Blogging with Becca: Fourth of July edition

It's been an exciting two weeks here in Tiger Town!


Last week's highlight was a little team adventure to Rock Bridge State Park after practice on Monday. We explored the Devil's Ice Box and image.jpegroamed through the 150-foot-long Connor's Cave, which was incredibly cool--literally. It was so refreshing down there! We didn't see any bats, but John kept us on our toes with his sneaky antics...let's just say there were a couple girly screams echoing through the cave. Typical. But I'd say overall we were pretty brave and adventurous, and it was awesome team bonding time.

This week is the start of the second summer school session and our new freshmen have officially arrived! They are all moved into the dorms and have started working out with the team and taking two classes. It has been so fun getting to know each of them, watching them learn the ropes...and squirm during their first cold tub experience! It gets better, my friends, I promise! We can all see that the freshmen have so much passion and energy and are all so excited to be here. We are building on our talent and continuing to make progress in the gym, everyday.

The mirrors are going in this week too. And they are looking great! They will be incredibly helpful when it comes to our choreography and dance skills, as we will be able to see our body shapes and movements. Things are really coming together around here!

Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July with family and friends! Enjoy!

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