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Nov. 1, 2013

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Head Coach Frank Haith Quotes:
On Tonight's Game...
"Give Central Missouri credit. Kim's (Anderson) teams are always well-coached and they came out playing with great pride and really tested our club. We knew this was going to be a challenging game and my hats are off to them. We just made a few more plays down the stretch and were able to get some timely shots to finally fall in the final 10 minutes."

On Freshman Johnathan Williams III...
"Johnathan (Williams) settled down in the second half and was able to make some plays for us. He is getting better every day and I anticipate him improving each time we step on that court. I was really pleased with his rebounding. He grabbed 13 and found a way to make contributions on both ends of the court."

On playing with a quicker lineup in the second half...
"It was a group that was producing for us in the second half. Earnest was hitting a few shots, as were Jabari and Jordan, but we have to be more consistent on the defensive end. They were zoning us and that was open and those guys made the open plays."

RS JR Guard Jordan Clarkson

On Central Missouri's offense...
"They were just moving the ball a lot on offense, getting in the paint. They did a very good job on offense. We had a couple defensive shut downs sometimes and we just have to work on it coming into practice on Sunday. We just need to learn from our mistakes."

On the game tonight...
"It's disappointing but it's not disappointing. I feel like it's early right now. We obviously have things to work on. We have this film. Going against this team and knowing that they were smaller without a lot of guys, but they were getting into the paint real well."

On sharing the ball with his teammates...
"Not really. Coach wants us to attack the basket and be aggressive so having other guys score is just how it's always going to be. We have a talented team but I feel like first half we just had an attacking. We just had to play all defense."

On his performance tonight...
"I feel like I didn't have a good game but these last two games have been meaningful for me as we go into next Friday."

RS JR Guard Jabari Brown

"No, I don't think we were worried. Not to take anything away from them, though. They're a good team, but I feel like we're confident, you know, Tony {Criswell}, Earnest {Ross} and I. We just have some older guys, Jordan too. So I feel like we're confident and knew what we were going to do and just put together a string of stops."

On the team's chemistry
"I feel like we work together really well. Coach tells us on defense. It's kind of like a little bit of an overload. You know, you can't guard everybody. Ernest {Ross} is a good shooter and good at moving to the floor. We have that pick and pop. It's great when you know you hit these big shots."

Kim Anderson
Central Missouri Head Coach

Opening Statement...
"Hey, what a great atmosphere and a great opportunity for my guys to come in here and play a team like Missouri. Very, very athletic, very physical, very strong. I was really proud. I thought we hung in there with them. You know, we don't ever zone. Those of you who know me, know I played for Coach Stewart and we don't zone very often. But I thought the one thing we tried to do was force them to take long, outside shots. And they missed a few for a while and they are just a good team and they came back and made a few plays. I was proud of our guys."

Up 8 in the 2nd half thinking you had a chance to beat Missouri on their floor...
"No, I mean it was nice being up, but I knew they would make a run and we couldn't fight off that run. The only lead that would have been safe would have been like 28 (points) with five minutes to go. But not to take anything away from my guys. Again, we played so hard. The only thing is that we have a couple of guys hurt now and hopefully they'll be okay."

How did you have success against Missouri's defense?
"Well, I don't think we took great shots late. On the other end of the floor, our idea was that if we were going down, we were going to go down in flames. We were going to make them shoot the three. They missed them for a while, but they are so good on the boards. My guys were in there battling, but they're just bigger, stronger and taller. Our idea was that we had to get inside of their defense and kick it out and get open threes. I don't know if we really got that many. We got some looks, but not great. Every time we would run a play, they would cover the option. I'm sure that's superior coaching, but I'm also sure it's superior athletes. They were there. The are a good team. I'm looking forward to following them this year. It's my alma mater."



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