Blog: Kern Enjoys A Standout First-Year Campaign At Mizzou

COLUMBIA, Mo. - With the 2014 Mizzou gymnastics season in the books, the Tigers gymnasts have begun their off-season conditioning and practice. Each week, Mizzou Athletics will check-in with current members of the gymnastics roster, and look into their personal workouts and reflections of the past season.

In the second edition, we sat down with freshman Angie Kern. The Columbia, Missouri native was one of five freshmen to join the Mizzou gymnastics program last season. Kern evolved into one of the top contributors among the freshmen class of 2014, and culminated in an individual NCAA Regional bid for her performance on floor.

For any freshmen student-athlete, the transition from high school to collegiate athletics can be challenging. With the help of her upperclassmen teammates, Kern quickly transitioned into her new surroundings at the University of Columbia.

On the competition floor, Kern and her fellow freshmen gymnasts joined an already young Mizzou program. The ability to immediately step in and compete as a freshman allowed for invaluable learning experiences.

"I think we definitely took away a lot of experience, because we were in lineups and competing," said Kern. "I think we will have a better understanding of what competition is all about in college, and what the team aspect is all about. Also, we now understand what a freshman year is all about, and we can help out the freshmen class of 2015 coming in!"

Not only did Kern compete in every 2014 meet (12 appearances on vault and 11 appearances on floor), but the hometown product continued to show incredible improvement on her two events. On Feb. 21, 2014 against George Washington, Kern earned her first career event title with a score of 9.875 on floor.

The event win against the Colonials was a sign of things to come, as the Tiger gymnast would later earn an individual alternate nomination to the 2014 Fayetteville NCAA Regional. Kern's 9.795 regional qualifying score (RQS) on floor was one of the top marks inside the South Central Region.

To be honored by her peers with an NCAA individual nomination was something Kern would never forget.

"It meant the world to me, because it showed that hard work and loving what you do really pays off," said Kern. "As much as I would have loved to get it (NCAA bid) along with my team, it is still a big honor for any freshman to be nominated like this."

The 2014 Mizzou gymnastics campaign brought an array of exciting accolades and challenging adversity for not only Kern, but the entire Tigers roster. At the end of the day however, Kern would not trade her first year in Columbia, Missouri for anything.

"I would summarize my first season as something very memorable," said Kern. "Every moment spent with my team and competing was everything I hoped for. I cannot wait for next year already, because it will be just as amazing!"

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Blog: Henderson Continues Rehab After 2014 Injury

COLUMBIA, Mo. - With the 2014 Mizzou gymnastics season in the books, the Tigers gymnasts have begun their off-season conditioning and practice. Each week, Mizzou Athletics will check-in with current members of the gymnastics roster and look into their personal workouts.

In the inaugural edition, we sat down with sophomore Rachel Henderson. The Oklahoma City, Oklahoma native sat out this past year, after suffering a season-ending injury at the Black and Gold preseason meet on Dec. 8.

Throughout virtually the entire 2014 competition season, Henderson was limited to cheering on her teammates on the sidelines. The slow and long recovery from her knee surgery involved a lot of time spent on crutches and limited gymnastics activities.

Following the 2014 SEC Championships in Birmingham, Alabama, Henderson began conducting physical rehabilitation. In time, she has even got back into the groove of normal gymnastics activities.

"I am running and sprinting now, and I just started small lateral movements such as side lunges," said Henderson. "I also started practicing again on bars, as that is the most stress free gymnastics activity on my knee at this point."

Last season in her Tigers freshmen campaign, Henderson competed in all but one meet. As the 2013 season moved along, she became a mainstay on the Mizzou beam lineup which included a career-high score of 9.775 at Arizona.

The 2013 season saw an array of devastating injuries for many Tigers gymnasts. While Henderson enjoyed a healthy freshmen year, she was able to observe how injured teammates such as Katelyn Trevino, Rebecca Johnson and Briana Conkle handled their tough circumstances.

Little did Henderson know, the following year she would be thrown into the same situation that so many of her teammates had to deal with in the past. The ability to see how her teammates handled an injury riddled season helped her contribute on the sidelines for the Tigers in 2014.

"I played more of an energy and support role this past year," said Henderson. "I tried to bring as much energy as I could at both meets and practices. Being there every day for my teammates when they needed my support was big as well."

Henderson and her teammates are all just weeks away from completing their 2013-14 school year at the University of Missouri. While the academics side of being a student-athlete will conclude shortly, the Tigers gymnasts will continue their athletics preparation for the 2015 campaign.

"We are doing a lot of new things, as far as conditioning and 'Challenge Fridays' at the Tiger Performance Complex," said Henderson. "For me personally, getting back into the shape I was in before my injury is key. Proper nutrition and fitness is at the front of my mind right now, along with putting together new and clean gymnastics routines for next season!"

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Mizzou Among 2014 Top-20 Gymnastics National Attendance

COLUMBIA, Mo - According to, Missouri gymnastics finished among the top-20 in average home meet attendance this past season. This marks the second consecutive year that the Tigers have placed in the top-20 attendance rankings. 

In 2014, Missouri fans averaged 2,114 fans at the home Hearnes Center meets which ranked 17th in the country. This year's season high attendance of 3,053 fans came on Feb. 7 against Southeast Missouri State for the annual "Beauty and the Beast" meet. Missouri's max attendance figure this season also finished in the respective top-20 rankings, as the 3,053 mark placed 18th best in the nation. 

Under first year head coach Shannon Welker, the Missouri gymnastics program enjoyed a bounce-back year in many facets. Highlighted by an outstanding 6-2 record in the month of February, Tigers fans made their way to the Hearnes Center consistently throughout the year. The 2,114 average home attendance was the second highest figure in Missouri gymnastics since 2010.

"Mizzou gymnastics is so grateful for all of the support we receive from our fans," said Welker. "Our fan support has such a positive impact on our performance and the overall excitement of the event. The SEC has such a high caliber of gymnastics and Mizzou provides an entertaining and fact paced family atmosphere at our competitions."

"We are excited about building on the momentum and fielding a very competitive team for next season. Thank you again to all our loyal fans and make sure to get your season tickets for the 2015 campaign!"

Along with Missouri, the Tigers fellow SEC gymnastics opponents made their presence known in this year's national attendance numbers. Alabama (2nd), Georgia (3rd), Florida (4th), LSU (5th), Auburn (6th), Kentucky (8th), and Arkansas (9th) all ranked among the nation's best average home attendance figures. 

Next season, Missouri gymnastics will once again have one of the premier schedules in the country. Featuring top-tier out of conference opponents and familiar SEC foes, Tigers fans will be treated to some of the best collegiate gymnastics competition in the nation. 

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2014 Women's Gymnastics Average Home Attendance Leaders

1 - Utah - 14,375
2 - Alabama - 12,825
3 - Georgia - 9,504
4 - Florida - 7,366
5 - LSU - 5,586
6 - Auburn - 5,577
7 - UCLA - 5,107
8 - Kentucky - 3,265
9 - Arkansas - 3,235
10 - Oregon State - 2,973
11 - Michigan - 2,574
12 - North Carolina - 2,386
13 - North Carolina State - 2,361
T-14 - Iowa State - 2,254
T-14 - Nebraska - 2,254
16 - Oklahoma - 2,148
17 - MIZZOU - 2,114
18 - Kent State - 2,113
19 - Penn State - 2,017
20 - Southern Utah - 1,962

Gymnastics Participates In Local Mizzou Moves Event

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Throughout the day on Tuesday at Fairview Elementary School, countless student-athletes from Mizzou Athletics worked with kids to promote proper everyday health and fitness. Beginning in the morning and ending in the late afternoon, Mizzou student-athletes took part in hour long "Mizzou Moves" sessions with each individual grade at the school.


Members of Mizzou gymnastics made their presence felt all day long, as they conducted a variety of fun-filled activities with the Fairview students. Among the array of interactive activities included health education, physical challenges and team-building exercises.


Freshman Alyson Heimsath and junior Katelyn Trevino were two of many Mizzou gymnasts that made their way to the local Columbia, Mo. elementary school. Each Tigers gymnast, along with other student-athletes from various Mizzou athletics programs, jumped all over the opportunity to give back to the local community.


During each hour long session, a pair of student-athletes were charged with the task of promoting specific health and fitness lessons. Trevino and her fellow teammates know first-hand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.


"I think it is so cool to be able to help these kids understand the importance of nutrition," said Trevino. "Doing it in a fun and exciting way encourages them to take care of their bodies at a young age. It is definitely something I wish I could have learned more about when I was a kid myself."


Although she is only a freshman at Mizzou, Heimsath has already made her second appearance at a Mizzou Moves event. The ability to interact with kids and teach them important life lessons is what keeps the Houston, Texas native coming back time and time again.


"I love working with kids, and they look like they really enjoy spending time with the Mizzou student-athletes," said Heimsath. "It is really cool to go play games with them and promote the same concepts that we learn ourselves as student-athletes."


While all the Mizzou student-athletes in attendance Tuesday had their schoolwork and practice to finish still later in the day, the opportunity to reach out to the local community was too hard to pass up.


"Mizzou Moves was so much fun!" said Trevino. "Myself, along with my fellow gymnastics teammates, had a blast working with the kids at Fairview Elementary. A program like Mizzou Moves is really inspiring for everyone involved."


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Tigers Beat: Junior Katelyn Trevino In-Depth

One of the most common answers you will get from a student-athlete when asked the question "Why did you come to Mizzou" is the family atmosphere that the athletic department gives off. Missouri gymnastics junior, Katelyn Trevino, noted that alongside the family vibe, there was a large amount of passion coming from all of the athletes and staff, no matter which sport or department they were in. Her fellow student-athletes and athletics staff members were also very welcoming no matter where you reside from (Dallas, Texas in her case). On her visit, she recalled instantly knowing that this is where she wanted to be because there was something special about Mizzou that felt like home.

Trevino has been a part of gymnastics since she was three years old. In fact, her parents (Rich and Marilyn Trevino) own a gymnastics club back home in Dallas, and under their tutelage she became both the verbal and physical leader that she has become today at Missouri. 

After successful freshmen and sophomore campaigns in 2011 and 2012, Trevino was faced with adversity her junior season at Mizzou. In the third meet of the season, Trevino suffered a season-ending Achilles tendon rupture. While she knew the road to recovery would be challenging, she still managed to find positives from the situation at-hand.  Trevino has come back for the 2014 season with as much passion as ever, as she has continued her relentless support towards her fellow teammates even through suffering a minor injury in the beginning of the year.

On top of being able to once again compete this season, Trevino was also named co-captain along with fellow junior, Rebecca Johnson. This is the first year Missouri gymnastics have had official captains, as per head coach Shannon Welker's instruction and it happened to work out that the two girls are also best friends outside the gym.

"I am the extrovert personality and Becca (Johnson) is the introvert personality of the team." said Trevino. "I am the one that speaks out when needed and lays it out on the table, and she is the one who tidies it up. I think we have the perfect balance."

It is their job to make sure the communication between and within the team and coaches runs smoothly. Opposed to a superiority role, Trevino said their role has served as a team-strengthening device. The core values of the team are demonstrated and instructed through the pair of captains, in the hopes that the team can band together even further and continue with their love and support for each other through thick and thin.

Last December, the 22-year-old Trevino completed her undergraduate degree in communications with a minor in Spanish, in only three years at the University of Missouri. This year she began working on her Masters degree in positive coaching and is set to receive her degree in May 2015. Although Trevino is unsure of what she really wants to do as a career, she knows she wants to have an impact on people, which is what the Missouri gymnastics program facilitates and builds on.

It is not uncommon for student-athletes to continue on with their education after receiving their undergraduate degree in order to complete their four years of eligibility. Beginning work on a Masters degree is not only something that allows a student to continue to compete in their sport, but it is a sure-fire way to have a leg-up while looking for a job later on. In most cases, their program is completed shortly after their last season of competition.

"I am really passionate about my Masters program," said Trevino. "I really want to learn the material and put full effort into every piece of work I do because it is something I enjoy and will take with me into life after gymnastics."

Trevino and her fellow Missouri gymnasts travel to No. 11 Auburn on Friday, Mar. 7. The dual meet will be the last regular season road trip of the year for the Tigers. Missouri then closes out their home schedule at the Hearnes Center next Friday, Mar. 14, as they host the defending national champion Florida Gators. 

Mizzou Gymnastics: Q and A

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The Missouri Gymnastics team is over halfway through their 2014 season, and have shown consistency and improvement from week one. Currently, the Tigers are riding a three-meet winning streak, and will look to get back to .500 (4-4) with a win this Friday, Feb. 21 against George Washington. Missouri and the Colonials square off at the Hearnes Center Friday evening beginning at 6:30 p.m. CT. 

In this edition of "Missouri Q and A" freshman Anna Bowers, freshman Lark Pokladnik and sophomore Miranda Eubank share their early thoughts and observations from the 2014 season up to this point.

Missouri Gymnastics: What are your general thoughts on the 2014 gymnastics season so far here in Columbia?

Lark Pokladnik: This season has been full of many successes so far. We have put up great line-ups and produced great event scores. Now we are just needing to bring it all together so we can show everyone what this team truly has to offer. Once we do that, we will be a force to be reckoned with!

Anna Bowers: So far this season, we have come a long way but still have room for improvement. Which is a very exciting thought!

Miranda Eubank: We are currently about halfway through our season, and our team has produced some great things so far. I can confidently say that we have much more to show still for the rest of the 2014 season.

MG: What is the main difference you have experienced so far with head coach Shannon Welker and his coaching staff (assistant coaches John Carney and Casey Jo Magee)?

LP: I know Shannon is new to the whole team, but coming from my previous club coaches to now coach Welker has made my transition easy.

AB: Shannon is very factual and straight to the point, which is really helpful in terms of knowing what you need to fix in order to be a great gymnast.

ME: Our coaches have really lifted Missouri gymnastics to a new level of focus and determination towards success. We see it working for us every day in the gym, and I'm confident it will shine through in our performances for the rest of the season and beyond!

MG: Anna and Lark, describe how your first season in collegiate gymnastics is going, and what has stood out the most while being at Mizzou

LP: My first collegiate season has been very different than I ever imagined it to be. Coming off a major injury from last season in Junior Olympics has definitely changed the way this year has gone for me as a gymnast. However, learning how to rely on a team, and knowing that they have my back has been a very positive experience for myself and I cannot wait to see what the rest of this season holds. The thing that stands out the most at Mizzou is without a doubt the academic support system for the student-athletes. They have helped me choose the right classes to take for my major (Psychology), and have provided tutors that have helped me excel thus far in my academic career.

AB: My first NCAA season has been very different from club, but I think in a good way. It has been a very long but fun journey, and I am looking forward to the rest of the season with my teammates!

When it launches on Aug. 21 of this year, the SEC Network is going to forever change how fans of the Southeastern Conference follow their teams, in addition to helping secure and strengthen the future of the nation's best conference.

The 24/7 network will provide unprecedented coverage of all league sports, from studio programming to at least 450 live events every year. That will include more than 100 men's basketball games, many of which will feature Mizzou.

Although a schedule for next season won't be released until later, a look at this year's MU men's basketball slate gives an idea of how the SEC Network will affect fans' ability to watch games it the future.

In past years, Tiger games not picked up by national television have been aired statewide on outlets like the Mizzou Sports Network, Metro Sports, Fox Sports Midwest and the syndicated SEC TV package. The new SEC Network is expected to replace all of these options, as you can see in the hypothetical 2013-14 schedule below.

Tigers Beat: Trio Of Juniors Make Their Triumphant Return

By: Missouri Gymnastics Student Beat Writer, Amanda Nusbaum

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Minor injuries are not uncommon for athletes, especially at the collegiate level. A few weeks on the sideline is usually the extent of the recovery time for the athlete, but the team as a whole is still able to go on with their season. For the larger injuries however, the impact is far more apparent, especially for smaller athletics programs like gymnastics.

In one such case, the 2012-2013 season for Mizzou Gymnastics saw season-ending injuries to three key competitors within a two-and-a-half week span. At each of the Tigers' first three meets, the team saw another girl go down and the journey back would be long and hard for all three involved.

The first to get hit with the injury bug was junior Rebecca Johnson, two days before the first conference meet against Alabama. A hyperextended knee after a vault landing in practice would fracture her tibia and tear her PCL, which put her on crutches for the foreseeable future. Nine days later at the meet against Florida, junior Brianna Conkle dislocated her ankle during floor warm-ups, landing her in a cast in addition to a night at a local hospital.

With two girls out for the season already, the third meet of the season a week later (Air Force Quad Meet) started off equally as grim. In the first rotation warm-ups of the evening, redshirt junior Katelyn Trevino would rupture her Achilles tendon, resulting in the need for surgery. The injury-riddled month of January came to a close for Mizzou, and the three injured gymnasts bound together to push through their own recoveries and to also support the team for the remainder of the year.

For Trevino, the injury was particularly mentally devastating. Gymnastics had been an integral part of her life since she was three years old, and the injury seemed like a setback she may not be able to come back from. The inability to help her team caused a sense of grief and frustration.

However, with the aid from her fellow injured teammates, Trevino would rebound mentally as the 2013 season progressed.

"Bri (Conkle) and Becca (Johnson) not only understood how I felt and how much it hurt not to be able to contribute to the team, but they also inspired me through their own mental strength," said Trevino. "It gave me hope for the future, which caused me to never give up, even when I may have wanted to."

Trevino would be on crutches for seven weeks after her surgery, which marks almost exactly a year ago to this day. Johnson, who was fortunate to never have had an injury prior to her 2013 incident, was on crutches for eight weeks before she was cleared to begin rehab. Even after almost a year, Conkle notes that the pain of landings has not gone away, and may not ever for that matter.

Throughout the rest of the season, especially in the height of their recoveries, the girls focused their energies on being the biggest cheerleaders for their team. Unable to go out and compete, they knew the most important thing they could do for their teammates was to show them that they were still with there to support them to the fullest.

The first thing Trevino, Johnson and Conkle would all be cleared for gymnastics-wise, starting around the beginning of the 2013 summer months, would be the uneven bars as long as they did not conduct any hard landings.

Johnson noted that bars had never been her favorite, but when it was the only thing she could do, she would spend hours upon hours practicing on them. All that time working on the event paid off early-on in the 2014 season, which culminated in an all-time gymnastics memory for the Tigers junior.

"At the Pink Out meet against Arkansas a couple weeks back, I hit a strong bar routine and stuck my dismount," said Johnson. "Katelyn (Trevino) then ran over and picked me up in a moment of sheer joy, and I felt the biggest rush of emotion. There was electricity running through my veins, and in my head it was like we are officially back."

All three girls have slowly come back into competition, and each have high hopes for the rest of the 2014 Tigers season. This past offseason, a big effort was made by first year head coach Shannon Welker and his coaching staff to bond the whole team together, which included creating smaller "families" and a big / little sister program.

Conkle in particular was incredibly enthusiastic of the special dynamic the team formed over the course of offseason workouts and team bonding activities.

"I feel really good about our team this year and the potential we have shown," proclaimed Conkle. "We have really worked on bonding as a team, and it truly feels like we are sisters."

"I think this year is going to be really special for us, and I am really excited to show our fans what each of us have been working towards!"

As the Tigers head to North Carolina State this weekend for their second road-trip of the season, the three junior gymnasts will continue their outstanding comeback from last year's injuries. While there will certainly be some setbacks and mentally difficult moments the rest of the season, all three now know they won't have to look far for support. 

Tigers Beat: Hometown Kern Begins Her Mizzou Career

By: Missouri Gymnastics Student Beat Writer, Amanda Nusbaum
COLUMBIA, Mo. - When most athletes come to college, they are leaving the places they have been competing in for a majority of their lives. The fan-bases are different (usually broader) and it makes the atmosphere change-over even larger. A small handful of athletes, however, choose to stay in their hometowns. They will recall coming to competitions when they were younger and dreaming of being the ones to compete on the floor. For one such Missouri Tigers gymnast, freshman Angie Kern, Columbia has always been her home. 
The Rock Bridge graduate competed for Mizzou for the first time in her collegiate career at the exhibition meet on Dec. 8 against Lindenwood University. Kern noted how surreal it was to look up in the Hearnes Center crowd and see young girls watching her compete and remembering when it was the other way around. For the first time in over 13 years, she was no longer the on-looker, but would be able to call herself part of the group that inspires those young girls who dream of one day becoming a collegiate gymnast as well.
One large factor for Kern staying in Columbia is the fact that all of her family and friends are close enough that they can come out and support her and the rest of the team. The audience as a whole that Sunday afternoon against Lindenwood was very different for Kern. 
"In club, it was always a few family members, teammates and coaches watching you, but here, it is an entire arena," said Kern. 
For collegiate gymnastics, the primary focus is on the success of the team as a whole, rather than just the individual performances in club competitions. At Mizzou and NCAA meets across the country, the team scores are most important and thus can be completely dependent on how well an individual performs and it is important for the team to stand behind each girl as she competes. During floor routines, for example, the team will line up on one side of the floor and add in their own flair during certain points in the music.
Despite the jump up in competition level, Kern, who scored a 9.700 on floor and 9.750 on vault during the exhibition, thought the judging was about the same as she saw in club.
"In college, it is all about fine tuning details and cleaning up your form to make the routines more precise," Kern stated. "In gymnastics, and especially in college now, you are always hoping that your routines score well and get even better throughout the season."
As all gymnasts do, Kern will strive to score even higher each meet, starting with her team's season opener against Alabama this Friday, Jan. 10 at 7:30 p.m. CT. The Tigers will look to avenge their loss to the Crimson Tide from last season and begin their second season in the SEC with full force.

#MizzouMade: Tigers in the NFL - Week 16

Mizzou Football's deep pipeline into the NFL continues for the 2013 season, and brings you weekly updates at the #MizzouMade blog. The following is a breakdown of what former Tigers are currently accomplishing at the highest level of football.
  Tim Barnes (2007-10)
Center Recorded his third straight start on the Rams' offensive line, as they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23-13 Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome. St. Louis (7-8) looks to end the season at .500 with a road trip to Seattle this Sunday.     
  Beau Brinkley (2008-11)
LS / TE Served as the Titans' primary long snapper. Tennessee (6-9) picked up a 20-16 road victory at Jacksonville this past Sunday, and will close their season with a home match-up against the Houston Texans.    
  Colin Brown (2004-08)
OT Was released by Buffalo on Oct. 15. Had appeared in six games prior to his release, which included five starts on the Bills' offensive line. 
  Chase Coffman (2005-08)
TE Did not play in Atlanta's 34-24 Monday Night Football loss at San Francisco. For the season, Coffman has appeared in 10 games and will look for his first reception Sunday when the Falcons host Carolina.      
  Chase Daniel (2005-08)
QB Was the Chiefs' backup quarterback in the team's 23-7 loss against Indianapolis. Kansas City (11-4) are locked-in as the #5 seed in the AFC Playoffs, and will close out their regular season with a road trip to San Diego.        
  Michael Egnew (2008-11)
TE Did not appear in Miami's tough 19-0 loss at Buffalo. The Dolphins (8-7) will be fighting for their playoff lives this Sunday when they host the New York Jets (12 p.m. CT).        
  Blaine Gabbert (2008-10)
QB Remained the Jaguars' backup quarterback, as the team fell 20-16 at home against the Tennessee Titans. Jacksonville (4-11) and Gabbert play their season finale Sunday at Indianapolis (12 p.m. CT)    
  Andrew Gachkar (2007-10)
LB Played in the Chargers' 26-13 victory against Oakland, but did not record a tackle. For the year, Gachkar has accumulated 33 tackles while also forcing a fumble. San Diego (8-7) looks to enter the playoffs this Sunday with a home contest against the Kansas City Chiefs (3:25 p.m. CT).       
  Zaviar Gooden (2008-12)
LB Did not play in Tennessee's 20-16 victory at Jacksonville. This season, Gooden has tallied 12 tackles in eight games played (one start).     
  Dominique Hamilton (2007-11)
DL Currently a member of Washington's practice squad. Has yet to appear in a regular season game this season.   
  Ziggy Hood (2005-08)
DL Finished with one tackle in Pittsburgh's thrilling 38-31 road victory at Green Bay. The Steelers remain in the AFC playoff hunt going into Week 17, and will host the Cleveland Browns this Sunday at 12 p.m. CT.   
  Jeremy Maclin (2006-08)
WR Out for the 2013 campaign. Was placed on the injured reserve list after injuring his knee in preseason camp.
  William Moore (2004-08)
Safety Produced five tackles in Atlanta's 34-24 Monday Night Football loss at San Francisco. Moore will close out his fantastic 2013 campaign (83 tackles, two sacks, three forced fumbles and two interceptions) this Sunday.        
  C.J. Mosley (2001-04)
DL Finished with one tackle in the Lions' disappointing 23-20 overtime loss against the New York Giants. The loss eliminated Detroit from playoff contention, but they will close out their season against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday (12 p.m. CT).      
  Sheldon Richardson (2011-12)
DL In the Jets' home finale, Richardson picked up six tackles (three solo) as New York topped the visiting Cleveland Browns by a score of 24-13. Richardson has had an outstanding rookie season, and has continued to fill up the stat sheet each week (76 tackles, 3.5 sacks and one forced fumble).        
  Aldon Smith (2008-10)
LB Had one tackle in the 49ers' 34-24 Monday Night Football victory against the Atlanta Falcons. San Francisco (11-4) clinched a playoff spot in Monday night's win, and look to improve their seeding this Sunday as they travel to Arizona (3:25 p.m. CT).     
  Brad Smith (2001-05)
QB / WR Recorded one rush for two yards, as the Eagles dismantled the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football by a score of 54-11. Philadelphia travels to Dallas this week, and with a victory will win the NFC East division.        
  Justin Smith (1998-2000)
DT Produced five tackles (four solo) and one sack in San Francisco's last regular season home game at Candlestick Park. His sack on Matt Ryan gives him 6.5 on the season and 82 for his outstanding career in the NFL.        
  Sean Weatherspoon (2006-09)
LB Did not play in Atlanta's Monday Night Football loss at San Francisco. The Falcons (4-11) and Weatherspoon close out their 2013 season this Sunday as they host the Carolina Panthers (12 p.m. CT).      

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