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March 18, 2014

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Mizzou Head Coach Frank Haith

Opening Statement...

"First I want to thank the fans that came out tonight, they were outstanding. We truly appreciate that and it means so much to us and our players to have the fans come out and support us; the energy they brought tonight was outstanding and I am forever grateful to them. We play Sunday and we do not know the time; I know it is spring break, but if we can get folks in town out here again it would be really appreciated. I thought our guys competed their butts off. I thought that from start to finish even when we got down 13; we were playing hard. Davidson is a really good ball club and you look at them on tape; they are an outstanding team. They play everybody; they beat Georgia and they took (North) Carolina to overtime. This is a heck of a win for us; it was short-handed so I was so proud of how hard our guys played. This guy right here, our senior (Earnest Ross); he came out and did not play particularly well in the first half, but he was terrific in the second half but it was a team effort; everybody that played contributed."

On how motivated the team was to compete in the NIT and this game...
"It is tremendous because you look around and there are a lot of teams that do not play. I wanted our guys to really compete and we talked about competing. When you have a young team, you have a chance because they understand that we are trying to get better. You can use it as a spring-board, I gave examples to our team of previous teams that have used it like that. You look at Wichita State; you look at Virginia just last year, they were in the NIT last year and now they are the number 1 seed this year. Baylor was in it last year and they won it and now look at what kind of season that they had this year. I think that is important for our guys to understand that we are building for the future right now."



On the bench performance tonight...
"Ryan Rosburg was terrific down the stretch. I trust Ryan. Ryan made some big plays, some big rebounds. Something that fans might not see, and you heard the guys talk about how smart he is, he played the 3 and the 4 and he knows the back line of our zone. The coverage was outstanding between he, J3, and Ryan. They were terrific; we did not give up any slips. Davidson is a smart team and they execute very well, but I thought our execution on that end was terrific; we communicated, we got to the shooters. When you say you play a team that is a 3-point shooting team, you don't play zone, but we were able to get to their shooters and use our length, and Danny is a pretty long guy. Torren got in there and made some plays too; Torren is a developing guy and I think he is only going to get better. "

On Jabari playing well and getting out of his funk...
"If you would have told me, and this is about the maturation of his game, that Jabari had 30 points I would have said he made five or six 3-pointers; but he only made one 3-pointer. That tells you a little bit about him not settling and his ability to finish through contact, his ability to get to the free throw line. I am proud of him, obviously he was terrific tonight, but it was a great team effort. I thought Jordan Clarkson in the second half really executed our offense. They were changing defenses trying to figure out; they were running 1-3-1, went to 2-3-zone, and went man-to-man and he did a much better job in the second half of understanding and getting us in good offense."

Mizzou Senior Guard Earnest Ross

On diving over the table in the final minute...
"I kind of knew that play was going to happen, they ran it once before on me. I kind of just went out to hedge and I came up with the steal, then I just happened to go over the table."

On the team's thoughts after going down by 13...
"Just knowing that there is no 13-point play and by breaking each four minutes into a section and trying to win each four minutes. We were down eight or 10 and Coach (Frank) Haith just said let's try to win these four minutes and get up. When he said that, he inspired us and gave us the inspiration to finish hard."

On Mizzou's strength inside...
"It was big; I think our bigs did a great job of rebounding the ball and giving us second-chance points, as well as finishing second-chance points. Credit to their big men, but I think our bigs played great tonight also."

Mizzou Junior Guard Jabari Brown

On the play of Danny Feldmann...
"Danny really stepped up and he is really smart. He knows everywhere he is supposed to be on offense and defense. He is not afraid to go and make plays and when the opportunity presented itself he took advantage of it."

On whether he felt at any point they might have been playing their last game...
"No, we were focused on winning."

Davidson Post Game Quotes

Head Coach, Bob McKillop

Opening Statement...

"Congratulations to Frank (Haith) and the Missouri Tigers. I'm incredibly proud of my guys and how they fought for forty minutes. I'm just disappointed that this is the last game that this group will be together. It's a very sad moment for me."

On the team's 3-point shooting tonight...
"I think the energy level of forty minutes wears you down. Brian Sullivan shoots 45-percent from the three. Having to defend the dribble so much on defense and then having to play the number of minutes certainly impacts your shot. I thought we had a couple of looks at the end when it was a one to two point game. We just didn't have enough of a shot, and I thought the fatigue was definitely a factor."

On the team's energy tonight against Missouri...
"I thought we fought very hard. That's the nature of this team and the nature of this program."

On Senior De'Mon Brooks career at Davidson...
"He's a very special player. He will go down in Davidson basketball as one of the all-time greats."

On guarding Missouri's Clarkson, Ross and Brown...
"Clarkson, Ross and Brown all have the bodies of professional guards. I think they took advantage of that in the first play of the game. We were very conscious of that throughout the game. I think their guards over-powered us."

Davidson Player Post Game Quotes

Senior, De'Mon Brooks

On taking good shots as a team tonight...
"We had great looks. Those are looks that Brian (Sullivan) and Tyler (Kalinoski) get hundreds of times."

On Davidson's season coming to an end tonight with their loss...
"It hurts. It's not how I wanted to go out, but I feel like we put it all on the court. I told the young guys college basketball comes down to little details. A small thing here and there and not a big play but rather small plays. I told them to keep their head up. Time goes by fast. For Tom (Droney), Chris (Czerapowicz), myself, and all the seniors here; our time is now up."

On how coach McKillop said this team was a special group...
"Coach McKillop is a great coach. Being here has changed my life. I'm not just a better basketball player but also a better man. It was the best decision of my life coming to this school. I'd do anything for anybody affiliated with this school."

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