Mizzou vs. Kansas Post Game Quotes



Feb. 4, 2012

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes |  AP Photo Gallery  Missouri Head Coach Frank Haith

Opening Remarks...

"Obviously it was a tremendous win for us. Just the way this team stayed together and fought at the end, being down eight in the last three minutes of the ball game. The effort was unbelievable today. I have to say one thing. I have to give the win to this crowd because they were incredible. I think that we don't win this game without their energy and what they brought to the table tonight."

On his first KU vs. MU game ever...

"It was a great atmosphere and a great game. We are fortunate to come out on the win side. It was a memorable game. A classic. It was just really special. I expected it to be a great ball game, and the crowd was as loud as one I've ever been in. And I've been in some loud places."

On Marcus Denmon hitting his shots under pressure tonight...

"He made some tough shots. He got into a rhythm and when Marcus (Denmon) gets into a rhythm he can rattle off a few shots in a row. And I think at that point in time he just got in a rhythm."

On what Marcus Denmon did this week to get out of his previous shooting slump...

"He put a lot of extra time in. We talked to Marcus about coming in and doing some extra stuff in the morning and coming back and staying after practice to work with coach. And he did both of those things."

On not continuing the rivalry with KU as Mizzou goes to the SEC...

"I think it will be a shame if we can't continue this matchup. I'm learning a lot about this rivalry in my first year, and it is great for the game to have us play. Hopefully it does work out in the near future. We'll see how it goes."

On how the defense has taken a lot of charges this year, especially late in game...

"We have to be that type of team to have success defensively. We have a good team that moves our feet and gets into great position because we are small, and if we don't take those plays and don't give up ourselves and our bodies it makes it very difficult for us to have success. These guys have bought into that and done a nice job with it."

Senior guard Marcus Denmon

On making big shots...
My teammates did a really good job of finding me spots where I was fortunate enough to make shots. Like Coach said, the crowd was amazing, they gave us a chance. Tyshawn (Taylor) missed some big free throws and that gave us a chance to get back in the game. But I think we did it on the defensive end even though we made shots at the end of the game.

On finishing the ball game...
To be honest, I think that our experience there really helped us out. Coach was telling us to keep our focus in the game because we had a lot of time left. But the most important thing out there was Kimmie saying, "We're going to win this game." It was something that affected me because I understood how much it meant to him to say that, and the rest of my teammates heard that as well, and we're the senior leaders for the ball club. So it was something that I felt we needed to come out and execute.

Senior guard Kim English

On why he didn't want fans to rush the court...
We don't go into games expecting to lose. We prepare to win. I mean I know how much this rivalry means to our fans and we want to beat them really bad because we know how much it means to them. But this game for us was just a game that we needed to win to continue our quest to win the Big 12. So I didn't want a big "rah-rah" celebration. I didn't like it when they rushed the court when Zaire made the shot.

On Steve Moore's charge taken when the Tigers were five points down...
Thomas Robinson had it going. He was really feeling it. He slid his feet and Thomas likes to spin back on the end of the drive and Steve anticipated it. And that really gave us a boost to really go and execute. He played solid defense. That was huge.

On if there was any one play that opened the door for the Tigers...
No, not at all. They continued to play. They continued to compete. That would take away from the plays that we made. Coach drew up a play and Marcus made three huge shots: the and-one, three on the right wing and the three on the corner. They were huge plays and Kansas didn't let up at all. They wanted to win just as bad as us.

On Gameday...
We like early weekend games, to get it out of the way. But we knew how much this day meant to our fans. But we really had to stay even keel, stay in the process, do what we've done every single day. After Gameday was over, it was a regular day. We took our naps, we had lunch, we came here and shot. We played the game. So Gameday was really fun for the fans, and fun for us, but we didn't want that to ruin any of the process of the preparation.

On finishing games...
Coach always talks to us about growth and how we want to finish games. We want to run our offense and execute defensively. It just boils down to getting stops. And if you're really good, you can do both of those things. Worse comes to worse, you've got to do one of those things to have a chance to win.

Junior guard Mike Dixon

On what the KU-MU rivalry is like, being a Kansas City native...
Well first of all we tip our hats off to Kansas. They're a great basketball team and we've got to see them again. But where we come from in Kansas City, it's Kansas and Missouri fans everywhere. You can't just sit here and say it was an ordinary game because it's not. It's always good to beat them, but we've got Oklahoma on Monday.

Bill Self, Kansas Head Coach

On Marcus Denmon's performance...
"I don't think we did a good job on him by any stretch, but I also think he made some good plays. I mean, he made two threes with his body turned sideways. Those are big time shots. How about the three to start the game? We play perfect defense and he makes a 30-footer with a hand in his face. He made some plays out there that were really defended pretty well."

On Kansas' execution down the stretch...
"That's about as good as we can play. You take away three minutes of the first half, we controlled the first half, but they dominated those three minutes. You take away three minutes of the second half, we controlled that half. I don't think it was fatigue, but it could've been. We obviously made some really bad play that put them into position to win the game, but they've still got to make shots. They had a guy that played his tail off and made shots. We couldn't get to the free throw line and we turned it over late, and that's the difference in the game."

On the possibility of returning to play at Mizzou Arena...
"I love the atmosphere. I will say this, so much has been made about the hatred and all that stuff -- I thought tonight was about as good and classy of an atmosphere as there is. I hope it would be the same way when they go over to our place. I'm sure it will be. I haven't made a decision five years, or three years, down the road what we'll do, but it's not going to happen in the immediate future. [Missouri] chose to be somewhere else and that's fine. But when you choose to be somewhere else, you leave a situation behind and it's not the same anymore. It's more than me involved. You've got chancellors, trustees, ADs, it's more than just a basketball coach, although I do have probably the main call. Right now, it's not going to happen in the near future; I can't see that happening. But it's not because I don't like Mizzou; it's just kind of the way it is right now."

Kansas Player Quotes

Jeff Withey

On if Missouri won the game or Kansas let a win slip away...
"We definitely did it to ourselves. We had the lead and if we would have just held onto the ball, I think it would have been a way different outcome."

On looking ahead to Baylor...
"We just have to put this behind us. It's a rough loss and it stinks but we are going to play at Baylor and they are just as good. We know that we need to just regroup and just put this out of our mind"

On playing in an road atmosphere like Mizzou Arena...
"They definitely have good fans, they were loud. Nothing crazy, we are used to this atmosphere, I don't know we just kind of let it go."

Travis Releford

On what is most frustrating about the game...
"Coming over here, playing extra hard and playing one of our better games and not coming away with a win."

On if Missouri won the game or Kansas let a win slip away...
"No, you've got to give credit to them, they made big shots. We also turned the ball over late, and they kind of took over the game."

On playing Missouri's Kansas City players...
" Marcus Denmon, Mike Dixon, all those guys are good players. They stepped up when their team needed them. Like I said, I don't want to take anything away from them, cause they came out and competed just as well. But if we would have controlled the ball better in the last three minutes of the game, there probably would be a different outcome."



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