Blogging With Becca: Week 2

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Hey there Tiger fans!


This post is comin' to you straight from a good ol' Mizzou dorm room...with children surrounding...because it's CAMP WEEK! Many of the girls on the team are coaching and several of us are also counselors, so we stay overnight in the dorms with the campers. It's always fun to experience gymnastics from the other side--as the coach rather than the athlete--not only as a lesson in understanding technique but also as a lesson in patience!


We've learned lots of names, searched for plenty of lost room keys and walked our fair share of miles transporting the kids around campus. But there's been no shortage of energy, laughs and hanging together as a team, even if it's in the lounge of Discovery Residence Hall after bed checks!


We've put in some time in the gym this week as well--taking part of our lunch and dinner breaks to practice and condition. And now, we have officially welcomed all three coaches into the Tiger family! Together, Shannon, John and Casey Jo are quite the dynamic trio. They are incredibly knowledgeable in the coaching department, and they each provide their own style and humor. It's awesome to see them all so thrilled to be Tigers, and "earning their stripes" as they use their handy dandy maps to make their way around campus...yes you, John!


So, summer is in full swing now and we are hitting the ground running, with lots of little Tiger campers cheering us on.

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