Mizzou 79, Georgia 62



Jan. 16, 2013

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Mizzou vs. Georgia
Southeastern Conference Basketball
Mizzou 79, Georgia 62
Postgame Quotes

Mizzou Head Coach Frank Haith

Opening Statement...
It was a really good win for us. I thought we bounced back great. We had five guys in double figures and 32 points in the paint. I was really encouraged with the way we played inside-out. All in all, it was a really good win for us.

On the rest of the team contributing...
"It is really important, getting the rest of those guys guying. We have been practicing with Keion Bell at the point. We will take Phil Pressey out of practice sometimes and have our guys work without him. Our guys are getting good at that. We had Keion at the one earlier when we went to Europe. He has a feel for it. We started the year with him playing off the ball because he is scorer but now he is working on playing that position."

On Laurence Bowers progression...
"He is doing great, really well. We have gotten some really good news, he is coming along really well. I still do not know if he will play Saturday but we are really pleased with how he is progressing thus far."

On Jabari Brown's evolving offensively...
"We need him to continue to drive the ball because people are going to try and run him off the 3-point line. You have to have that playing this game. I think he had some of the best finishes in the Ole Miss game driving to the basket. We have a tendency with a lot of guards when we drive, to try and avoid the contact. We are athletic; we have to drive through the defender and get the contact. When you do that, you put the pressure on the referees. We did a much better job of that tonight and Jabari really attacked and got to the free throw line."

Senior Forward Alex Oriahki

On having the advantage with the inside game...
"Yes, definitely. I knew it was a game that I was going to have to be there for the ball and post up strong. That's what I have been working on. I knew I had the advantage inside. My teammates did a great job of finding me and when they were missing shots I was able to get it up on the offensive glass."

On not playing with Laurence Bowers...
"Yes it is definitely something to get used too, especially being the main focal point down low. I know a lot of them are going to expect me to score a little more down low. It's something I am continuously working on."

On shooting 5-5 tonight...
"I think it was just a lot of reps after practice, working on my jumper, working on my turn-around jump shot. I just try to get as much reps as possible. So, when I am out there in the game and I use the move, I have shot it so many times so I will just keep getting reps up."

Sophomore Guard Jabari Brown

On having four guards out on the floor...
"We got E.J. (Earnest Ross) at the four and there is not a four that can guard him at the perimeter and he is another shooter and shooting threat. That just spreads things out; especially spreads the defense out more so it gives guys like Alex (Oriakhi) the chance to get more open down low."

On Tony Criswell's toughness...
"I think Tony brings that intensity. Especially in warm-ups he was telling everyone we needed a bounce-back game and Coach can count on us in every game. Whether or not his mid-range jumper is falling, he is going to play hard."

On having Phil Pressey on the bench for extended minutes...
"We know Phil is a big play maker and leader for us. If he plays 39 minutes every night or 37 minutes, it is going to wear on him. He can go. So, we just try to pick up the slack whether it is two or three minutes here and there. So, we try to take care of the ball especially on the offensive side."

Georgia Head Coach, Mark Fox

Opening statement...
"Missouri has a really good team. That was a hard-fought game. I thought our team played really hard. Certainly 19 turnovers is hard to overcome on the road against a good team, but Missouri has a very good basketball team and a team that just has scoring all over the floor; that was difficult for us to stop."

On Vincent Williams' performance ...
"Well Vincent, you know. is a senior who has lost his starting position to a freshman and he just has great pride in his school, pride in himself and he just came to play and took advantage of his miss and I thought he played very, very well. Vincent is one of the few guys who has been in our program for the three-and-a-half years I've been here and he knows what we're supposed to do, how we're supposed to function and he's a good example. He's not probably as vocal as we want him to be, but he's a good example and tonight I thought he played pretty hard and set a good example for our younger players."

On preparing to play Missouri without Bowers...
"It makes them harder to defend because they space you out even more with four guys who can shoot the 3. In some ways, it makes them more difficult to defend without him. I know he's a terrific player, but he doesn't shoot the 3 quite as much as some of these other guys. So not having him, Frank's done a nice job in his absence of maintaining a very nice, offensive team, almost more offensive, especially from the three point line."

On Missouri scoring...
"They have very balanced scoring. I thought their bigs - Oriakhi - hurt us on the glass. I don't know how many rebounds he had, but we knew that rebounding was going to be an issue and I thought his offensive rebounding was a factor. And the other big kid, Criswell and their offensive rebounding certainly was an issue during the game, but they're a balanced offensive team and certainly we did a good job on Pressey, but that's why Missouri has such a great team. Because they have shooting, post play, and always have two or three shooters on the floor, which makes them hard to defend."

On difference between Missouri at Ole Miss and this game...
"Well, they're at home. Most teams are pretty good at home and they lost to Ole Miss. Ole Miss has a really good team and Ole Miss has got an NCAA Tournament team and so that's not a bad loss by any means. I think you just have to credit that to the fact that they were on the road competing against a terrific team."



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