Mizzou-Kansas State Postgame Quotes



Feb. 21, 2012

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Missouri Head Coach Frank Haith

Opening Statement
"Honestly I think a tough ballgame for us. Give K-State credit. They played great tonight. They were very good defensively. I thought it was a physical, physical ballgame, very aggressive and their physicality got to us. I thought our guys competed hard and we fought, but you got to give them credit in terms of ways it was played; I think it was to their advantage."

On match-up with Kansas State...
"I think their length does bother us and the way they play the game. They are very aggressive and physical. We normally get to the line and we did not get to the line tonight and in a game like this, I think we should probably get to the line more, but we did not. I think maybe we were not attacking like we should and doing some of the things we should do when teams play you that way. I felt like when teams are aggressive, you got to match their physicality, you got to be aggressive back to them."

On forcing shots at end of game...
"I think we were trying to get a five-point shot. And instead of continuing to play and being aggressive and attacking and putting the ball on them, I thought we settled."

On how this game compared to the one in Manhattan...
"I thought our guys competed hard. I got to watch the tape, but the one thing I will tell you we got to do better is when people get closer to the basket, we have to have a little bit more resistant. Gipson gets the ball in the paint and we turn and we just kind of let him lay it up and I don't like that. That's got to change.

On how they improve their defensive effort...
"We got to put our chest on people. They were shooting balls and the way the game was being officiated, that's when you got to be physical. You got to match their physicality and we allowed them to get two feet in the paint and we were playing aggressive out on the perimeter, but when the ball goes in the paint, we just had no resistance."

On limitations of seven-man rotation...
"When English picked up his third foul in the first half and the way the game was flowing, and we had to put in Andrew Jones, our depth really hurt."

Senior guard Kim English
On K-State's physicality...
"That was the game plan, that's how they win. That's their mantra. They're a physical team. We didn't punch back early, and when you do that, when you play good teams, it's an uphill battle all the way."

On Missouri's defense...
"We didn't defend the way we usually defend, the way we need to defend. And that will be fixed. That won't happen again."

On his technical in the first half...
"Patrick Adams called an over the back on me, and I just went to bounce the ball. It slipped out of my hands and it bounced higher than I expected. He didn't want to call it, but it was a techical, and they know I'm not a player like that, but it was a technical. I didn't mean to slam the ball down like that though."

Senior guard Marcus Denmon
On Missouri's 38-percent shooting...
"Like Coach said, Kansas State did some things well on the defensive end. I mean they made shots early that when you play good defense you don't expect them to make. As far as scoring points on them, I think 68 points is enough to win a game, we just have to guard."

On how this loss fit into the process...
"Well, we'll get back in practice, me and the rest of team, and we'll get better and we'll learn from this like all good teams do, and we'll get ready for the next one."

Kansas State Player Quotes

Rodney McGruder

On Kansas State's mindset coming into the game...
"It just built our confidence that people were saying we couldn't do it coming into this game. It was definitely a big win for us. We've got a lot of confidence, and we came into the game thinking, `Why not us?'"

On his toe injury earlier this season and how he adjusted during the game...
"One thing I try to do [coming off an injury] is always work harder in practice. I just wanted the ball when I was feeling it, and that's what my teammates did for me."

On making important shots during the game...
"I was just very aggressive today. I was getting good looks and making my shots. We just stepped it up big on defense. That's all that really happened. They made runs but we just had to retaliate every time."

Frank Martin, Kansas State Head Coach

On Kansas State's defense...
"That's three times in a row [we have held our opponent under 40 percent from the field]. That's a credit to our kids. They are taking so much pride in all the work that we do to build our defensive techniques and concepts. That allows us to spend a little more time on the offensive side of the ball to try and clean that up. I said earlier in the year these guys had a chance to be the best defensive team we've coached."

On Kansas State's balanced team effort...
"It had to be because Missouri is really good. We didn't need to be special; we just needed to be solid. We needed to play as a unit, and we did, outside of a little five minute segment in the second half where we just got stagnant on offense - which is our biggest problem. We don't pass, we don't move, but Missouri had a lot to do with that. They dug up in us and got after us, putting us on our heels a little bit."

On consecutive wins over Top 10 teams on the road...
"I wish we could celebrate, but we play Iowa State on Saturday. At the end of the year, this is a feather [Rodney McGruder and Jamar Samuels] can put in their hat and keep with them for the rest of their lives. They made our program better than it was when they got here. I talk about that all the time: whenever you leave, whenever your time is done, whatever you were a part of, is it better or worse than when you got there. If it's better, you have a lot to be proud of."

On approaching the game...
"I say this all the time and people look at me like I have six heads. We don't practice any differently whether we are preparing for North Florida, Charleston Southern - we do the same thing everyday. I'm a believer if you start changing how you approach, then your kids will say `Tomorrow's game the coaches think is easy, so we don't have to play as hard.' That goes against what we preach. You get 35 or 36 opportunities, if you're lucky, as a team to play. If you can't go out there and bust your hump 35 times a year, that doesn't make you much of a man."



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