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Tiger Fans, junior Becca Johnson will be keeping you all up to date on the happenings with Mizzou Gymnastics this summer. Check in to her blog each week to stay in the know about your Tigers!


Mizzou Gymnastics is back on campus for summer training!

We had our first practice on Monday with our new head coach, Shannon Welker. He brings a wealth of knowledge, energy and passion to the gym and the team is excited to move forward under his direction. This summer, we are focusing on developing team chemistry and a "championship culture" by training together each day and building relationships outside of the gym.

Several tigers are returning from injuries suffered during the 2013 season. With everyone able to participate on at least one event, the energy in the gym is high and we celebrate the little successes of each day. Lots of new skills are being learned and old skills are being polished with help from Shannon.  

We have workouts at 7:15am with our strength coach to do conditioning and weight lifting. Starting our days together with challenging workouts has left us with a feeling of unity and hunger for more. We bond over sore muscles, post-workout chocolate milk and the mutual dread of the cold tubs. But we know we are getting stronger, and right now it is all about progress. Together, the team is already making strides to become the SEC team we know we can be. And for us, that's a great place to start off the summer!



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