Alden Thoughts on Deaton Retirement

June 12, 2013

Editor's Note: The following e-mail was sent to Athletic Department staff this afternoon.


Dear Mizzou Athletic Family,

By now, you have likely heard the big news announced this afternoon, that our Chancellor, Dr. Brady Deaton, has decided to retire, effective Nov. 15th. I've been processing this news since yesterday afternoon, when my wife Rockie and I had a chance to visit with Brady and his wife, Anne, about this. It's certainly a transformational moment for the University of Missouri, and losing a visionary leader such as Brady makes this a bittersweet time. We're absolutely thrilled for Brady and Anne that they will have the chance to ease back a bit and share more well-deserved time together, but we're certainly very sad to know how much they will be missed.

Whether you know Brady and Anne personally or professionally, please join me in congratulating them on a job well done. The amount of growth that the University of Missouri has seen in Brady's nine years as Chancellor have been monumental. In particular with Athletics, we all know first-hand just how much his leadership and support have done to assist us with our program.

With that, I wanted to share with you some comments that you will see in the media that we released prior to my having to fly out of town this afternoon:

"Certainly, Brady and Anne Deaton together, have been wonderful leaders for the entire University of Missouri, as the flagship institution of our state. The way they've positioned us not only for today, but for the future, is so important, and the opportunities that are ahead of us in Athletics, and really in all areas of Mizzou are so bright because of their leadership, because of their commitment, and because of their passion for the institution."

"Brady's counsel, his guidance and his leadership, for me in particular, as my boss, has just been outstanding. He's as good of a person as I've ever worked with. He has great character, great integrity, he's got good vision, he'll make a decision and certainly provides sound wisdom and guidance. We will miss that, because all of those traits have unquestionably helped us elevate our program in all aspects, not just one particular element. Whether it was the transition to the SEC, whether it's been the growth in our facilities, our academic accomplishments, our competitive achievements, whatever that may have been, he's touched all facets of our program in a transformational way."

You've probably heard me mention time and again how Athletics is the "front porch" of the University. That comes from Brady, and illustrates perfectly how important and impactful he feels that Athletics can be to a University. I was very touched when he chose to mention Athletics several times today during his speech, and that is a direct tribute to every one of our 520 student-athletes and our 270 staff members who combine to make all of our achievements possible. On a side note, thank you to everyone on our team who made it out to the news conference on such short notice, it was a very impressive turnout (maybe as many as 40-50 of us were able to be there)!.

I hope that everyone on our team has had a chance to get to know Brady and his wife Anne, over the years. Either way, I'd encourage you to drop them a note sometime in the near future to congratulate and thank them for their service to Mizzou. I know they will appreciate it.

The natural question that comes next is, what does this mean for our future? I certainly don't want to brush that aside at all, because we have seen very directly how beneficial that strong support from the Chancellor can be for Athletics. But I also choose to leave the focus today on Brady and Anne and just how much they have done for this institution. The next Chancellor at Mizzou will be a great selection made by our outstanding leadership, I'm very confident of that, and we'll certainly do everything we can to keep people updated.

Lastly, if you wish to learn more about Brady's time at Mizzou, I'd encourage you to follow the link here, which takes you to the online announcement made today.

As always, thank you for all you do for Mizzou.

Best wishes,

Mike Alden

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