Mizzou Aquatics Center

The 2005-06 season marks the beginning of a new era in Mizzou swimming and diving history, as the Tigers move into the brand new, state-of-the-art Mizzou Aquatics Center. When the Tigers take their first steps toward a place among the finest swimming and diving teams in the college ranks, they will do so in one of the nation's elite facilities.

The competition area in the new aquatics center features a 50-meter by 25-yard competitive pool that is kept between 78 and 80 degrees at all times and took over one million gallons of water to fill. The pool has a top depth of eight feet, six inches, but can be reduced to any desired level thanks to a hydraulic moveable floor, and is equipped with six-inch Competitor Gold Medal racing lines and KDI Paragon starting blocks. The facility also boasts two moveable Stark bulkheads, 18-inch flow over drop gutters and an underwater speaker system.

Mizzou Aquatics Center

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Not to be outdone by the competition pool, the 25-yard diving well is stocked with top-of-the-the-line amenities. Kept at a temperature between 84 and 86 degrees, the diving well in the Mizzou Aquatics Center has two one-meter springboards, two three-meter springboards and one, three, seven-and-a-half and ten-meter platforms. Under the three-meter springboard and seven-and-a-half and ten-meter platforms is positioned a Sparger bubble system. The area is 14 feet around the perimeter, slowing to a depth of 16 feet, and water agitators are positioned beneath each diving surface. Divers exit the water via a set of stairs that are accessed by ladders and have the option of showering in a set of warm showers behind the diving towers. On top of all that, the diving well houses its own separate hot tub.

The entire facility is outfitted with brand new Colorado Time Equipment, from the spectator areas to the walls of the pool. Swimmers will clock in at the end of each race by one of the 96-inch Colorado Aqua Grip Touchpads, which transmit the times to two System Six timing units. For the benefit of the spectators, the Mizzou Aquatics Center features two full-color video boards, including one exclusively for diving, and a digital record board. The pool's starting blocks are also equipped with Speedlight covers.

The Mizzou Aquatics Center, undoubtedly among the nation's finest college swimming and diving facilities, provides the Mizzou Tigers with a home that will aide them in their pursuit of a spot among the top college teams in the nation.