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MUTIGERS.COM Head Coach Gary Pinkel speaks with members of the media.
Head Coach Gary Pinkel speaks with members of the media.

Nov. 17, 2004

Gary Pinkel Opening Remarks...

"We had a bye this past week, and it was good for us. It's been a tough October, and we got to work on a lot of things. This is a hugely important game, and we all know how great a rivalry this is."

On the Tigers Still Having a Shot to Win the North Division...

"It's pretty remarkable. This KU game is bigger than the other things that are involved. That's the way we look at it as a football team."

On the Tigers' Use of the I-formation...

"It gives you the opportunity to block at the point of attack a little bit better. We've done it in the past where we motion our tight end and get him in position to do it. You can certainly increase your chances that you can get the point-of-attack-block a little better."

On the Pressure the Team Puts on Itself...

"You always want to come out and play your best, whatever that is. You can say there's not (pressure), but there is. That's part of the deal. We're very positive, and I couldn't be more pleased with my football team because it's been very tough for them."

On Kansas' Performance Against Texas Last Week...

"Defensively, they're really good. They're good on offense, too. They've just had quarterback issues. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Our fourth-team quarterback isn't that good."

On Preparing for Kansas' Defense...

"If you just look at the numbers in this league they're playing very good defense and I certainly think that's what our offensive coaches are looking at now."

On the Kansas vs Missouri rivalry...

"Well, first of all it's great for college football. The relationship Mizzou fans have towards KU fans is unique, and this all adds to it regardless what sport it is. I'll have a record here when I leave; what my KU record is going to be. It'll be etched in granite and every player will. That's how big it is and how important of a game it is. This should be a fun week of preparation and I think our players are excited about playing. I think one of the great things about college football and college sports is to have great rivalries like this one."

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