Blogging with Becca: Week 3

The excitement of this week is the commencement of an exciting TPC improvement. The process of installing mirrors in the gym has begun! On Tuesday morning, the workers started the construction of a wall next to the floor on which the mirrors will be placed. We didn't think our gym could get any better, but we are so excited for this new upgrade!


We are back on our normal practice schedule after camp week, which gives us more time to practice and work on new skills. John is setting up lots of drills on bars to improve our technique and create consistency. Also, we are hitting our stride on the floor music search, with help from Casey Jo, and finally narrowing down the options to find the perfect music for each of our dancing styles.


We're always proud of the work we put in with Coach Jackson during morning conditioning, but this week was particularly challenging and thus, particularly rewarding. We conquered some of our very "favorite" workouts, which included running on the outdoor track as well as around the stadium football field. So right now, our legs might hate us a bit, and we might be avoiding all staircases in Columbia, but that only means we will be stronger next week and ready for more. Bring it on Coach Jackson!


Lastly, the team did an awesome bonding activity this week with our Sports Psychologist, Scotta, where we took a test and discovered each of our signature strengths. We met as a team with our support staff, shared with each other, and put our strengths up on our lockers. As we learn to recognize and affirm each other's individual gifts, we're becoming closer not only as teammates, but as a little Tiger family. And with all of this, the championship culture is surely being built.


Thanks for checking in! See you next week!

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