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Jan. 26, 2013

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Mizzou Men's Basketball
Mizzou 81, Vanderbilt 59
Sat., Jan. 26, 2013 - Mizzou Arena
Postgame Quotes

Mizzou Head Coach Frank Haith

On the defense in the first half...
"Keion Bell was really in the stance, and we were very active. They're a difficult team to guard because they've got great spacing, they run back cuts and they set a lot of screens. I thought our guys were excellent. That's what got us going - our defense. "

On only seven fouls in the first half...
"We're moving our feet and we're doing our work early. We walled them up in the post, and we only gave them one shot. I thought that was the key. And we got back to our rebounding ways."

On Alex Oriakhi improving and attacking the glass...
"We're throwing the ball to him and we're running some stuff for him. It's good to see him finish and play with a little bit more confidence."

On Oriakhi's efficient free throw shooting...
"He was 4-for-5 tonight. That makes him 14 out of his last 15 from the line, which is outstanding. When you have a big guy that can shoot free throws like that, you're going to keep feeding him because a positive's going to happen out of it."

On getting Keion Bell back and his perimeter defense...
"You can see Keion starting to shape into his role and what I expect. Here's a guy who was a great scorer and probably didn't play defense like this with what we expect out of him, but he's bought into doing that. He knows that's what's going to help us win basketball games."

On Jabari Brown's consistency and maturity...
"He's starting to get really, really comfortable in our offense, but he plays beyond his years. You talk about how he only played two games at Oregon, so he's really a freshman. I think he has good rhythm right now in his game. I texted him last night about being a complete player and just thriving on being a complete player. He had a couple of really great drives out there tonight, too."

Senior Forward, Alex Oriakhi

On being on the 32-2 run in the first half...
"It definitely feels good. Obviously, guys are hitting shots and things were going our way. We have to understand we have to finish out the game strong. We know what it feels like to be on the other end and we definitely try to be humble about it, so you just try to finish the game strong."

On the defensive energy of tonight's game...
"A lot credit goes to Keion with his on ball defense, and that is something we felt we got back to playing defense the way we are capable of. I felt we got a lot of stops in the first half, but we definitely let down in the second half. Like I said, we really have to work on completing two halves and playing defense for two halves."

On rebounding today...
"As far as rebounding, I definitely feel like I take credit for that. Rebounding, I feel, is something that I have a passion for and I love doing. Anytime we get outrebounded, I blame myself, so we just wanted to get back to rebounding the way we are capable of. We watch film, and I saw I wasn't really boxing out the way I should, so I just went back to boxing out and going after the ball on the offensive end. I feel that every missed shot is a pass to me, so whenever our guard misses shots, I clean it up and I try to offensive rebound. I feel that is my offense."

Senior Guard, Keion Bell

On being back in the lineup after missing the last game...
"It just felt good to get back into action after sitting out last game. The coaches have been talking to me about energy throughout the year, and that is what I try to bring on the defensive and offensive end. I just try to bring a lot of energy to motivate our guys and get us going."

On feeding the posts tonight...
"At the start of the game, it was a real big focus that we feed the post. I feel that our guards did a good job, and Alex was producing. We just kept trying to feed him and that helped on the offensive end."

On Keion's play tonight...
"I was eager to play after having some time off last week. I felt that earlier in the game, we needed energy and we needed a spark. So, I just try to provide that spark. Just tried to put as much pressure on the ball as I can. It turned out that it led to a lot of easy baskets. I thought that was contagious throughout our team, and that is why we shot the ball so well."

Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings

Opening Statement...
"We were completely outplayed today, really in every facet, so there's not a whole lot to say about this going wrong or that going wrong. They were much bigger, much faster, shot better, rebounded way better; every facet they whooped us. So not really much to say about it."

On Mizzou's first half performance...
"They started hitting 3s and getting us in transition. We didn't get matched up a few times, or picked up I should say, and they made us pay every time. It seemed like there were five or six 3s right there in a row. They made a run and certainly got the crowd into it, and they fed off that. And [Alex] Oriakhi was too much for us inside. He was a physical presence that we did not do very well with. So it's unfortunate. We thought we would play better, we had decent preparation. I thought we were prepared to play, and just too many guys that didn't have the kind of day that we needed them to have for us to have a chance to win this game.

On Missouri's offensive execution...
"Well, when you watch 3 after three after 3 go in, something was going right. I don't know if they had great offensive execution or good shooting, but sometimes shooting covers up other things. But they sure seemed to be open, so they were either executing well or we were playing really poor defense or both. But even at times when we had them covered, there were a couple that they hit that we were pretty far out there on them and they still made it. Just have to give credit to them. They had a couple subpar games in a row and you have to figure that a team like them, with that kind of talent, they were going to bounce back and play better, and that's what they did today."

On Vanderbilt's free throw shooting woes...
"If you've got the answer to that, let me know because we've been fighting that all year long. It's the only individual thing in the sport. It's the only thing that you do by yourself, that you don't need anybody else. Nobody can guard you. The basket, last I checked, was the same distance from the foul line all the time. I didn't notice a crosswind in there or anything today that would affect the ball as we were shooting it, so it's just something that you need to work out yourself and have the nerve to make it I guess."

On what worked for Vanderbilt to start the second half...
We started a smaller lineup, and we were able to spread them out and made some shots. We were able to drive them a little bit more. I think that gave us the benefit there for a while. We had to sub eventually, and we kind of took a step back. I felt we started off well, we kind of had them spaced, and we had four or five guys out there that could make [shots], and that made it a little bit harder for them. We don't score real easily close to the basket, so we had to make shots."

On Vanderbilt's improvement as a team through league play...
"I thought we were improving coming into this game. We had won two in a row, and one on a road game against a tough South Carolina team that came in here and played well the other night. We were just physically overmatched today, and when they started making shots like that we were in trouble. The team has been resilient all year long so we hopefully go home and regroup. We have a tough game on the road Tuesday night, so hopefully we'll go home and have a couple good practices and be better on Tuesday."

On the cause of being outrebounded by 22 by Missouri...
"It was them playing harder and being more physical, and in some cases being more athletic. But Oriakhi is a load in there, he's a tough guy to box out, and he had his way with us today."

Vanderbilt Forward Rod Odom-Junior

On Mizzou's offensive performance in the first half...
"I think we had a couple defensive lapses and the guys we know that can shoot we gave them shots and you're supposed to take away those shots. And when you get guys who are really good shooters good looks, they are going to make them and that is what happened"

On their scoring run to open the second half...
"I think the guys in the locker room have a lot of pride, and anytime you get hit in the mouth like that (being down 29 points at halftime) you can go out and lay down or you can keep on fighting. Nobody on our team is going to lay down; we just had guys that wanted to come out and fight as hard as they could."

On getting used to playing the five spot as well as the four spot on the floor...
"This is one of the first times I've played it tonight. It was a little difficult for me defensively. I felt fine on offense ,it is just defensively playing that spot is a little bit different"

On Tuesday's game at Tennessee...
"That is how it is during league play; you just have to put the tough one (loss) behind you and get better from it"



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