Athletic Department Staff Directory


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All phone numbers Area Code (573) unless otherwise noted.


ADMINISTRATION          GO TO: Facilities | External Operations | Student-Athlete Support | Sport Programs
Mack Rhoades Director of Athletics   882-2055
Wren Baker Deputy Athletic Director   884-6428
Sarah Reesman Executive Associate AD/SWA E-Mail 884-6428
Tim Hickman Executive Associate AD E-Mail 884-6428
Bryan Maggard Executive Associate AD E-Mail 882-7337
Mary Ann Austin Executive Associate AD, Compliance E-Mail 882-2076
Kevin Hayward Associate AD, Business E-Mail 884-1412
Sandy Matthew Executive Assistant to the AD E-Mail 882-2055
Laurie Gannan Executive Assistant E-Mail 884-6428
Jennifer Bain Office Staff Assistant E-Mail 882-2061
Susan Hamilton Administrative Associate I E-Mail 882-2992
Ryan Coffin Administrative Associate - Sports Camps E-Mail 882-5982
Jenny Fainter Administrative Assistant E-Mail 882-8772
Tobi Hurley Accountant E-Mail 884-7496
Connie Sprague Senior Receptionist E-Mail 882-6502
Please send all requests for transfer information to
Mitzi Clayton Associate AD, Compliance E-Mail 882-2284
Andrea Benna Assistant Director of Compliance - Eligibility and Recruiting E-Mail 884-2960
Charlie Brunette Assistant Director of Compliance - Financial Aid E-Mail 882-3240
Bob Nolte Administrative Compliance Coordinator E-Mail 882-2076
Larry Calhoon Systems Administrator E-Mail 884-7373
Kyle Seymour System Support Analyst E-Mail 882-4417
Stuart Denson User Support Analyst E-Mail 882-6980
Bryan Lee User Support Analyst E-Mail 882-3416
Erica Williams Office Support Assistant E-Mail 882-4261
Jim Pirtle Broadcast Engineer E-Mail 882-4737
Donald Barnes Director E-Mail 882-2065
Austin Hall Associate Director E-Mail 882-0738
Matt Inskeep Athletic Equipment Technician E-Mail 882-9124
Mike Garner Athletic Equipment Manager E-Mail 882-9330
Erich Heidolph Athletic Equipment Manager E-Mail 882-6997
RJ Wuller Athletic Equipment Manager E-Mail 882-4280
Dan Kerner Director, Human Resources E-Mail 882-2594
Jeff Fischer Human Resources Specialist E-Mail 884-1989
Sandi Gerhart Administrative Assistant E-Mail 882-7025
Steven Stuckenschneider Director of Tennis E-Mail 884-4423
Dave Bartlett Director of Production E-Mail 884-8889
Tom Brintnall Production Manager E-Mail 882-2186
Michael Schumacher Director of Video Operations E-Mail 882-7632
EXTERNAL OPERATIONS          GO TO: Administration | Facilities | Sport Programs | Student-Athlete Support
Ashley Moore Senior Director of External Engagement E-Mail 882-7138
Brittney Whiteside Director of External Engagement E-Mail 884-6475
Courtney Gilmore Assistant Director of External Engagement E-Mail 882-5179
Lorraine Rodriguez Assistant Director of External Engagement - Special Events E-Mail 882-0710
Brittani Price External Engagement Associate E-Mail 882-0176
Jerry Hiller Director of Operations E-Mail 882-4478
Travis Taylor Executive Chef E-Mail 882-0674
Megan Vohs Sous Chef E-Mail 882-0674
Steve Kelly Concession Manager E-Mail 882-4508
Samantha Alquist Premium Manager E-Mail 882-4709
Bob Welch General Manager E-Mail Ext. 227
Kellie Landeche Senior Account Executive E-Mail Ext. 226
Josh Pell Account Executive E-Mail Ext. 222
TBA Account Executive   Ext. 221
Emily Muir Sales Coordinator E-Mail Ext. 224
Andrew Grinch Associate AD, External Operations & Content E-Mail 882-7826
Scott Orscheln Assistant AD, Marketing E-Mail 882-0713
Megan Freese Assistant Director of Marketing E-Mail 882-0362
Michael Gett Assistant Director of Marketing E-Mail 884-7238
Andrew Schuster Marketing Associate E-Mail 882-6935
John Fernandez Marketing Assistant E-Mail 884-8341
Stan Silvey Assistant AD, Broadcast Operations E-Mail 884-6840
Chad Pothoff Manager of Production E-Mail 882-5795
Ben Arnet Host/Reporter E-Mail 884-6736
Scott Schmidt Graphic Designer E-Mail 882-5560
Lauren Holman Reporter/Senior Producer E-Mail 882-5773
Parker Leppien Producer E-Mail 882-5773
Kevin Fletcher Coordinator of Online Operations E-Mail 882-0614
Suzy Thompson Cheerleading Coach E-Mail 882-6802
Shannon Fry Golden Girls Coach E-Mail 882-6796
Chad Moller Associate AD, Strategic Communications (Football, Dept. Spokesman) E-Mail 882-0712
Kate Lakin Associate Director of Strategic Communications (Soccer, Gymnastics, Swimming & Diving) E-Mail 884-8519
Patrick Crawford Assistant Director of Strategic Communications (Men's Basketball) E-Mail 882-2531
Shawn Davis Assistant Director of Strategic Communications (Baseball, Football) E-Mail 882-0711
Tyler Koonce Assistant Director of Strategic Communications (Women's Basketball) E-Mail 884-9486
Andy Oldenburg Assistant Director of Strategic Communications (Volleyball, Golf) E-Mail 882-1645
Samantha Rinkus Strategic Communications Associate (Cross Country, Track & Field) E-Mail 882-3809

RJ Layton

Strategic Communications Associate (Wrestling, Tennis) E-Mail 882-7167
Ali Fisher

Digital Media Specialist

E-Mail 884-2437
Brent Lewis Assistant AD, Ticket Operations E-Mail 884-7297
Ryan Maris Assistant Director of Ticket Operations E-Mail 884-7297
Katie Pryor Assistant Director of Ticket Operations E-Mail 884-7297
Dustin Deamos Assistant Director of Ticket Operations E-Mail 884-7297
Joanne Sprouse Administrative Assistant E-Mail 884-7297
Ticket Orders 1-800-228-7297
Ticketmaster 1-800-745-3000
Tim Stedman Associate Athletic Director for Advancement E-Mail 882-5188
T.J. Leon Assistant AD, Development E-Mail 884-0580
TBA Director of Development -- Major Gifts   882-7182
Nico Yantko

Director of Development -- Capital Campaigns & Major Gifts

E-Mail 882-0921
Lindsey Miller Director of Development -- Annual Giving E-Mail 882-0704
Catherine Lee Assistant Director of Development E-Mail 884-1111
Derek Steinbach Assistant Director of Development E-Mail 884-1528
Gary Link Special Assistant to the Athletics Director E-Mail 884-1440
Morgan Hissong Office Support Assistant E-Mail 882-2183
Shana Holzer Office Support Assistant E-Mail 882-2670
Regina Baer Development Assistant E-Mail 884-7456
FACILITIES          GO TO: Administration | External Operations | Sport Programs | Student-Athlete Support
Colleen Lamond Associate AD - Facility Operations & Event Management E-Mail 882-2449
Kathy Ungles Facility Operations & Event Management Support Staff (Facility Scheduling, Rentals/Outside Events) E-Mail 882-3937
Derek Doolittle Director of Event Management (Football, MBB, BB) E-Mail 882-5909
Daryle Bascom Director of Facilities E-Mail 884-2414
Katie Lohe Associate Director of Event Management
(Guest Services)
E-Mail 884-1676
Allen Frost Mizzou Sports Park Facilities Manager
(Memorial Stadium, Tiger Performance Center, Old Hawthorne)
E-Mail 882-7498
Jim Cunningham Mizzou Sports Park Facilities Manager
(Green Tennis Center, University Field, Audrey J. Walton Track & Soccer Complex)
E-Mail 882-7498
Larry Threlkeld Mizzou Sports Park Facilities Manager
(Mizzou Athletic Training Complex, Taylor Stadium, Devine Pavilion)
Krissy Ellis Associate Director of Event Management
(VB, WBB, M/W Swim/Dive, GYM, SB)
E-Mail 882-5195
Tony Wirkus Assistant Director of Event Management
(SOC, XC, Wrestling, T&F, TEN)
E-Mail 882-8718
Alyssa Collevechio Event Management Associate E-Mail 884-4541
Erin Hughes Event Management Associate E-Mail 882-1931
Josh McPherson

Director of Sports Turf Management

E-Mail 884-0095

Philip Dierker

Landscape Gardener

E-Mail 882-7498
Jerry Cummings Assistant Coordinator Turf & Grounds E-Mail 882-7498
Dale York Chief Engineer E-Mail 882-6664
Jerratt Lammers Lead Athletic Attendant E-Mail 882-8946
Richard Redd Lead Athletic Attendant E-Mail 882-0199
Jim Forward Athletic Attendant E-Mail 882-8946
Mussa Omar Athletic Attendant E-Mail 882-8946
Jimmy Heritage Athletic Attendant E-Mail 882-8946
Terrence Camp Athletic Attendant E-Mail 882-8946
Carl Cooper Conversion Supervisor E-Mail 882-8946
Jeff Pipes Building Trade Specialist E-Mail 882-0804
Damian Thies, MTS Electrician E-Mail 882-3449
Ben Meyer Electrician E-Mail 882-3449
Tommy Munford Manager of Custodial Operations E-Mail 882-6830
Kelly Hayes Lead Custodian E-Mail 882-6285
Jerry Young Lead Custodian E-Mail 884-4033
Michael Lindsey Lead Custodian E-Mail 882-0199
STUDENT-ATHLETE SUPPORT          GO TO: Administration | Facilities | External Operations | Sport Programs
Dr. Pat Ivey Associate AD, Athletic Performance E-Mail 882-6791
Josh Stoner Director of Football Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 884-0083
Jana Heitmeyer Director of Sports Nutrition E-Mail 882-9820
Scott Bird Director of Baseball Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 884-0106
Rusty Burney Director of Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 882-1647
Matt Herring Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 884-7039
Mackenzie Holznecht Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 882-8228
Ted Katz Assistant Director of Sports Nutrition E-Mail 884-2884
Jacob Linn Assistant Director of Basketball Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 884-8287
Michael Larson Assistant Director of Wrestling Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 882-4191
Dr. Bryan Mann Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 884-3097
Ryan Jackson Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 884-1838
Kayln Sticher Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning E-Mail 882-0472
Jenni Hamlin Sports Nutrition Assistant E-Mail 882-9820
Zach Zimmerman Strength & Conditioning Graduate Assistant E-Mail 884-0107
Derek Legé Strength & Conditioning Graduate Assistant E-Mail 882-5716
Jeff Melegrito Dining Hall Manager E-Mail 882-3272
Tom Otto Supervisor E-Mail 882-3272
Kenneth Agee Food Service Worker I E-Mail 882-3272
Rex Sharp Associate AD, Sports Medicine E-Mail 882-2375
Pat Beckmann Associate Head Athletic Trainer E-Mail 882-3532
Jennifer Artioli Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 884-0403
Casey Hairston Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 884-0701
Tara McCleland Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 882-0737
Eric McDonnell Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 882-2854
Jessica Schaefer Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 884-0655
Alison Mosel Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 882-8126
Shane Bishop Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 882-2153
Nick Antonelli Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 882-2375
Camille Bordelon Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer E-Mail 882-2375
Jose Ramirez Chiropractor    
Rick McGuire Director E-Mail 882-0727
Paul Knell Sports Psychology E-Mail 882-0727
Lea Lafield Sports Psychology E-Mail 882-0727
Caroline Rodriguez Sports Psychology E-Mail 882-0727
Tami Chievous Associate Athletics Director for Academic Services E-Mail 882-0707
Kim Lambert Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Development E-Mail 882-7720
Heather Morris Director of Enhanced Learning E-Mail 882-2676
Ryan King Assistant Director, Total Person Program - Football/Women's Golf E-Mail 884-6360
Greg Martin Academic Coordinator - Football E-Mail 882-5568
Krista Gray Academic Coordinator - Women's Basketball/Softball/Soccer E-Mail 882-9264
Clay Rogers Academic Coordinator - Track & Field/Cross Country/Wrestling E-Mail 882-2113
Ryan Allen Academic Coordinator - Baseball/Swimming & Diving E-Mail 882-0708
Nicolle Lewis Academic Coordinator - Tutor/Mentor Coordinator E-Mail 884-4507
Meaghan Sullivan Graduate Assistant - Baseball/Swimming & Diving E-Mail 882-9805
Stephanie Ross Graduate Assistant - Volleyball/Men's Basketball/Student-Athlete Development E-Mail 882-6848
Tommy Thomas Graduate Assistant - Wrestling/Track & Field E-Mail 882-6848
Chase Gilgour Graduate Assistant - Football/Student-Athlete Development E-Mail 882-2436
Trevor Davis Graduate Assistant - Football E-Mail 882-2436
Marvin Foster Graduate Assistant - Study Hall E-Mail 884-6360
Taylor Phelps Graduate Assistant - Student-Athlete Development E-Mail 884-4949
Kelly Rownd Graduate Assistant - Student-Athlete Development E-Mail 884-4949
Martin Solomon Graduate Assistant - Men's Golf/Soccer/Softball/Women's Basketball E-Mail 884-0264
Amand Hardiman Intern, Tutor and Mentor Services - Gymnastics E-Mail 882-9805
SPORT PROGRAMS          GO TO: Administration | Facilities | External Operations | Student-Athlete Support
Tim Jamieson Head Coach E-Mail 882-1917
Kerrick Jackson Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator E-Mail 882-4785
Hunter Mense Assistant Coach E-Mail 884-8929
Trevor Coleman Graduate Assistant E-Mail 884-8929
Jeff Emens Graduate Assistant E-Mail 884-8929
Evan Pratte Director of Baseball Operations E-Mail 882-1917
CJ Tatum Administrative Assistant E-Mail 882-0721
Kim Anderson Head Coach   882-0715
Rob Fulford Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-0719
Brad Loos Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-0717
Corey Tate Assistant Coach   882-0718
Paul Rorvig Director of Basketball Student-Athlete Development E-Mail 882-0716
Matt Herring Director of Athletic Performance
Latisha Mayes Executive Staff Assistant E-Mail 882-0715
Shannon McClellan Administrative Assistant E-Mail 882-1096
Robin Pingeton Head Coach E-Mail 882-1002
Willie Cox Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-0725
Jenny Putnam Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-0724
Michael Porter Assistant Coach E-Mail 884-6659
Heather Page Director of Basketball Operations E-Mail 884-8474
Mike Donovan Video Coordinator E-Mail 884-3161
Toni Hayes Executive Staff Assistant I E-Mail 882-1002
FOOTBALL 882-2213
Gary Pinkel Head Coach   882-2404
Andy Hill Associate Head Coach/Quarterbacks E-Mail 884-0884
Josh Henson Offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends/Offensive Line E-Mail 882-7053
Barry Odom Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers E-Mail 882-3041
Cornell Ford Assistant Coach/Cornerbacks E-Mail 882-3586
Brian Jones Assistant Coach/Running Backs E-Mail 882-3069
Craig Kuligowski Assistant Coach/Defensive Line E-Mail 882-4623
Ryan Walters Assistant Coach/Safeties E-Mail 882-5658
Pat Washington Assistant Coach/Receivers E-Mail 882-2214
A.J. Ricker Assistant Coach/Offensive Line E-Mail 882-2404
Nick Otterbacher Director of Football Recruiting E-Mail 884-1752
David Flores Assistant Director of Recruiting E-Mail 884-5522
Dan Hopkins Director of Football Operations E-Mail 882-3834
Kathryn Lucchesi Director of Football Multimedia E-Mail 884-9203
Kendall Bradley Offensive Analyst E-Mail 882-2213
Cody Oates Offensive Analyst E-Mail 882-2213
Justin Kramer Defensive Analyst E-Mail 882-2213
Phil Pitts Defensive Analyst E-Mail 882-2213
Austin Alewel Special Teams Analyst E-Mail 882-2213
Ann Hatcher Executive Staff Assistant E-Mail 882-2404
Vonda Cordes Administrative Assistant E-Mail 882-2214
Carol Weis Recruiting Assistant E-Mail 882-2215
GOLF (MEN'S) 882-0722
Mark Leroux Head Coach E-Mail 882-0740
Judd Easterling Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-0740
Sally Tipton Office Support Staff III E-Mail 882-0722
The Club at Old Hawthorne 442-5280
GOLF (WOMEN'S) 882-0722
Stephanie Priesmeyer Head Coach E-Mail 882-1672
Mindy Coyle Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-1672
Sally Tipton Office Support Staff III E-Mail 882-0722
The Club at Old Hawthorne 442-5280
Shannon Welker Head Coach E-Mail 882-0736
John Carney Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator E-Mail 882-3919
Casey Jo Magee Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-9071
Sally Tipton Office Support Staff III E-Mail 882-0722
SOCCER (WOMEN'S) 882-0721
Bryan Blitz Head Coach E-Mail 884-7914
Don Trentham Associate Head Coach E-Mail 884-7951
Molly Schneider Assistant Coach E-Mail 884-1346
Erika Lorenz Director of Multimedia E-Mail 356-1030
CJ Tatum Administrative Assistant E-Mail 882-0721
Ehren Earleywine Head Coach E-Mail 882-0730
Pete D'Amour Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-6840
Gina Schneider Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-3942
CJ Tatum Administrative Assistant E-Mail 882-0721
Greg Rhodenbaugh Head Swimming Coach E-Mail 882-4669
James Sweeney Head Diving Coach E-Mail 882-3464
John Pontz Associate Head Coach E-Mail 882-4177
Mark Gangloff Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-0602
Andrew Grevers Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-6733
Kristen Pritchett Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-7397
Sally Tipton Office Support Staff III E-Mail 882-0722
TENNIS (WOMEN'S) 882-0722
Sasha Schmid Head Coach E-Mail 884-2041
TBA Assistant Coach   882-8748
Sally Tipton Office Support Staff III E-Mail 882-0722
Brett Halter Head Coach E-Mail 882-9323
Marc Burns Head Cross Country Coach; Assistant Coach - Distance/Mid-Distance E-Mail 882-0728
Dan Lefever Associate Head Coach - Men's Track & Field E-Mail 882-0729
Krishna Lee Assistant Coach - Throws E-Mail 882-6903
Carjay Lyles Assistant Coach - Jumps/Sprints E-Mail 882-6930
Shaylee Marr Assistant Coach - Distance/Mid-Distance E-Mail 882-6900
Stephen Smith Director of Operations E-Mail 884-0572
Sally Tipton Office Support Staff III E-Mail 882-0722
Wayne Kreklow Head Coach E-Mail 882-4064
Deng Yang Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-3894
Lindsey James Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-6787
Susan Kreklow Director of Volleyball E-Mail 884-9600
Matt Porter Volleyball Operations Coordinator E-Mail 882-0726
Brian Smith Head Coach E-Mail 882-0735
Alex Clemsen Associate Head Coach E-Mail 882-9943
Joe Johnston Assistant Coach E-Mail 884-9637
Todd Schavrien Volunteer Assistant Coach E-Mail 882-4191
Sally Tipton Office Support Staff III E-Mail 882-0722
Lost and Found 882-6502
MU Police 882-7202


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