Blogging with Becca: The Final Edition


So it's the last week of summer training and therefore, my last edition of Blogging with Becca! I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who read my posts and kept up with the team this summer. I've had an absolute blast being your little Mizzou gymnastics messenger for the last eight weeks!


Speaking of, I'm sitting here wondering where the last 8 weeks went... the summer just flew by! But not too fast for us to be apart of some awesome events. Jordyn Wieber came into towIMG_0571.JPGn last weekend for the opening ceremonies of the Show Me State Games. She did a clinic at the TPC with a couple local gyms and signed autographs at a luncheon for aspiring gymnasts at the MATC. She shared her inspiring 'never give up, never give in' story from her Olympic experience and we felt honored to get to meet her.


Throughout the summer, the team has made some amazing progress in all aspects of our training. Our morning conditioning has included some of the hardest workouts this team has ever done, and we can say that in turn, we are stronger than we've ever been. We had weight lifting Tuesday morning and had several girls reach personal records. We finished out our summer training with our very favorite team competition called Bamboozle, and loved every second of it! Overall, Jackson has greatly improved our fitness level and prepared us incredibly well for what is to come in the fall.


The gym is the place where we've seen the most change this summer, and we've truly adjusted well! With three new coaches and a new training plan, the team is feeling so motivated to continue our progress into pre-season and take some huge steps forward. We know that we will be prepared to compete with confidence in the SEC and that is a great place to end the summer.


So after lots of time spent flipping in the gym, running on the football field, shivering in the cold tubs, drinking chocolate milk, studying by the pool, and bonding as a Tiger fam, we are headed home for a couple weeks to rest and enjoy time with family and friends.


Sending love and flips from the Mizzou gymnastics team. Have a wonderful rest of the summer and see y'all in the fall!


Johnson out.

Blogging With Becca: More Camp!


Camp Week Number Two!


It was another successful Mizzou Gymnastics Camp Week! 124 gymnasts packed the TPC...which, by the way, officially has mirrors!!! They look incredible. Now we just have to deck out the top of the mirror wall and the other walls with painted tiger stripes and banners to make it our perfect little home. Time to start thinking of creative designs!


Like last camp week, this post is coming to you straight from a Lathrop Hall dorm bed. Staying in the dorms with the kiddos again! They have lots of energy and filled up an entire wipe board with achieved goals for the week. We had a great night of swimming at the Rec on Tuesday, a little water balloon fun on Wednesday night and then Thursday was skit night. And your own Tiger gymnasts did a little dance of their own. Let's just say Justin Bieber made an appearance at the TPC and it was legendary.


We still had 7a.m. workouts with Coach  Jackson this week and practiced in the gym during dinner breaks. It was the first full week of workouts for the freshmen and they are doing awesome. All of them are adjusting well to the college life and getting a taste of CoMo summer heat! After a great week of camp, we are looking forward to a restful weekend and then another full week coming up!





E-Mails from E-Crane (Thursday, July 11)


Mizzou second baseman Emily Crane is a member of USA Softball's Junior National Team and will blog for along the way. Crane was selected to the prestigious 17-person squad from a national pool of 40 players, becoming the first Tiger under head coach Ehren Earleywine to receive the distinction. 

The JWNT finished with a silver medal at the ISF X Junior Women's World Championship in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, played from July 1-7. Crane was one of the standouts of the tournament across all teams, batting 14-for-24 (.583) with five RBI and 11 runs scored. Of her 14 hits, six were doubles.

I want to start off by saying thanks to everyone who supported me and the rest of the Junior Women's National Team on our crazy Canadian journey! I really appreciate everything you all did and just wanted to extend my thanks here on the blog!

All in all, the trip was so much fun. The outcome wasn't what we wanted or expected, however, the experience was like none other, and I am so happy I got the chance to play with this group of girls! I said this in my first blog, but being one of 17 players picked was something truly special, and I will cherish the memories forever. Throughout this experience, I learned more about myself and about people who I plan to be friends with for a long time. That's what was SO cool about it... meeting everyone and getting to play for an unbelievable coaching staff!

In the beginning, I can honestly say I didn't plan on getting so close with my JWNT teammates within just two weeks. It's kind of crazy, if you think about it! Being able to play against different countries for Team USA helped us all mesh so well together. I know I may sound like a broken record, but it's the truth! 

Anyway! Wearing Red, White and Blue never meant so much to me, and I can't stress enough what an awesome opportunity this was for me. I really hope I get the chance to play with some of these girls again, of course, all wearing our country's colors! 

Thanks again for all the support, and I hope you guys are ready for some Mizzou Softball this fall! MIZ-USA!

Over and out,
#2 Emily Crane

Summer Workouts

Take a look at how your Tigers stay in shape during the offseason. The team has been working very hard and training for an even stronger 2013-14 season.

Blogging with Becca: Fourth of July edition

It's been an exciting two weeks here in Tiger Town!


Last week's highlight was a little team adventure to Rock Bridge State Park after practice on Monday. We explored the Devil's Ice Box and image.jpegroamed through the 150-foot-long Connor's Cave, which was incredibly cool--literally. It was so refreshing down there! We didn't see any bats, but John kept us on our toes with his sneaky antics...let's just say there were a couple girly screams echoing through the cave. Typical. But I'd say overall we were pretty brave and adventurous, and it was awesome team bonding time.

This week is the start of the second summer school session and our new freshmen have officially arrived! They are all moved into the dorms and have started working out with the team and taking two classes. It has been so fun getting to know each of them, watching them learn the ropes...and squirm during their first cold tub experience! It gets better, my friends, I promise! We can all see that the freshmen have so much passion and energy and are all so excited to be here. We are building on our talent and continuing to make progress in the gym, everyday.

The mirrors are going in this week too. And they are looking great! They will be incredibly helpful when it comes to our choreography and dance skills, as we will be able to see our body shapes and movements. Things are really coming together around here!

Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July with family and friends! Enjoy!

E-Mails from E-Crane (Monday, July 1)


Mizzou second baseman Emily Crane is a member of USA Softball's Junior National Team and will blog for along the way. Crane was selected to the prestigious 17-person squad from a national pool of 40 players, becoming the first Tiger under head coach Ehren Earleywine to receive the distinction. 

The JWNT began competition at the International Softball Federation (ISF) X Junior Women's World Championship (19-and-under) in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, on Monday, July 1, in resounding fashion. The Red, White and Blue defeated Great Britain in four innings by a run-rule score of 10-0. Playing in left field, Crane batted 2-for-3 with one RBI and one run scored

Hey guys! I'M IN CANADA!

This is so crazy! So you would think being in Canada is extremely different than the United States, but it's really not. The big change for most of us was the money! Of course, the use of our phones too. Canada has coin dollars instead of paper dollars for smaller amounts of money, so when we go places and have to pay there's been a lot of "We aren't from here, could you help us out?". Haha - but it has been a great experience!

Today we had the wonderful opportunity of waking up at 5:30 a.m. to play in our very first international game. I must say, waking up wasn't too bad until it got to this afternoon and it hit me... I'm pooped! But back on track - the game! We played Great Britain and it was very interesting seeing how other countries play the game. We won 10-0, and we didn't let up for anyone! It was a great way to get started in the tournament, and I'm hoping we keep this kind of play up because this could be a special week.

Crane blog 3.jpg

Oh, I almost forgot! MY FAMILY HAS ARRIVED! Half of them, anyway. I seriously can't pray to God enough and thank Him for allowing my family to travel like they do to chase me around the country... and OUT of the country! Having this kind of support means so much to me, especially when I'm out on the field. Just knowing that someone is up in the stands always supporting you really helps you relax and have more fun with what you're doing. 

So far Mom, Dad and Grandma Betty have come out to cheer our team on. They are something else up in those stands! I have never seen my mom so decked out in Red, White and Blue, and waving her flag. It's simply awesome! I also have been so blessed that my Great Aunt Dot drove 10 hours from Maryland just to catch a few games. I couldn't be any happier about this experience and getting to share it with so many people I care about. Tomorrow we will round out the family gang when my sister Eliz and best friend Rand show up to join the big superfan section. I can't wait to see those two!

Tonight we are heading to the tournament's opening ceremonies. I'm super excited! I've heard there will be a band and a parade of all the teams. Better yet - they are feeding us dinner! You can't beat free food! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! I'll be tweeting and posting to Instagram and Vine, so you can keep up! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day and God bless!

Over and out (and thanks for reading!),
#2 Emily Crane

More Mizzou Memorable Moments

By: Jordan Cook, Media Relations Student Intern

With the change of every season comes two things: seniors who have spent their last years growing within a program move on, and new freshmen come into the program to sprout from their roots.

Joining the Tiger family this season will be freshman Kayla McDowell, a 6'2'' forward from Cincinnati, Ohio, Jordan Frericks, a 6'1'' guard/forward from Quincy, Ill., and Sierra Michaelis, a 5'10'' guard from Mercer,  Mo.

This past season four seniors left the Women's Basketball family: Sydney Crafton, Kendra Frazier, Liz Smith, and Liene Priede. Each of them came in with a different story, but  no matter where they came from, how many years they spent at Mizzou, or how they contributed on and off the court, they all had a special place here in the heart of Mizzou.

So where are they now?

Kendra Frazier graduated from MU this past December, and Sydney Crafton is currently interning with Corporate Save-A-Lot. Liz Smith is working full time at Konica Minolta as an Account Executive, and Liene Priede has returned to her home country of Latvia to catch up on some much needed time with friends and family.

A memorable moment from this past season poses the question of where were these women were on the night of February 28, 2013?

The answer would be at the one and only Mizzou Arena!

The Tigers hosted the No. 4-ranked Gamecocks at 7 p.m. in their last home game of the conference season. The night also marked senior night, one in which our four Tiger seniors were honored prior to the game along with their loved ones.

Emotions tend to run high on senior night, but that did not stop head coach Robin Pingeton and her Tigers from leaving it all on the court. After a very heated first half ending with a Mizzou lead of 28-26, the Tigers came back into the second with even bigger answers.

Then a junior, Bri Kulas ended the night with a career high of 26 points along with 11 rebounds to give her another double-double, while Crafton, Priede, and Smith combined for a total of 29 points.

With two wins home wins against top-15 opponents in their inaugural SEC season, it will be exciting to see what more the Mizzou women shoot for in their second season in the Southeastern Conference.  

E-Mails from E-Crane (Tuesday, June 25)


Mizzou second baseman Emily Crane is a member of USA Softball's Junior National Team and will blog for along the way. Crane was selected to the prestigious 17-person squad from a national pool of 40 players, becoming the first Tiger under head coach Ehren Earleywine to receive the distinction. 

The JWNT played exhibition games in Glenville, W. Va., on June 24, with Crane batting 3-for-7 overall in the doubleheader, recording one double, two runs and one RBI. The squad next heads to the International Softball Federation (ISF) X Junior Women's World Championship (19-and-under), July 1-7, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Hey guys, I'm back! 

This trip has been crazy, and I am so blessed to be here! The rest of the girls on the Junior National Team are amazing, and what we are doing is even more amazing. Getting to know everyone wasn't such a challenge, because they are all just as excited to be here as I am. 

We have been getting along great, which makes playing the games so much more fun. Which by the way, may I include, is the coolest thing ever. Playing for Team USA is a lot of fun! Everyone is up in the dugout, all cheering for our team. We are all about one goal. It is very cool getting the chance to play with a team with this much push and drive. It's just really special.

Crane blog 2.jpg

Last night (June 24), we played exhibition games here in Glenville, W. Va., and I was playing in center field! It was awesome to be out there wearing the Red, White and Blue across my chest. Getting the feel of the outfield again and the grass under my cleats was like catching up with an old friend. Haha... it was fun! I even got to track down a fly ball and it was awesome! Needless to say, these games have been like no other!

Today is our youth clinic, which I'm actually headed to right now. I love, love, LOVE little kids so this should be fun! I can't wait to show them all that I've learned from such great people. I hope everybody has a great day! And maybe even play a little ball today!

Thanks for all your continued support through this very awesome journey! 

#2 Emily Crane

Blogging with Becca: Week 3

The excitement of this week is the commencement of an exciting TPC improvement. The process of installing mirrors in the gym has begun! On Tuesday morning, the workers started the construction of a wall next to the floor on which the mirrors will be placed. We didn't think our gym could get any better, but we are so excited for this new upgrade!


We are back on our normal practice schedule after camp week, which gives us more time to practice and work on new skills. John is setting up lots of drills on bars to improve our technique and create consistency. Also, we are hitting our stride on the floor music search, with help from Casey Jo, and finally narrowing down the options to find the perfect music for each of our dancing styles.


We're always proud of the work we put in with Coach Jackson during morning conditioning, but this week was particularly challenging and thus, particularly rewarding. We conquered some of our very "favorite" workouts, which included running on the outdoor track as well as around the stadium football field. So right now, our legs might hate us a bit, and we might be avoiding all staircases in Columbia, but that only means we will be stronger next week and ready for more. Bring it on Coach Jackson!


Lastly, the team did an awesome bonding activity this week with our Sports Psychologist, Scotta, where we took a test and discovered each of our signature strengths. We met as a team with our support staff, shared with each other, and put our strengths up on our lockers. As we learn to recognize and affirm each other's individual gifts, we're becoming closer not only as teammates, but as a little Tiger family. And with all of this, the championship culture is surely being built.


Thanks for checking in! See you next week!

E-Mails from E-Crane (Wednesday, June 19)


Mizzou second baseman Emily Crane is a member of USA Softball's Junior National Team and will blog for along the way. Crane was selected to the prestigious 17-person squad from a national pool of 40 players, becoming the first Tiger under head coach Ehren Earleywine to receive the distinction. The JWNT will play exhibition games in Glenville, W. Va., on June 24 before heading to the International Softball Federation (ISF) X Junior Women's World Championship (19-and-under), July 1-7, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.


I'm pretty excited for this whole experience with USA Softball's Junior National Team. Getting to blog for the first time is an interesting thing to do to keep everybody in the loop about how my trip is going too. I really hope the fans enjoy what I have to say because, like I said, I am super excited!

But you know what I am the least excited about? PACKING! Really though, there are just so many things you have to consider when you are going on a trip. My important checklist below:

#1 Make sure you take what you need, but don't take your whole house.
This is my number one problem. I either take too many clothes or too many shoes. It's one of the two.

#2 Is it going to be hot? Is it going to be cold?
WHO KNOWS? So naturally, you have to pack one of everything and then obviously a spare just in case something gets dirty. 

#3 Do you need to go pick up anything from the store?
Once you know that answer you either go to the store to get what you need or move on to the next question.

#4 What are the three things you can't forget since Mom isn't there to make sure you don't leave without them?
Mom would say my uniforms and ball equipment are the most important things. She would be right, however, I like to consider these next three things pretty important as well:

-Gum for the plane (Well I guess you should take snacks too. Either way, with or without Mom, you definitely need snacks.)

#5 The real question: How do you know where to start?
When you only leave for a week, packing isn't too hard. I mean, you take a few outfits, your uniforms, then your basic bathroom needs and you can make it through that week. BUT TWO-AND-A-HALF WEEKS? Now we're talking serious packing business. So the big question I find myself asking is, "Where do I begin?" So I decided to start with this checklist.

Crane blog 1.jpg

Once I mastered packing, the reality began to kick in. I'm actually going to leave the U.S. and get the chance of a lifetime to represent my wonderful country playing the sport I love. I guess what's so hard for me to grasp is that this is real life, and that I'm not dreaming!

There was a time when I was little that I dreamed about being on Team USA and getting to wear the Red, White and Blue... I just wanted to do it on the soccer team! Weird to think about, I know! God led me down the softball path instead. That is why I can truthfully say I had never dreamed about actually getting this kind of opportunity. I am seriously so blessed to be in this position. One out of 17 girls is a pretty special thing and I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

Thanks for all the support, kind words and thoughts, and especially for reading and I'll be sure to keep you posted! MIZ!

Over and out,
#2 Emily Crane

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