No. 5 Mizzou 70, Texas A&M 51



Jan. 16, 2012

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Missouri Postgame Quotes
Frank Haith
1/16/12 vs. Texas A&M

Opening Remarks...
"Obviously a great win for us tonight and I thought we came out with great focus. We had a 28-6 run at the end of the first half and got some good separation. We also got great production from everybody, especially Mike Dixon who gave us a nice life there in the first half. It was just a typical Big 12 game. Texas A&M is a great defensive team, and I thought we did a nice job of executing down the stretch. We didn't shoot the ball all that well but it was nice to see our guys get to the line and do the things we needed to do to win the game."

On Mike Dixon being a little too aggressive early
"I just told him to let the game come to him. That's the biggest thing we always try to tell Mike (Dixon). We just tell him to get in the flow of the game, get some sweat going, and just let it come to you. At times, he is a jitterbug, and sometimes when he gets going, it's going to take some plays to make some plays. He got it going tonight and we needed it tonight."

On having any concerns about the slumps this team can get in to, especially in the 2nd half
"I mean we are 17-1 right now so we are just going to keep working on getting better. The concern is just to finish the game. That's the thing I'm proud of; we finished this game. We aren't going to play perfect every night. We aren't going to have a flawless performance every night. This is Big 12 basketball and we play great teams who prepare for us and get ready for us. It isn't always going to be pretty basketball but the important thing is getting the W. That's what we can take from this game."

On always discovering new learning experiences despite such a great record
"There is no doubt, you can always learn. That is the next step for this team, is showing that growth where we are consistent in understanding how we must play regardless of the score. We can't take plays off or take plays for granted. When you have talented players that can do a lot of things, you still have to be solid. Solid is the key word, and that's something we can continue to teach and obviously there was a learning experience in tonight's game that we can use."

On the luxury of having two dependable point guards
"It is a tremendous luxury when you have two guys that can both handle the ball. Particularly Phil (Pressey) who can get you in the offense and do things he does. And Mike (Dixon) is a combo guard, because he has the ability to do things off the ball, which is an incredible luxury to have, no doubt about it."

Mizzou Players

Marcus Denmon on the team's 28-2 run during the first half
"We felt that we just needed to get stops and we built off our defense and it led to a few transition baskets. And like Coach said, Mike made a couple shots and we started to get some rhythm."

Michael Dixon on his "rhythm" and several three-point field goals
"I missed the first three, but it kind of felt good and I had been shooting well in warm-ups, so it was just a rhythm thing, and my teammates were able to find me and things like that, and I just happened to be hitting it. Like I've said, this team has got a whole lot of weapons and a lot of quality."

Michael Dixon on his role as a sixth man
"We just have a good team and I do what I can to help this team; I'm not really too worried about anything like that, I just want to win. So, that's great and all but, I just attribute being good and being on a team like this to how many wins we get."

Marcus Denmon on the fans and crowd during recent games
"The fans, they've really been great. They've been showing up early, staying late and being loud. We just want to try to continue to have that and continue to try to get wins."

Ricardo Ratliffe on Michael Dixon's off the bench value
"It's very valuable. As you all of know, Mike is capable of probably starting on any other team in the nation. It's like instant offense - he's a scoring point guard and Phil is a pass-first point guard, so it just gives us the best of both worlds with those two guys."

Texas A&M Head Coach, Billy Kennedy

Opening Statement...
"We lost to a very good Missouri team. I thought we had the pace where we wanted it the first 12 minutes. I thought we got out of rhythm offensively, we started running a little bit, and their pressure defense took it to another level. That's why they are so good. Frank [Haith] has done a tremendous job of getting those guys to play together and buying into how he wants to play. Being a first-year coach with a new program, that's something we are still struggling to find."

On Missouri's 28-2 run...
"I thought we started throwing alley-oops and taking quick shots. Here at Missouri, you don't do that when you don't have the firepower offensively that they do. Then it got loud and then it makes it hard to run your offense. You have to give them credit. They have another gear in them and that's what makes them so good."

On the value of having two quality point guards...
"First of all, I thought Phil Pressey was incredible. That was the big difference. He controlled the whole game. Then when you have a starter like [Mike] Dixon - I consider him a starter - come in and do what he can do offensively, it's a great weapon to have off the bench.

We are limited offensively, so we have to play smarter and shorten the game in this situation. We tried to do that. I thought we did do that in the first 12 minutes. We had some segments in the second half where we ran offense, but Missouri is a very good team."

Texas A&M junior forward Ray Turner

On scoring the first eight points of second half:
"In the locker room, we just told each other to believe and stay together and we came out there and that's the first thing we did to believe we had a chance to get back into this game and I think that was a big difference.

On being a bit overwhelmed at the end of the first half:
"Yeah, somewhat. There was a lot going on. Their fans had their back, it was very loud and when it gets to that point, we need to come together and be even closer as a team and execute as we need to on the offensive end and today as the crowd got louder, I don't think we executed as we needed to on the offensive end.

On where team is at mentally being 1-4 in conference:
"We are just trying to hang in there, everybody trying to get used to everything coming at us, the new coaching staff, players we are trying to get closer as a team and with the coaches. It is just something we have to get through. We just have to keep our heads up and come out ready to go

On getting familiar with a new staff and system while playing in the Big 12:
"It's pretty rough. We are just trying to play a faster pace, so everybody is trying to get used to that, get in good condition and when it comes down to the defensive end, we got to have the energy and the offensive end, we got to execute."



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