2008 Missouri All-Comers -- MEET INFORMATION

Missouri All-Comers
Meet Information
February 23, 2008 * Hearnes Center Fieldhouse * Columbia, Mo.


  • Entries for the 2008 Missouri All-Comers will be accepted both online (highly recommended) or onsite prior to the meet.
  • Entry fee is $15 per person (unlimited entries) or $150 per official high school or collegiate team (men and women combined would be charged $300).
  • Results will be compiled based on four divisions: Pre-High School, High School, College/Open, Masters (ages 40+)

Click HERE for meet schedule and events offered

Online entry can be completed in one of two ways:

  • Enter on directathletics.com (recommended), sign up based on division:
  • (Or) Sign up via email
    • Email complete entry to LewisTV@missouri.edu, include:
      • Names of all athletes to be entered
      • Divisions of all athletes competing
      • Age
      • Hometown (and club/team if applicable)
      • Events in which to be entered
      • Seed time/distance
      • Example: Tom Lewis, College/Open, 25, Columbia, Mo., 60m Hurdles, 8.50
    • You will receive confirmation of your entry and a method of payment through PayPal (each transaction subject to $.75 fee per athlete entered). Those who complete pre-payment will NOT have to pay onsite on meet day and will have a packet ready at registration with competitor numbers, etc.
    • Those who chose not to pre-pay must do so onsite prior to their event. In addition, those who do not pre-pay will be asked to reconfirm their entry via another email on Wednesday, February 20 with response due by Thursday, February 21, 11 p.m., CST.

Pre-Registration Entry Deadline:
Signup via directathletics.com or via email will halt prior to Midnight on Thursday, February 21.

Onsite registration:
Onsite registration will begin at 7:30 a.m., on meet day. All entries for the 5000-meter run, 60-meter hurdles, and 60-meter dash must be completed by 8:30 a.m. We highly encourage online registration (above) to help expedite the process, streamline the meet, and better insure accuracy of entries.



  • Track: 200 meter Martin ISS-2000 encapsulated surface; 6-39” lanes on the oval; 8-48” lanes on the straightaway.
  • LJ/TJ:  Martin ISS-2000 encapsulated runway with in ground take off boards.
  • HJ:  Martin ISS-2000 encapsulated approach; UCS landing pit.
  • SP/WT: Inset ring, wood surface.
  • PV: NEW Raised, Mondo Runway, UCS Landing Pit

PLEASE NOTE:  Locker facilities in the Hearnes building are very limited.  Athletes should plan to arrive dressed to compete.  If showers are used, your athletes must provide their own locks and towels. 

Spikes with one-quarter (1/4”) will be allowed.

Track Clerk
Report to the clerk at the clerking area, located at the Northwest corner of the track AT LEAST 15 MINUTES prior to the start of the event. 

Fully Automatic FinishLynx Timing System – Delta Timing Company

Field Event Check-in
Field participants must check in with the head judge of their even NO LATER THAN 30 MINUTES prior to the start of their event.  They may be in the area of their event one hour prior to the competition.

Implement Weigh-ins
All throwing implements must be weighed and measured 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.  Implement weigh-ins are in the Northeast corner of the track at the field official’s table. 


Bib Numbers/Hip Numbers
All athletes are to wear their bib numbers on the front of their uniforms, with the exception of the pole vaulters, who can wear it on the back of their uniform.  Hip numbers are to be worn on both hips of the athlete.

All warm-up on the infield is prohibited.  Only those competitors who are actually participating in field events will be allowed on the infield during the meet.  All warm-up will be done on the backstretch, except when lanes are in use.


Hotel Information
There are a variety of places to stay in Columbia.  To find a hotel, follow the instructions below:

Columbia offers a wide variety of options for meals.  There are many national and regional restaurant chains as well as many local restaurants to choose from.  A list of places to eat can be found by:

  • Go to www.midmodiningguide.com.
  • Click on the Select a City drop box and choose Columbia.
  • Choose from a list of dinning options in the Columbia area.  You can also narrow your search by selecting a certain type of food in the drop box.  

Driving Directions
From Hwy. 63:  Exit onto Stadium Boulevard.  Go West for 1.5 miles, the Hearnes Center to the left.  Turn left onto Mick Deaver Memorial Dr.  Take a left on Champions Dr., then the first left into the parking area.

From Interstate 70:  Take Exit 124 onto Stadium Boulevard.  Go South for three miles, the Hearnes Center on the right.  Turn right onto Mick Deaver Memorial Dr.  Take a left on Champions Dr., then the first left into the parking area.



Additional Questions/Comments?
Contact Tom Lewis
Phone:  573-884-9486
Email:  LewisTV@missouri.edu
Website:  www.mutigers.com



Event Athlete Affiliation Mark   Date
60m Dash Lerone Clarke unattached 6.68 1/11/08
200m Dash Jason Rouser Oklahoma 21.26 1991
400m Dash Jason Rouser Oklahoma 46.59 1991
600yd Run Ray Armstead ATC 1:08.0 1987
800m Run Jared Wilmes Missouri 1:49.51 1994
1000m Run Neville Miller NYAC 2:23.34 1/11/08
Mile Run N. O'Shaughnessy Arkansas 3:55.4h 1/28/77
3000m Run Chris Powers Indiana 8:13.46 2004
5000m Run Jonah Koech Iowa State 14:04.64 1991
60m Hurdles Aubrey Herring Indiana State 7.77 2001
4x400m Relay Iowa State 3:11.14 1991
Dist. Medley Relay Missouri 9:50.60 1973
High Jump Brian Brown ANC 2.26m 7-5 1991
Pole Vault Joe Dial AWTC 5.91m* 19-4¾ 1986
Long Jump Yussaf Alli Missouri 8.02m 26-3¾ 1984
Triple Jump Ajayi Agebebaku Missouri 16.28m 53-5 1978
Shot Put Christian Cantwell Nike 21.95m 72-¼ 2004
Weight Throw Scott Russell Kansas 23.71m 77-9½ 2002
Pentathlon Andy Morris Kansas 3891 2001
55m Dash Chidi Imoh Missouri 6.2 1980
Yemi Alade'fa Missouri 1991
Thomas Randolph Kansas State 1991
55m Hurdles Goodwin Obasogie Missouri 7.1 1979
Dan Lavitt Missouri 1980
1000yd Run N. O'Shaughnessy Arkansas 2:05.5 1/21/77
* Was world record
Event Athlete Affiliation Mark   Date
60m Dash Ara Towns Indiana 7.43 2004
200m Dash Ximena Restrepo Nebraska 23.93 1991
400m Dash Marsha Dawkins Oral Roberts 53.59 2003
600yd Run Natasha Kaiser Missouri 1:19.52 1988
800m Run Kristi Kloster Kansas 2:08.00 1996
1000m Run Chris Mullen Georgetown 2:43.83 1980
Mile Run Collette Goudreau Indiana 4:38.21 1988
3000m Run Kim Betz Indiana 9:19.80 1988
5000m Run Eileen Hornberger Westchester State 16:28.92 1980
60m Hurdles Courtney Johnson Indiana 8.53 2004
4x400m Relay Texas-El Paso Texas-El Paso 3:44.99 1989
Dist. Medley Relay Villanova Villanova 11:29.30 1980
High Jump Sharon Burrill Nebraska 1.88m 6-2 1980
Gwen Wentland Kansas State 1.88m 6-2 1995
Pole Vault Jenny Green Nebraska 4.15m 13-7¼ 2004
Long Jump Lorinda Richardson Missouri 6.38m 20-11½ 1985
Triple Jump Krisztina Kovesi unattached 12.88m 42-3¼ 2004
Shot Put Becky Breisch Nebraska 16.80m 55-1½ 2004
Weight Throw Elisha Hunt Missouri 20.23m 66-4½ 1/11/08
Elisha Hunt Missouri 20.23m 66-4½ 2/17/07
Pentathlon Themis Zambryzcki Brigham Young 4358 1979
55m Dash Yolanda Johnson NEMS 6.74 1978
55m Hurdles Deb Carter Colorado 7.66 1991


60m Dash
PHS 7.58 2006 Nathaniel Wilkins Team Wichita
HS 6.95 2006 Michael Clark St. Louis, Mo.
CO 6.71 2003 Lerone Clarke Lincoln Univ.
MAST 7.43 2001 James Hilliard
200m Dash
PHS 25.20 2000 Chris L. Williams FDR Connection
HS 22.59 2001 Kendall Pyant KC Sprinters Elite
CO 21.64 1996 Vincent Henderson Reebok
MAST 25.66 1996 Jim Dolezel East Texas
400m Dash
PHS 56.52 2005 Quincy Shelton St. Louis, Mo.
HS 49.3h 2001 Kendall Pyant KC Sprinters Elite
CO 48.98 2003 Andre Moneris
MAST 55.8h 1988 Ken Morris St. Louis Masters
800m Run
PHS 2:14.0h 2005 Quincy Shelton St. Louis, Mo.
HS 1:57.2h 2003 Adrian Ludwig Lawrence, Kan.
CO 1:49.51 1994 Jared Wilmes Missouri
MAST 2:06.8h 1991 Gordon Reiter St. Louis Masters
Mile Run
PHS 4:29.49 2002 Mike Estlund
HS 4:24.31 2006 Josh Mathis Potosi, Mo.
CO 4:10.04 1996 Jared Wilmes
MAST 4:41.8h 1991 Dennis Stewart
3000m Run
PHS 9:27.2h 2001 Andy Berra
HS 8:55.20 2007 Josh Mathis Potosi, Mo.
CO 8:36.8h 1988 Arthur Waddle Reebok
MAST 10:25.43 1999 John Weghorst Jefferson City R.R.
5000m Run
PHS 18:20.1h 2004 Ben Known
HS 15:43.49 2007 Eric Fernandez Ballwin, Mo.
CO 14:40.21 1996 Ray Hughes
MAST 16:24.5h 2003 Blair Porter
60m Hurdles
PHS 9.50 2006 Andrew Etheridge Team Wichita
HS 7.91 2005 Jared Huske Topeka, Kan.
CO 8.27 2003 Knut Sommerfeldt Missouri
MAST 9.84 2003 Bill Knockee Texas Track Club
3000m Race Walk
PHS 18:58.7h 2003 John Oliver
HS 14:53.91 2007 Evan Crowdus Kentucky Racers
CO 15:56.43 2005 Roger White Park University
MAST 13:45.1h 2001 Rich Friedlander
4x400m Relay
PHS 4:09.98 1995 Spartans Jones, McCoy, Cayce, Douglas
HS 3:31.99 2002 Ladue Track Club
CO 3:16.6h 2003 Lincoln Univ.
High Jump
PHS 1.62m 5-4 1992 Joel Challacombe
1.62 5-4 1991 William Frickert
HS 2.00m 6-6¾ 2005 Daniel Hunter Hallsville, Mo.
CO 2.26m 7-5 1991 Brian Brown
MAST 1.77m 5-9¾ 2004 Derrick Shelton Columbia TC
Pole Vault
PHS 3.35m 11-0 1987 Kenyon Holmes
HS 5.03m 16-6 1988 Mike Hines
CO 5.33m 17-6 1986 Terry Womack Oklahoma
MAST 4.57m 15-0 2003 Todd Cooper Just Vault
Long Jump
PHS 5.56m 18-3½ 1991 William Feickert
HS 23-4½ 2001 Kendall Pyant
CO 7.92m 26-0 1988 Yussuf Alli Puma
MAST 6.49m 21-3½ 2001 Derek Shelton
Triple Jump
PHS 36-3 2001 T.J. Higgins
36-3 1992 Larvoyta Birchfield
HS 14.44m 47-4¾ 1988 Andre Townsend
CO 15.38m 50-5½ 1988 Roberson
MAST 13.03m 42-9 2000 Derek Shelton
Shot Put
PHS 14.86m 48-9 1987 Bart Harris
HS 16.98m 55-8½ 1992 Harold Cronin Columbia, Mo.
CO 21.95m 72-¼ 2004 Christian Cantwell Nike
MAST 50-54 14.32m 46-11¾ 2006 Bill Leffler Gibbs, Mo.
MAST 55-59 15.88m 52-1½ 1987 Phil Brusca
MAST 60-69 15.34m 50-4 1991 Phil Brusca
MAST 70-79 13.38m 43-10¾ 1998 Phil Brusca
Weight Throw
PHS none
HS 18.59m 61-0 2006 Andy Oaker Steelville, Mo.
CO 20.68m 67-10¼ 2007 Tyler Dailey Missouri
MAST 60-69 10.30m 33-9½ 2006 Larry Rheams Eureka, Mo.
MAST 70-79 12.24m 40-2 2003 Phil Brusca
60m Dash
PHS 8.06q 2007 Victoria Jackson Columbia, Mo.
HS 7.52 2007 Brittany Bruce
CO 7.59 2003 Shandria Brown Lincoln Univ.
MAST 8.74 2004 Denise McField Midwest Masters
200m Dash
PHS 26.72 2007 M. Roye-Speight Lightning Track Club
HS 25.23 2007 Brittany Bruce
CO 24.16 1992 Natasha Kaiser
MAST 27.63 1999 Denise McField Midwest Masters
400m Dash
PHS 1:00.92 2007 M. Roye-Speight Lightning Track Club
HS 58.85 2007 Lazada Baldwin
CO 55.14 1997 Beverly Grant Lincoln Univ.
MAST 1:02.50 1998 Jacqueline Board
800m Run
PHS 2:37.29 2007 Samantha Levin Lightning Track Club
HS 2:14.5h 2004 Trisa Nickoley Tecumseh, Kan.
CO 2:12.06 1994 Nicki Webber Missouri
Mile Run
PHS 5:38.11 2006 Siobhan Steppe Swansea, Ill.
HS 5:04.84 1996 Andrea Fisher
CO 4:57.09 1995 Nicki Webber Missouri
MAST 6:01.58 1988 Sandy Dunafon Jefferson City, Mo.
3000m Run
PHS 11:06.26 2007 Siobhan Steppe Swansea, Ill.
HS 10:07.90 2004 Meredith Snow
CO 9:38.03 1996 Melissa Swartz Kansas
5000m Run
PHS 18:29.6h 2003 Nichole McKinney St. Louis, Mo.
HS 19:05.49 2007 Jessica Bollinger
CO 17:09.0h 1999 Anna Gullingsrud
60m Hurdles
PHS 10.72 2006 Danielle Borman Festus, Mo.
HS 9.06 2006 Precious Selmon Crystal City, Mo.
CO 8.65 2003 Nikkesha Maaynard Lincoln Univ.
3000m Race Walk
PHS 17:09.8h 2001 Jessica Eyler Lawrence Track Club
HS 15:45.62 2004 Jennifer Reekie
CO 14:56.0h 2001 Emma Carter Baker Univ.
MAST 16:06.9h 2003 Gayle Johnson Columbia, Mo.
4x400m Relay
PHS 4:53.7h 1988 Amazing Grace TC (mile) D. Hill, L. Mason, M. Melton, S. Banks
HS 4:04.99 2006 Usery, Ruff, Williams, Usery
CO 4:0.14h 1988 Southeast Missouri
High Jump
PHS 1.57m 5-1¾ 2007 Lindsey Vollmer
HS 1.68m 5-6 2004 Samantha Frisbie
1.68m 5-6 1999 JaNelle Wright
CO 1.80m 5-11 1995 Hanne Loustakken
Pole Vault
PHS 3.04m 10-0 2006 Shelby Franklin Monroe City, Mo.
HS 3.45m 11-4 2001 Lindsay Stansfield
CO 4.14m 13-7 2002 Jennifer Bennett Missouri
Long Jump
PHS 5.34m 18-1¾ 2007 Victoria Jackson Columbia, Mo.
HS 5.53m 18-1¾ 2007 Precious Selmon
CO 6.17m 20-3 1988 Lorinda Richardson Missouri
MAST 14-9 1987 Pam Colvert
Triple Jump
PHS 30-7¾ 2000 Ellen Schenk
HS 11.74m 38-6½ 2000 Lucretia Rimmer Windsteppers
CO 12.45m 40-10¼ 2007 Hedvig Glomsroed Missouri
Shot Put
PHS 11.23m 36-10¾ 2004 Roxanne Grizzle Kansas Thunder
HS 13.47m 44-2½ 1992 Yaleyta Althouse
CO 15.71m 51-6½ 2007 Shernelle Nicholls Missouri
MAST 55-59
MAST 60-69 20-7 1996 Rhonda Stansfield Jets
MAST 70-79
Weight Throw
PHS 9.47m 31-1 2006 Breanne Borman Festus, Mo.
HS 12.47m 40-11 2007 Erin Atkinson Lightning Track Club
CO 20.23m 66-4½ 2007 Elisha Hunt Missouri



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