Mizzou Ranks Best in Big 12 For APR

MUTIGERS.COM The NCAA released its APR data today, and Mizzou is again the class of the Big 12.
The NCAA released its APR data today, and Mizzou is again the class of the Big 12.

May 6, 2009

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The 2008-09 season has been one of the most successful in recent history for the University of Missouri on the field, with championships in football (Big 12 North), men’s basketball (Big 12 Tournament) and soccer (Big 12 Tournament), just to mention a few of the team highlights.

Mizzou Men's Sports
Team (Big 12 Rank) APR NCAA Avg.
Baseball (3rd) 961 946
Basketball (5th) 959 933
Cross Country (2nd) 995 964
Football (2nd) 951 939
Golf (3rd) 988 963
Swimming and Diving (1st) 975 967
Track (Indoor) (3rd) 957 953
Track (Outdoor) (4th) 957 954
Wrestling (4th) 957 948
Mizzou Women's Sports
Team (Big 12 Rank) APR NCAA Avg.
Basketball (1st) 995 962
Cross Country (3rd) 995 971
Golf (1st) 1000 976
Gymnastics (2nd) 991 983
Soccer (7th) 971 973
Softball (3rd) 981 968
Swimming & Diving (1st) 993 979
Tennis (6th) 971 974
Track (Indoor) (1st) 989 965
Track (Outdoor) (2nd) 989 966
Volleyball (6th) 973 972

The season just got even more successful, however, as the NCAA has released its Academic Progress Rates for all sports, and the University of Missouri is the unofficial league champion here, as well. Five of Mizzou’s 20 sports led the Big 12 in APR, which is tied for the most in the league, along with Oklahoma State. Missouri had 14 of its 20 programs rank among the Big 12's top three overall. In addition, all but two of Missouri’s men's and women’s sports ranked above the All-Division I national average.

The five sport leaders for MU included women’s golf (APR of 1000), women’s basketball (995), women’s swimming and diving (993), women’s indoor track and field (989) and men’s swimming and diving (975). The highest APR score possible is 1,000.

The APR was developed by the NCAA in 2004 to measure the academic progress and performance of athletic programs at member institutions.  The multi-year average for the latest Academic Progress Rate Report spans the last four years and institutions are awarded points when a student-athlete remains academically eligible for competition and when he or she either returns to the institution the following semester or graduates. A maximum of two points per student/per semester is awarded.

“We are very encouraged and proud of the latest results,” Director of Athletics Mike Alden said. “The academic success and progress toward graduation of our student-athletes supports our core value of academic integrity here at Mizzou. We salute the classroom efforts of our student-athletes, our coaches and our academic staff,” Alden said.

Most Sports Led in APR,
Big 12 Conference
1. Mizzou (5)
Oklahoma State (5)
3. Nebraska (4)
4. Kansas (3)
Baylor (3)
6. Iowa State (2)
Texas (2)
8. Oklahoma (1)

In addition to the five Big 12 leaders, the Tigers ranked second overall in men's cross country, football, women's gymnastics and women's outdoor track and field, while the Tiger baseball, men's golf, men's indoor track and field, women's cross country and softball teams each ranked third. The football program finished just one point out of the Big 12 lead with its score of 951.

All 20 of Mizzou's sports met or exceeded the APR requirements for the 2007-08 academic year, as well as the multi-year average. One sport, women's golf, recorded a perfect score for the 2008-09 academic year and two sports overall earned public recognition from the NCAA, with the sport of women's basketball the other.

The NCAA does not penalize an institution for student-athletes who remain academically eligible but did not return to the institution due to circumstances beyond the student and/or institution's control. Examples of this include student-athletes who leave to pursue professional athletics, suffer from incapacitating physical or mental illness, or experience extreme financial difficulties as the result of a specific event such as a death in the family.

Complete information on the APR Report can be found at the NCAA's website, ncaa.org.

Additionally, when the Big 12 ranking for all schools is averaged out, Mizzou stands head and shoulders above the rest of the conference. The Tigers’ average finish among Big 12 schools for both the men and women is the tops in the league, and when combined, they easily outdistance all others as well. Here’s a look at the data:

Men’s Average APR Sport Ranking Within Big 12 (Top-Three Listed)

  1. Mizzou (3.00)
  2. Kansas (4.29)
  3. Texas (4.33)

Women’s Average APR Sport Ranking Within Big 12 (Top-Three Listed)

  1. Mizzou (3.00)
  2. Iowa State (4.40)
  3. Texas (4.40)

Combined Average APR Sport Ranking Within Big 12 (Top-Three Listed)

  1. Mizzou (3.00)
  2. Texas (4.37)
  3. Oklahoma State (5.18)
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