Mizzou vs. Baylor Post Game Quotes



Feb. 11, 2012

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Missouri Head Coach Frank Haith

Opening statement...
Obviously it was a great win for us today. Baylor wanted to tempo the game a little bit, so obviously that was an adjustment. The biggest thing in this game and talking to our guys, we want to get back to establish our defense, and I thought we did that tonight. And these three guys in particular [Denmon, P. Pressey, Dixon] out front, I told the media this week about guarding the ball better, and these guys were outstanding. And I thought we did a great job with our perimeter guys guarding the ball. That really got us going in the second half when we were able to share the ball, get the ball moving a lot quicker, and I felt like we got in some really good looks and obviously we made some shots.

On senior forward Steve Moore...
He was outstanding tonight. He was a live wire. He's got his hands on a lot of balls, he deflects balls, he kept the rebounds alive, tipping it, he took a charge - a big charge. That was a big play, it was an energy play. He's an energy guy. He is a valuable, valuable player to this basketball team.

On rebounding...
We're focusing on rebounding. As a coaching staff, we were telling the guys what the numbers were, and they knew. Baylor came in within 10 to rebound the ball against us, which most teams will, but we weren't boxing out. They were coming over us. We need to have physical block outs. I thought we rebounded a lot better in the second half. Rebounding is all about passion. It's all about desire. So much is made of length. And they were lengthy and they were playing above us, but if we do a good job of pushing those guys back and keeping the ball alive, the little guys can come scoop them up. And our effort wasn't where it needed to be in rebounding.

On being outrebounded and still winning the game...
We've got to find ways to win games. For us, rebounding is a spot we stress and we're trying to get better at, but we've got strength in other areas, and we've got to take advantage of those areas we're strong at.

On Baylor keeping Ratliffe shut down...
They were aggressive. They were very athletic and being physical, and he had a tough time in there. But that's the great thing about this team. I think we've got a lot of different ways we can affect the game. But our guards have nights when they're not making plays and we need Ricardo's game. So that's the neat thing about this ball club.

On Baylor coach Scott Drew calling Missouri "the best team offensively in the nation when they're on"...
I think we have really good guards. We're a really good team offensively. I want to be a really good team defensively, and then you can be a complete ball club. I think this team is good offensively. I think we can drive the ball, our free throw numbers - we get to the line a lot more than our opponent, that's an area that we stress with this team. And then we can play inside-out. So I think we're pretty good. Other than rebounding the ball, we were really good tonight."

Missouri Player Quotes

Junior Michael Dixon

On the team's hot shooting from the 3-point arc...
"It feels really good to make shots. As far as when everyone around the perimeter starts hitting threes, especially Marcus' shots, it really opened up Phil's and my shots. Coach Haith just told us to step in and make a shot. That's what Baylor was giving us and that's what we were taking today."

On Mizzou's defensive effort...
"We've been harped on about defense this past week, and that's something we took into this game. Steve, Ricardo and Kimmie, all do a great job on the defensive side of the ball. Kimmie's a constant at doing that, he really does a lot of things that don't show up on the stat sheet. Phil did a great job working on Pierre Jackson, who really makes that team go. It was a good defensive game on our part."

On how the crowd ignites the team...
The crowd does ignite us, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Once we start hitting some shots, Steve starts boxing out more, Kimmie makes a big play, anything that happens like that we're going to feed off of. We play defense no matter what, but you could say that the crowd definitely ignites us."

Sophomore Phil Pressey

On being more offensive-minded...
"Marcus in particular talks to me before and during every game and tells me just to take my shots. I practice those shots everyday just like Mike, Marcus, and the rest of our teammates. Those guys work on their shots more than anyone I've ever seen. You guys see it in the games, but I see it even more in practice."

On how Mizzou would game plan if it played itself...
"I'm not really sure what we would do if we played ourselves. I can't really tell you our weaknesses, you will have to figure those out for yourselves."

Senior Marcus Denmon

On the team taking and making a lot of 3-pointers...
"We were very aware of the three point shot. Early on in the game coach told us to move the ball often and look for our open teammates like we do every game. When the opportunities presented themselves, we stepped in and knocked the shot down."

On Baylor's rebounding advantage...
"We understood that Baylor would come out with a high energy level after a tough loss. They tried to take advantage of their length and athleticism on the boards and we let them take advantage of that early. At halftime we understood it was obvious what we needed to do during the second half. It was more personal to each one of us during the second half."

On urging Phil Pressey to be more offensive-minded...
"I always talk to Phil about stepping in and being confident and I see him working on that every day."

On moving into 10th on Mizzou's career scoring list...
"It's a great accomplishment [ranking 10th on Mizzou's all-time scoring list]. But it means absolutely nothing to me if we don't win. Like I said, I love winning, and it's a good accomplishment, but I'm going to continue to keep working and keep focused."

Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew

On today's game...
"Well as a coach I felt better about this game then I did Kansas. You look at the stats and you say, `well you lost, you lost by 15, how do you feel better about that?' I though our effort was better tonight, I thought we competed, we fought. The evidence statistically would be 18 offensive rebounds, 21 second chance points.

Defensively I thought we did a better job for most of the game. At the end of the day when you are playing Missouri you are going to give up something. So we decided we were going to give up the three. We didn't do as well of a job challenging shots as we wanted to, but credit them for making them. Phil Pressey has played two very good games against us. Coming in we needed him not to have one of those games."

On Missouri's 3- pointers...
"A good team has two things they can do. That's why Missouri is an elite team, and that's why, especially here, they are so tough. Tonight we gave up the three. The first half we did a better job of challenging shots, second half I thought they did a better job at getting open looks and they made us pay."

On what Baylor needs to improve on...
"Points off turnovers. We can't give up 20, that's first. Secondly, when we don't answer runs with offensive rebounds or making shots, we have to be better defensively so we can get multiple stops. The hardest thing for a coach is when you make shots you play better defense, when you miss shots you don't. That's a part of maturing and not letting one mistake lead to two. It doesn't matter you can't change what happened on that end, but so often that momentum comes into play."

On Missouri's play this year...
"I'll say this, when Missouri is on there is nobody in the country that is as good as them offensively. Nobody. What I mean on is when they are making their threes, because they are so good at getting in the lane and everything, you can't take away both. You've got to hope they are not on. They've been on a lot this year."

Baylor Player Quotes

Forward Anthony Jones

On the Missouri guard play... "All five of their guards can shoot the ball. We knew that coming in. I feel like once one gets hot, it seems like all of them get hot."

On Baylor's rebounding effort...
"I think we did better than last time [against Missouri]. We had an emphasis to keep them off the boards, but the guards just got hot and started making threes."

On Perry Jones III...
"Every night we depend on Perry Jones, and for him to struggle like that, it kind of hurt us. Our team doesn't look the same without him being Perry Jones."

On Baylor's chances of winning the Big 12 title...
"We just have to hope a lot of stuff goes our way. We've got to win out for the rest of conference and hope some games go bad for Missouri and Kansas."



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