Mizzou vs. Arkansas Post Game Quotes



Feb. 13, 2014

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Mizzou Head Coach Frank Haith:

Opening statement...
"It was a high level game. Give Arkansas a lot of credit; they played their butts off. I thought our guys made some big plays. We had two big stops down the stretch and Jabari's (Brown) shot was huge. I felt like it was a game where we really needed to shore up some things on defense and down the stretch it was good to see us make some plays."

End of the game...
"On the initial ball screen action, Johnathan (Williams) did a great job of cupping. He did a great job of forcing him one way and it allowed Jordan (Clarkson) to jump on his right hand right away."

Emphasis on defense...
"We have to get better defensively. We're a pretty good offensive team, but we need to be consistent on the defensive end. They've been shooting the three very well and we took that away in the second half. That was something we talked about at halftime."

Free throws...
"We had the right guys going to the line tonight. We work at that and I thing we're one of the better free throw shooting teams in the league (knock on wood). We're a good three-point shooting team, but we can also drive the ball. When we have games that we don't get to the free throw line, that's quite unusual. We get to the line and attack off the bounce; that's who we are."

Missouri Player Quotes:

Jabari Brown, Junior Guard

On how this win helps NCAA tournament hopes...
"It keeps us going in the right direction. We've got seven more games and we're going to try to get all seven of them, but we're going to take them one at a time. We've got a good Tennessee team coming in here."

On the amount of free throws in the game...
"Well, we've got to be aggressive against a team like that. They're real scrappy and they foul a lot, so we knew we were going to have to be strong with the ball... we made free throws for the most part when we needed to and that was one of the key factors."

On what this win does for the team for Saturday...
"It gives us some momentum. (It gives us) some confidence coming out with a win and it's a good thing. You know, coming off with a loss, you just have to regroup, so I feel like we have to improve on something's but I don't feel like we have to regroup."

Jordan Clarkson, Junior Guard

On Rosburg's help on the last play...
"It was a great rotation by Ryan (Rosburg). He did a good job of testing them, and keeping his hands high so he didn't foul, and forcing them into a tough shot really. Then we got the rebound, made some big sacrifices - guys were down on the floor for the ball - and we came up with it."

On breaking the team's losing streak...
"[It wasn't talked about] not at all really. We were just coming in here to try and win a game. We take it one thing at a time, we're not in the past, we're in the present right now. So we're trying to keep winning."

Is Missouri vs. Arkansas a rivalry...
"I think it's just another game really. They've got a great team, they came here and played hard. It's just really another game in the SEC."

On how they pressured on defense...
"They just pressured the ball the whole game. Basically forcing me to drive. You know they sat on my right hand a lot.... made me make plays on my left hand. Just being aggressive and making plays for my other teammates too and finishing at the rim for myself."

Arkansas Head Coach Mike Anderson Quotes

Opening Statement...
"Well first of all give credit to Missouri they made one more play than we did. We were in position and didn't finish the deal, but I have to give credit to them--Brown, he made a play. That's what good players do is make a play. We had the ball going down the stretch and we thought we had a good look in terms of (Madden) going to the basket. It was a game that was pretty disruptive with all the free throws, but all in all I thought it was two teams competing and competing at a high level. Great energy on the floor, great energy in the building, and I'll say it again, credit to Mizzou. They made one more play than we did. I told the guys we didn't lose the game we just ran out of time, that's all."

On the last play...
"That's what you saw. You saw (Madden) going to the basket and we had the four spread of guys who can knock a shot down and we wanted to put up enough time where we could get a rebound. We actually had the ball in our hands and it slipped out of Bobby's hands. We gave ourselves a chance we wanted to draw a foul or get to the basket. The ball just didn't bounce our way."

On the natural rivalry...
"It's good basketball that's how I remember when Coach Stewart was here, when Coach Richardson was here. States touch borders so the kids went out and competed. To me that's what the biggest thing is. Like I said, a lot of free throws took place, but at the end of the day one team came up short and unfortunately it was us."

On Mizzou's 40 consecutive free throws...
"That's a lot of free throws I know that. They made them. You have to give them credit because they made them."

Were you surprised Mizzou went with Brown on the last play...
"No, I think those guys did a good job of attacking. I mean look at the free throw line one shot thirteen and one shot fifteen. So we did a pretty decent job from the standpoint of them not making shots, but he made the shot that's what good players do. They make plays."

On staying the course after falling behind then gaining the lead:
"Basketball is a game of runs and we know that you want to have the run at the right time and our guys hung in there. Some guys came off the bench; Alandise Harris gave us some great minutes off the bench. Michael Qualls, those guys came and gave us some energy. Mardracus Wade, all of a sudden now, I thought the fatigue factor was a big part of this game because now we're touching balls, covering loose balls, turnovers start taking place, and we had an opportunity to take advantage of it and we did. Even as they were going to the basket I thought we did a better job of really trying to protect the basket."

On defense on Jabari Brown...
"We didn't have an answer for him. I mean look at the stats they tell it all. His free throws, now that's unheard of and to his credit he made them."

On Alandise's performance...
"I thought he had a breakout game you know. I didn't think they had an answer for him. I thought he did a good job whether they were in a zone or man. Our guys did a good job of moving the basketball."

On coming into his old home and what makes it tough...
"They got players just like we got players. They've got a coach that does a great job. We're playing on the road. I thought the difference in this game versus the last game is last game I thought they [Mizzou] really played harder than we did at our place and they were able to steal one. It was a different tale with our guys. I'll say it again, they just made one more play than we did tonight. Coming back and you're competing in the SEC you try to find wins and you have to go on the road to a lot of different venues so coming back as a former coach obviously there's a lot of people and friends I know and get to see. But I'm sure Frank will say the same thing when you go between those lines it's Arkansas versus Missouri. I'm sure his team plays to win and my team plays to win."

On if the game was called too tight...
"You make the judgment on that. I thought it was a great game, but it was very disruptive."

On Mardracus Wade's increase in minutes... "I think defensively he's in tune to what's taking place now... he knows what his role is on this basketball team. We need that defensive presence and that experience. This is his third year so he's playing better."

Arkansas Player Quotes

Freshman Forward Bobby Portis

On the last possession...
"Coach drew up the play for Mike (Qualls) and put Mike in the corner. He was supposed to come off of a ball screen but it didn't happen. So he drove to the hole and tried to finish. It was a pretty good look and actually I had the tip in, but I mistimed it."

On Missouri making 40 consecutive free throws against them in two games...
"They didn't miss a free throw at all the first half and our guys continued to foul them and put them on the line giving them easy points."

On coming back from double digits in the second half...
"We all fought back to get the lead. I felt it was really good for our ball club because we didn't quit and we fought to the end."

Junior Forward Alandise Harris

On if this game can help propel them on the road going forward...
"We still are where we are supposed to be, we lost, but there are still positives."

On the team going 4-on-4 on Missouri's last possession...
"That is the way we practice every day we start one on one, two-on-two, we just build it all the way up. So that is a situation that we are always in every day, so it shouldn't have been anything new to the guys on the court."

On the quick turnaround playing LSU at home Saturday...
"We have to focus on getting this win at home. Simple."



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