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Mizzou second baseman Emily Crane is a member of USA Softball's Junior National Team and will blog for MUTigers.com along the way. Crane was selected to the prestigious 17-person squad from a national pool of 40 players, becoming the first Tiger under head coach Ehren Earleywine to receive the distinction. The JWNT will play exhibition games in Glenville, W. Va., on June 24 before heading to the International Softball Federation (ISF) X Junior Women's World Championship (19-and-under), July 1-7, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.


I'm pretty excited for this whole experience with USA Softball's Junior National Team. Getting to blog for the first time is an interesting thing to do to keep everybody in the loop about how my trip is going too. I really hope the fans enjoy what I have to say because, like I said, I am super excited!

But you know what I am the least excited about? PACKING! Really though, there are just so many things you have to consider when you are going on a trip. My important checklist below:

#1 Make sure you take what you need, but don't take your whole house.
This is my number one problem. I either take too many clothes or too many shoes. It's one of the two.

#2 Is it going to be hot? Is it going to be cold?
WHO KNOWS? So naturally, you have to pack one of everything and then obviously a spare just in case something gets dirty. 

#3 Do you need to go pick up anything from the store?
Once you know that answer you either go to the store to get what you need or move on to the next question.

#4 What are the three things you can't forget since Mom isn't there to make sure you don't leave without them?
Mom would say my uniforms and ball equipment are the most important things. She would be right, however, I like to consider these next three things pretty important as well:

-Gum for the plane (Well I guess you should take snacks too. Either way, with or without Mom, you definitely need snacks.)

#5 The real question: How do you know where to start?
When you only leave for a week, packing isn't too hard. I mean, you take a few outfits, your uniforms, then your basic bathroom needs and you can make it through that week. BUT TWO-AND-A-HALF WEEKS? Now we're talking serious packing business. So the big question I find myself asking is, "Where do I begin?" So I decided to start with this checklist.

Crane blog 1.jpg

Once I mastered packing, the reality began to kick in. I'm actually going to leave the U.S. and get the chance of a lifetime to represent my wonderful country playing the sport I love. I guess what's so hard for me to grasp is that this is real life, and that I'm not dreaming!

There was a time when I was little that I dreamed about being on Team USA and getting to wear the Red, White and Blue... I just wanted to do it on the soccer team! Weird to think about, I know! God led me down the softball path instead. That is why I can truthfully say I had never dreamed about actually getting this kind of opportunity. I am seriously so blessed to be in this position. One out of 17 girls is a pretty special thing and I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

Thanks for all the support, kind words and thoughts, and especially for reading and I'll be sure to keep you posted! MIZ!

Over and out,
#2 Emily Crane

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