Time Out with Tori

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One more week until official practice starts!  Monday we had the whole team workout together with the assistant coaches.  It was like a real practice, but not quite.  Coach P wasn't running the practice but we still did similar drills.  It was great to have everyone on the court together in a practice-like atmosphere! 
This past Friday, we had our video shoot.  By video shoot, I mean the five second clip that plays on the score board when you're announced or the images of the eyes that go around the arena during free throws.  It was so fun to shoot these!  It's always awkward, but us girls really enjoy it.  Also, some of us had to say a few lines.  These were hilarious to watch!  I'm sure there is a great blooper roll out there somewhere.  It took most people a couple of takes to get their lines down perfectly.  With saying the lines, we were supposed to say them as if we were speaking to the crowd.  Well, there obviously wasn't a crowd at the video shoot, it was just us speaking into the camera.  So we all had to get out of our comfort zones and act a little!  I think most of us make better basketball players than actresses!
This upcoming season is going to be a special one, I can feel it.  This group of girls gets along great and we all want success for each other. 
Peace, Love and Basketball.
Tori Niemann

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