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 Brad Ekwerekwu stopped by to chat on Monday.

Chat Transcipt With Brad Ekwerekwu

Senior wide receiver Brad Ekwerekwu stopped by on Monday to answer your questions as the Tigers prepare for their final two games of the regular season.

One of four senior co-captains, "Ek" has started six and played in all of Mizzou's 10 games, and is the Tigers' fifth leading receiver with 28 catches for 304 yards and two touchdowns. [Astute Tiger fans also know that he is statistically Mizzou's most efficient passer, based on his 10-yard completion to Martin Rucker off of a fake field goal during the Ole Miss game.]

Moderator: Folks, Coach Pinkel is in the middle of his weekly press conference at the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex. Brad will be joining us in about an hour; please continue to submit your questions, and Brad will answer them!
Moderator: Brad just arrived at the training complex, so we might be able to get started a little early.

Semo (Columbia): Ek, I enjoy watching you play and the enthusiasm you bring to the team, it seems like you have fun out there. My question to you is how is the team's mindset heading into the ISU game? Are the guys upbeat about what lies ahead, or still down about the last few weeks?
Brad Ekwerekwu: I think we're upbeat. We know that we're still a good team despite what's happened the past couple of weeks. We have confidence and we know that if we play with that confidence, we'll be great.

Tyler (Columbia): You do a great job on holding for placekicks. Can you describe what goes into that job? Take us through the process of a placekick and what you're looking for. Thanks, good luck this weekend!!
Brad Ekwerekwu: First off, you have to count your linemen. I need to see nine linemen out there in front of me. Then I make sure that everyone's set before I start the cadence, and then the only thing I'm thinking about after that is, 'catch the ball, and put it down on the spot'.

Mike: Us fans worry about things like Coach McCarney resigning and that giving a big emotional lift to Iowa State. Do you guys worry about that all? Just how much, if any, can something like that have an effect on a game?
Brad Ekwerekwu: We can't really worry about that. That's their own personal situation. To us, it's just a football game. Whether their coach stays or not, we have to have the mindset to go in there and win the football game.

Jeb (Springfield): Talk about the offense we run, how fun and/or difficult is it to run from the wide receiver perspective?
Brad Ekwerekwu: It's very fun from the wide receiver's point of view. The ball is distributed everywhere, and it challenges you as an athlete to play in a system like that.

Bo (Waxahachie): What is your favorite route to run?
Brad Ekwerekwu: I'm going to have to go with a 20-yard over route, a deep over route.

Thomas (Pilot Grove): How important is the psychological aspect of the game? Can you tell ahead of time when the team is going to play a good game, or do you have no way of knowing that based on what you see from practice?
Brad Ekwerekwu: You do know. It's a certain sense of confidence you have, that your team is prepared for anything you see. At the same time, you can't really predict what's going to happen on Saturdays.

Mason (Logan): Ek, you throw a nice ball, when are we going to get you to throw a pass again?
Brad Ekwerekwu: I don't know. It's a week-to-week game plan. I'd love to throw the ball again. It's a fun change of atmosphere for me, but I don't know.

Jackson (Centralia, Mo): First, its been great watching you play the last four years. How do you get yourself/team ready to close out the season with a three-game winning streak (bowl game)? What are your plans after the season?
Brad Ekwerekwu: I think we have to focus on closing the season strong. As far as after the season plans, I plan to come back for my last semester here, work out for Pro Day, and see where things go from there.

Ryan, St. Louis: Brad, having played in all but one of the seasons with Brad Smith at QB, how well do you think Chase has filled his shoes?
Brad Ekwerekwu: I think it's a process. With this being Chase's first year as the starter, he's done an excellent job. I don't think he's quite to the status that Brad made for himself.

Casey (Kansas City): Ek, with so many players from Texas on this team, what are your thoughts on the possibility of playing a bowl game in your home state.
Brad Ekwerekwu: That's where I want to play. I'd love to be able to go home. I'd probably need about 30 tickets.

Matt (Columbia): Are there any team plans for a Thanksgiving feast? Maybe cook up some jayhawk?
Brad Ekwerekwu: I think that the program sets up a meal for us after our practice. As far as the jayhawk, you'd have to ask the Kansas City people. I don't go over that way too often.

Kevin (St. Charles): What has made the passing game in-effective lately? Has it been the play calling (not running routes over 5 yards) or is it that your team has been scouted correctly and has not adjusted properly?
Brad Ekwerekwu: That's kind of hard to answer. It's probably a combination of things, and I don't think you can narrow it down to just one thing. It's a weekly game plan thing, though, and we keep on working on it.

William (St. Louis): This teams motto is to take every game one game at a time. How is that different from every good program and why has it not helped the Tigers win crucial games?
Brad Ekwerekwu: I don't know how it's different from every good program. I don't think the slogan has anything to do with winning or losing games, but it definitely is part of our mindset to focus on that week's opponent.

Jim/Phoenix, Az: Where do think the Tigers will go bowling this year?
Brad Ekwerekwu: It's a guess to me right now. I can dream, but I haven't really looked into it. We still have two more games to play before we worry about that.
Brad Ekwerekwu: I have to get going to some more interviews, and our seniors meeting. I know we're wrapping up before I was supposed to start, but thanks for the early questions. Go Tigers!
Moderator: Folks, thanks for the questions. We'll have another player next Monday afternoon.

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