Permit Parking

Men's Basketball Priority Parking
  Men's Basketball Lot Minimum Donation Level 2013
Priority Point
Minimum Projection*
  Lot P $10,000 600
  Lot I $10,000 894
  Lot O $7,500 567
  Lot K $5,000 398
  TQBC Lot $4,000 609
  Lot M $500 10
  Lot R $50 1
  Free General Public Parking

The option to purchase season-long, reserved parking passes will be offered exclusively to 2013-14 TSF donors who also purchase Men's Basketball season tickets. Season-long priority parking passes are exclusively offered for $135 each for the season.  Lot locations and proximity to the stadium will be based, first, on each respective donor’s TSF annual giving level.

The TSF will continue to evaluate the Men’s Basketball reserved parking program and plan. Slight revisions may be made. If so, any changes and improvements will be communicated to all donors in a timely manner. It is the goal of the TSF to reward donor generosity and loyalty while also striving to make the game day parking experience as pleasant and convenient as possible for individual game ticket buyers.

Permit Parking

Parking Map