Blogging with Becca: The Final Edition


So it's the last week of summer training and therefore, my last edition of Blogging with Becca! I want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who read my posts and kept up with the team this summer. I've had an absolute blast being your little Mizzou gymnastics messenger for the last eight weeks!


Speaking of, I'm sitting here wondering where the last 8 weeks went... the summer just flew by! But not too fast for us to be apart of some awesome events. Jordyn Wieber came into towIMG_0571.JPGn last weekend for the opening ceremonies of the Show Me State Games. She did a clinic at the TPC with a couple local gyms and signed autographs at a luncheon for aspiring gymnasts at the MATC. She shared her inspiring 'never give up, never give in' story from her Olympic experience and we felt honored to get to meet her.


Throughout the summer, the team has made some amazing progress in all aspects of our training. Our morning conditioning has included some of the hardest workouts this team has ever done, and we can say that in turn, we are stronger than we've ever been. We had weight lifting Tuesday morning and had several girls reach personal records. We finished out our summer training with our very favorite team competition called Bamboozle, and loved every second of it! Overall, Jackson has greatly improved our fitness level and prepared us incredibly well for what is to come in the fall.


The gym is the place where we've seen the most change this summer, and we've truly adjusted well! With three new coaches and a new training plan, the team is feeling so motivated to continue our progress into pre-season and take some huge steps forward. We know that we will be prepared to compete with confidence in the SEC and that is a great place to end the summer.


So after lots of time spent flipping in the gym, running on the football field, shivering in the cold tubs, drinking chocolate milk, studying by the pool, and bonding as a Tiger fam, we are headed home for a couple weeks to rest and enjoy time with family and friends.


Sending love and flips from the Mizzou gymnastics team. Have a wonderful rest of the summer and see y'all in the fall!


Johnson out.

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