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 Pig Brown looks over his shoulder on the way to a 100-yard fumble return for a touchdown in Mizzou's season-opening win over Illinois.

Monday Media Day Chat Transcript: SS Pig Brown

Each Monday at approximately 4 p.m., a member of the Tiger football team stops by to answer your questions online.

Following the bye week, our fourth guest was senior SS Pig Brown. One of Mizzou's co-captains, the junior-college transfer made the move from free safety a year ago where he made solid contributions in his first year in the Tiger program. He showed his big-play ability in the Tigers' season-opening win at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis: He tied an NCAA record with a 100-yard fumble return for a touchdown, made a second fumble recovery later in the game, blocked an extra-point attempt, and ended Illinois' chance at a comeback win with a leaping interception in the last minute of the game. His efforts not only preserved a 40-34 win, but also earned him Bronko Nagurski National Defensive Player of the Week honors, as voted on by the Football Writers' Association of America.

Entering this Saturday night's game vs. Nebraska (8:15 PM, ESPN), Brown is third on the team with 33 tackles (including 1.5 for loss).

Moderator: (3:58 PM) Good afternoon folks... Coach Pinkel has just concluded his weekly press conference, and we await the arrival of Pig Brown to the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex.

Steve Begemann (Jackson, Mo): Whats yur favorite food to eat since your mom says thats all you did was eat when you were a kid. That is how you got the name "Pig" right?

Mike (Chicago): It is because of your unique name that I started rooting for Mizzou especially after your return for a TD against Illinois. Where did you get your name from and is there meaning behind it?
Pig Brown: When I was younger, I ate a lot. I was sloppy, and I just had the mentality of a pig, and my Mom said, 'you eat like one, you act like one; that's what I'm going to call you,' and that just stuck. As for the favorite food, it's hot dogs -- back then and now.

Peter (Springfield(: How do you think the team will adjust to playing a night game?
Pig Brown: I think it'll be OK. We've practiced at night, simulating the environment with loudspeakers and stuff. We'd probably prefer to play earlier, but we will adjust.

Adam Columbia MO: how are you doing Pig? how do you guys plan on stopping Nebraska's really tough running game? How do you prepare as a strong safety on different blitz packages and how do work on play action passes? Good luck this week!
Pig Brown: We work on the run game week in and week out. We've gotten better every week. We work on our keys, and read keys. It's going to be the key to stopping their running game.

Sam (springfield): do you feel more confident going into the game against Nebraska after beating a tough Illinois team who is now tearing through the big ten? I am curious because it seemed like a great game to gauge the teams overall ability to pull off a close victory against a really explosive team.
Pig Brown: A lot of people don't realize what Illinois' done since we played them. It just shows what kind of team we are, and gives us a lot of confidence going into the Nebraska game when we played so well against a team like that.

Luke - Farmington, MO: Pig, How do you think the defense is prepared for the various attacks Nebraska has? Are they prepared both physically and mentally? What did they do differently to prepare?
Pig Brown: Of course we're prepared. We have no choice - this is the first conference game. The key to give us an edge is that we've had two weeks to get ready for them.

Jeff (Manchester): With all the ecitement surrounding the game against NU. How hard has it been to have to wait an extra week to play in the prime time atmosphere?
Pig Brown: It's tough. You'd like to keep playing every week, but it's also a good thing that we got our legs under us, we got a lot of rest, but we got a lost of mental reps also. I still think the bye is going to be a key in this game.

Tom, Columbia: Can we expect any unique uniform combinations for the Gold Rush game on Saturday? Beat the huskers!
Pig Brown: We haven't really come up with a decision yet, but we'll go into our captains meeting with a couple of ideas in mind.

Zach (Columbia): Do you think it will be harder to shut down Nebraska's running or passing game?
Pig Brown: I really can't say, because they're really balanced. They're good in both the running game and the passing game. We're just going to go one play at a time and try to dominate.

Steve - Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Pig, That 100 yard fumble return against Illinois was awesome. The Kansas City Chiefs used to practice stripping the ball from the opponent, Does Missouri defense practice stripping the ball loose also?
Pig Brown: Every day. That's something we're big on. It's all about the ball. We practice numerous times every day.

St. Louis: Pig - First of all, congratulations on a great start to your senior season. I was at the game in St. Louis against Illinois and was impressed by how you took over on defense. As your 100-yard return was being "challenged", what was going through your mind as a 100-yard scamper could possibly be called back? BEAT NEBRASKA!!!!
Pig Brown: All I was saying was, "not again". In 2006, I ran a punt back for a touchdown, and it was called back. I was just thinking, please don't do this to me again.
Moderator: All right folks, that's all the time we have for questions today. We've had a good mix of questions, and we're grateful both to you for the questions, and to Pig for his time. Check back next Monday for another chat!

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