tells me he should be on the perimeter all the time. We had a lot of guys get good minutes with Stefan and I felt Negus (Webster-Chan) also was very good."

On Stefan Jankovic's game today...
"We all know Stefan's talent. You have to look at the big picture for our team. There's no Jabari (Brown) or Mike Dixon or Keion Bell and all three of those guys are going to play heavy minutes. But he is a luxury because he is probably one of the better shooters on our team. Even at the three spot, he makes great passes because he can see over the defense. He can skip the ball and when he is talking about cutting through the lane, it's all new to him and we play through our posts and we throw the ball to the post and (with) him cutting he can finish. He's big and the biggest thing for him is guarding on the perimeter."

On halftime adjustments...
"We needed to play harder. We needed to have a little bit more intensity on the defensive end. We started the second half and got our hands on a lot of loose balls, got deflections and that was extremely important to who we are. I think when you look at our team that is our identity? We needed to make sure we understand that and play that way and I thought we were a little bit too cool to start the game. But we were very intent to start the second half and we played in transition much better and made better decisions."

Missouri Southern Head Coach Robert Corn Quotes

Opening Statement...
"We felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to play this game. Coach Haith and the University of Missouri have really been tremendous friends to Missouri Southern and the Joplin community. We are very appreciative to them to allow us to come back up here after they graciously came down to our place. We don't get an opportunity to play a team like the University of Missouri very often and, no one will have a bigger fan base for Coach Haith and his team more than the people of Missouri Southern Basketball."

On the first half play of Missouri Southern...
"The big thing was that we didn't have turnovers. That was the one area that we were really concerned with coming into this game. We planned for every turnover they would have to turn into a big dunk at the other end. We really took care of the basketball. Marcus obviously got us out of the gate well and hit some threes at the start to get us going. You have to get off to a really good start at the beginning of any game to build a little bit of confidence. If you don't, you could look up and be down 20 to nothing pretty quick."

On the atmosphere of Mizzou Arena...
"We knew coming in that their student section was going to have fun, and that's what it's all about. We want our student section to have fun when we have visitors. The atmosphere today was tremendous. Our guys knew that coming in and our guys try to block that out when they're playing and not let that interfere with what they're doing on the court."

On comparing the Missouri team from last year to this year's team...
"The big difference from this year's team to last year's was that the size was much bigger this year. Last year when we played in that exhibition game, no one really knew how good Missouri was going to be. To be honest, I was very discouraged after we played them last year. Whenever they played in the College Basketball Experience last year in Kansas City and Missouri played Notre Dame and California and they did to those two teams what they did to us. This team is going to get better and better. They've got so many good guys with good college experience, but obviously they don't have the experience playing together. Once they get that, they're going to be a very explosive team. With their size and their depth, they're looking like they're going to have another very good year."

On having less turnovers than Missouri...
"The big key was that we tried not to get split. We weren't going to get out there and try to pressure because they're too quick and they would've gone right by us. We tried to keep our defense pretty tight and tried to make them play more on the perimeter. We got split a few times, specifically on the transition game. "

On the play of Stefan Jankovic...
"He was on our scouting report, but he should have been on it a lot more. He gives them a presence out there on the floor and he's going to have a great career here."

Mizzou Player Quotes
Laurence Bowers

On his confidence in his knee...
"I've been working my tail off to get to this moment, and these last two games, it definitely helped me out with my psyche. Of course coming into it, I was wondering `how am I going to perform, how am I going to do this?' But getting those two games under my belt definitely made me feel like I'm a hundred percent, and mentally as well. There were certain cuts and certain jumps that I just wasn't as comfortable doing, but getting these two games and doing those, I think I'm definitely going forward from here on."

On what he learned about himself through rehab...
"Going through any adversity, the way you handle it definitely shows what kind of man you are. I think that I handled it well. I had a lot of people around me helping me through that situation, but I think as a player I soaked up a lot of stuff from Coach Haith, just seeing how he did things. I didn't get a chance to play for him last year, but coming into this season I think I have a pretty good grasp of the scheme that he wants us to do. I think that, just seeing the game from a new perspective, that'll definitely help me with my IQ out there on the court, and this is my last year so I'm going to give it my all."

On the play of Stefan Jankovic...
"I see Stefan (Jankovic) every day in practice. I have to go against Stefan a lot. I know what he's capable of, and he just definitely has to build on this. He showed his versatility, and that's what he's known for, being versatile. So he's just got to continue getting better every day in practice."

On balanced scoring for Mizzou...
"That's always a strength to have balanced scoring on a team. Me personally, I don't see us having a guy on the team that averages 22-24 points because we're so balanced. I think that's a great thing to have. Once your starting five goes out, and you bring another five in and there's no drop-off, that's always a plus. It's great to have guys who are versatile and keep the pace of the game going when the starters go out."

Stefan Jankovic
On playing on the wing, rather than in the post...
"I'm comfortable on the court wherever, really. It's just coach wanted me out on the perimeter today. I'm confident wherever, and I like to use my versatility whether it's down low or outside."

On being more prepared after an exhibition game...
"It's big-time. It builds my confidence, and it something to build on for the rest of the season."

On having Coach Haith's help during the game...
"I only had one practice at the three, so I was kind of lost. I knew most of the plays at the four, and I knew a little bit at the three, but Coach Haith was out there on the court walking me through some plays. But I think I did alright."

On the biggest differences between the "three" spot and the "four"... "At the three, it's a lot more movement out on the wing, cutting through, filling the lanes. When I was running on transition, usually I'd go to the basket or trail, and now I have to go to the corner. So that was a little bit different."

On playing with Negus Webster-Chan...
"We've been playing (together) forever, that's just easy now. When we're on the court together, we know each other's games, so of course it's a luxury."

On settling in on the court...
"I kind of felt comfortable coming into the game. Coach Haith obviously talked to me before, let me know `you're going to get some more minutes,' a couple of the guys were like `come on Stef, have a good game.' That always builds your confidence, and when I stepped on the court, I had a lot more confidence. Making the first three, of course, that always helps out too. I thought before the game that I was pretty tuned in."

On getting help from Bowers...
"He's just looking out. He's like my big brother, basically, on the team. He knows what's going on. He was looking out."



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