Mizzou 82, South Carolina 74



Jan. 25, 2014

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Mizzou Men's Basketball
Postgame Quotes
Mizzou 82, South Carolina 74

Mizzou head coach Frank Haith

Opening statement...
"This was a really good win for us. I thought we came back from the LSU game and I was really pleased about how we defended. We came out and had 18 assists, which is a season high for us, something we are happy about."

On getting the ball into the post early in the game...<.I>
"It is something we talk about quite a bit with our guys. We had some moments where we had some guys not finish as well, but we have to continue to work with them and continue to get better. We have to keep coaching them. It's not just the passer's willingness to pass the ball. It's also the guys moving without the ball. I think when we emphasize that on film, we do a better job of moving around instead of watching the ball."

On how Missouri defended today...
"I am really encouraged about how we defended today, even though there was time in the second half where we could have defended better. I think we set the tone in the first half defending them. That is something I think this team can hang their hat on. When you don't have a great shooting night, you need to find ways to stay in games, and we hope we can use that to stay in games."

On his team's shot selection...
"I think there is no question it was one of our better games shooting the ball. We have three guys that can really score the ball. It takes time to tell those guys to share the ball with each other. When Jabari (Brown) has made two or three threes, we need to make sure we keep getting him the ball and not go away from him. I think it just takes guys understanding and buying into team basketball."

Junior Guard Jabari Brown

On his recent scoring success...
"I prepare the same way every day. I'm just trying to take good shots, quality shots, and my teammates have been finding me in open spots, so credit to them too."

On South Carolina closing the gap at the end of the game...
"Williams hit some tough shots. He's a good player. We got a little bit sloppy with the ball, and we let them get a few second chance opportunities, so we have to make sure we finish out games the right way. I feel like we're learning. We've got a lot of young guys who almost have a full season now, but they're still learning some situations. I feel like we'll continue to get better."

On kicking the ball out to teammates...
"Coach Haith talked to us before this past game and showed us some things on film. Sometimes you don't really notice it when you're in the game, so that's why film is important. Just seeing times when two guys come to you and feeling it and finding the next open guy. I feel like that's just what I was trying to do. I want to see everybody getting involved and play well."

On being a leader on the court...
"We try to be leaders out there. We've been in college and played more than some of the guys on the team. We're just trying to set an example for how hard you have to work and in the games just giving advice and stuff like that."

Mizzou Guard Jordan Clarkson

On the assist tally...
"We just put an emphasis on being a good teammate and sharing the ball to make the right play and find open guys. I think we executed that today, and we have to keep doing that throughout the rest of league play."

On getting the ball to the big guys inside...
"We know teams are going to converge on us while we're driving, so we just have to make the plays to the big guys, and they have to finish. I think they did a good job of it today, and we're just going to keep getting better at it to finish those plays."

On Brenton Williams' 32 points...
"I just feel like he had the green light and he was getting open. He just was unconscious in shooting it. He's a good player and he just made shots."

On the upcoming tough schedule...
"We just have to come in here and grind every day like we've been doing. We just really need to focus on one game at a time and taking every assignment seriously. We can't let them slip."

South Carolina Head Coach Frank Martin

Opening Statement...
"It's always great to come to this building, one of my favorite venues in college basketball. To come in and play a really good Missouri team on their home court where they are phenomenal is always a challenge. I have come here with teams that have 23-year olds at every spot. Now we come in with a team that has a bunch of young kids and it is always an unbelievable game in this building. It is an incredible place here and, obviously, when you walk into this room after every time I have coached in this building, you've got a lot of people here covering the game which tells me the people here really, really care about the game of basketball. Hopefully we can build on some of the successes we had today. We didn't play well enough to win. That was obvious, but we did do some things well and hopefully we can focus in on the positives and figure out a way to build and keep our young kids encouraged about the mission, which is to get better."

On what he felt his team improved on today...
"Brenton (Williams) got it going, and we were able to do things to find him. We weren't stagnant, and we didn't stand around. Michael (Carrera) has been a lot better with being connected to who he is, to be a good player and being connected to what we do, that's why he is back in the starting lineup. (Sindarius) Thornwell continues to be playing at a high level. We got some positives from our fours and fives. We are going to focus in on the positives so we can continue to be encouraged about our mission, which is creating a culture so we can rebuild our program."

On Missouri's guard play...
"When you have got a 6-5 point guard that is so explosive at getting the ball into the paint, it pressures your defense and you are trying to do it with freshmen. I love (Jordan) Clarkson. I think he is phenomenal and is a hard, hard guard because he is not a selfish player. You watch him play and he is trying to run that team. He might make some mistakes here and there, but he takes that ball and he attacks that paint and if he sees help his passes to (Jabari) Brown and (Ernest) Ross are clean. It's not like he is throwing them at their feet or over their heads. Then, all those guys have to do is jump up and shoot it, and it's obvious they are really good at that."

South Carolina Senior Guard Brenton Williams

On how South Carolina was able to answer Missouri's scoring runs...
"They did jump on us pretty quick from the get-go. During one of the timeouts, we just wanted to try and mellow down the possessions and take one possession at a time. We knew weren't going to get it all back at once. We just have to take it as slow as we possibly can and we battled back as hard as we could. Obviously not enough to win, but we just got a learning experience."

On playing well at Mizzou Arena...
"I just try to play to whatever Missouri gives me. My teammates did a great job finding me today as well as they did last year, and I was able to knock down shots."

On second half adjustments...
"I wanted to come out in the second half and be a little more aggressive. I got a couple open looks in the first half and coming into the second half I just wanted to maintain the course and keep that same mentality."



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