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Mizzou second baseman Emily Crane is a member of USA Softball's Junior National Team and will blog for MUTigers.com along the way. Crane was selected to the prestigious 17-person squad from a national pool of 40 players, becoming the first Tiger under head coach Ehren Earleywine to receive the distinction. 

The JWNT began competition at the International Softball Federation (ISF) X Junior Women's World Championship (19-and-under) in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, on Monday, July 1, in resounding fashion. The Red, White and Blue defeated Great Britain in four innings by a run-rule score of 10-0. Playing in left field, Crane batted 2-for-3 with one RBI and one run scored

Hey guys! I'M IN CANADA!

This is so crazy! So you would think being in Canada is extremely different than the United States, but it's really not. The big change for most of us was the money! Of course, the use of our phones too. Canada has coin dollars instead of paper dollars for smaller amounts of money, so when we go places and have to pay there's been a lot of "We aren't from here, could you help us out?". Haha - but it has been a great experience!

Today we had the wonderful opportunity of waking up at 5:30 a.m. to play in our very first international game. I must say, waking up wasn't too bad until it got to this afternoon and it hit me... I'm pooped! But back on track - the game! We played Great Britain and it was very interesting seeing how other countries play the game. We won 10-0, and we didn't let up for anyone! It was a great way to get started in the tournament, and I'm hoping we keep this kind of play up because this could be a special week.

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Oh, I almost forgot! MY FAMILY HAS ARRIVED! Half of them, anyway. I seriously can't pray to God enough and thank Him for allowing my family to travel like they do to chase me around the country... and OUT of the country! Having this kind of support means so much to me, especially when I'm out on the field. Just knowing that someone is up in the stands always supporting you really helps you relax and have more fun with what you're doing. 

So far Mom, Dad and Grandma Betty have come out to cheer our team on. They are something else up in those stands! I have never seen my mom so decked out in Red, White and Blue, and waving her flag. It's simply awesome! I also have been so blessed that my Great Aunt Dot drove 10 hours from Maryland just to catch a few games. I couldn't be any happier about this experience and getting to share it with so many people I care about. Tomorrow we will round out the family gang when my sister Eliz and best friend Rand show up to join the big superfan section. I can't wait to see those two!

Tonight we are heading to the tournament's opening ceremonies. I'm super excited! I've heard there will be a band and a parade of all the teams. Better yet - they are feeding us dinner! You can't beat free food! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures! I'll be tweeting and posting to Instagram and Vine, so you can keep up! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day and God bless!

Over and out (and thanks for reading!),
#2 Emily Crane

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