Mizzou 91, Auburn 77



Feb. 2, 2013

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Mizzou Men's Basketball
Mizzou 91, Auburn 77
Postgame Quotes

Mizzou Head Coach Frank Haith

On the high number of fouls called tonight...
"I thought in a game like that - we shot 33 free throws and they shoot 36 free throws - it was a weird game like that. I thought our guys handled themselves well. I thought we shot the ball well from the floor; shot 55 percent from the floor, and we did make our free throws and they made theirs. They shot almost 90 percent from the free throw line, but it was a tough game, because we didn't have much flow and usually when we have games like this, it is low scoring. I thought our guys really handled themselves well, executed well, and made plays on both ends of the court."

On sharing the ball tonight...
"I thought we really turned down some good shots for some great shots, and that was good to see. We have to bottle what we have when we play at home and take it on the road. We have good chemistry when we play at home, sharing the ball, and we have to get that done on the road."

On playing inside-out...
"We had some really nice post feeds and sharing the ball, and passing up good shots for great shots. We had a lot of post feeds, and we worked on that all week. Throwing the ball in there, and it was good to see those guys have some production in the paint."

On the advantage of getting to the free throw line...
"Jabari (Brown) was 7-for-7 from the free throw line tonight, Earnest (Ross) was 2-for-2, and I think when we are aggressive and not avoiding contact, Keion Bell was outstanding tonight, he was 6-for-8 from the line to tonight. He is a 90-percent free throw shooter. So, we want him at the line a lot. When those guys are attacking and not avoiding contact, because we are athletic enough, we don't have to go through the defense."

Mizzou Forward Earnest Ross

On playing his former team...
"Just to go out there and play hard. It was a personal thing when I stepped on the floor. I know most of those guys so it was more of a friendly rivalry I would say. But most of all just going out there and executing what the coached asked of us. It was just another game we have on our schedule to win and with the team at hand we have to go out there and execute what they ask of us. Tonight we did that as a team."

On 3-point shooting...
"Just something I have been working on after practice and during the day. A lot of the managers come in and help me and rebound for me so I thank them a lot. Just working on it, it helps me to shoot games shots and when I get in the game to just knock them down."

On coming off the bench...
"I was definitely prepared and ready to go when coach called my name. Mostly I was looking to get stops on the defensive end because that's going to create most of our offense. If we continue to do that and know my role, as far as guarding the best player or rebounding the ball, then the offense for us comes a lot easier in transition."

Mizzou Center Alex Oriakhi

On early foul trouble...
"I think it was extremely big. It was hard being on the bench in the first half but Keion (Bell) and Earnest (Ross) gave us a big spark as far as scoring and defense. That's definitely what we need when guys are in foul trouble. We need other guys to step up and that's exactly what they did."

On getting the ball down low...
"That's something we worked on in practice the other day. We worked on post feeds and my teammates do a great job of looking for me. I just have to do a better job of sealing and posting up and asking for the ball. They would foul me and I would try to finish the best way I could."

On Coach Haith's comments...
"It's not really startling but he's definitely right. In the game of basketball, listening is definitely a trait. It's something we need to do a better job of. I don't think we do it on purpose because we love playing for Coach Haith, but I think when you're in the middle of the game, certain things just happen so I think it's something we need to get better at and I think it's something we're improving in."

Senior Center Rob Chubb

On letting Mizzou score so many points in the paint...
"Just our defense on the perimeter. They were straight line-driving whenever they wanted and just finishing around the rim. Whenever they were around the rim, people were coming in too late and giving weak fouls and allowing them to make and-ones, so just a recipe for disaster.

On how the mood is after giving up the most point allowed all season...
"Nobody feels good about it by any means. Guys weren't committing themselves, mind, body and soul. They just weren't putting themselves in the game, and this is what happens. You come out and run through the motions; you let another team just take over, then just don't fight back in the end. So, it's something we've got to work on. We just have got to get some guys on board, everyone pulling the same direction."

On the game that Earnest Ross had...
"Everybody knew he was going to come out and do his thing. So we put it on the guards, said this is going to be, he is going to come out and try and do the same exact thing that Andre Malone did, so you guys have to lock him up."

On what was it like playing against not only a former teammate, but a former roommate...
"Earnest is a good guy. Him and I go way back. It wasn't as personal, this game, because of the fact that I wasn't really guarding him so I wasn't around him that much. He was doing his thing, doing the same thing he did when he was down here at Auburn, I mean we knew, personnel-wise, we knew everything he did, we played with him for two or three years. It's just like we dropped the ball on guarding him."

Senior Guard Frankie Sullivan

On what were they doing to you defensively...
"Mostly, I wasn't taking shots. There were a couple of times that I was open, but I saw an open teammate so I passed the ball, but nine shots, I think that's enough for me. I told you it's not about the shots for me."

On do you want to take on a more of a playmaking role if you can...
"I just want to win, I don't care what it is. If that's me taking nine shots, or taking no shots, I don't care, I just want to win."

On the effort defensively... "Just effort, that's all it was. Lack of effort, I would say from everybody. It became the same, from every game, it's the same time, so it's up to us to just have pride.



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