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Last Monday was our team picture day, but this past Friday was our team photo shoot for our poster and our individual posters.  It was so much fun! The pictures were supposed to be game like and we all had to keep straight faces.  Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face around our team? We were all busting out with laughter after trying to hold serious faces in front of each other.  We were all practicing our "tough" faces before we took our individual pictures.  I'm sure it was quite a sight for anyone watching us!
If there was an outsider watching our team, off the court, they would see our team in constant laughter.  I think that's what's special about our team.  Every single one of us gets along great with each other and we are always having fun.  It doesn't matter if it's after scrimmaging, at a photo shoot or at dinner, we are always cracking jokes and just having a blast.  I love that I know I can walk into our locker room and instantly have my day get better from just by being around my teammates.
This Saturday Christine and I are making the trip to Oklahoma to cheer on the boys at the football game.  It's going to be a long trip and there's a good possibility we'll come back with some stories of getting lost or who knows what! Wish us luck!
And just an update, we haven't had any kitchen fires at our new apartment.  But that also may be because I haven't cooked anything yet and I don't think Paige has used the oven either!


Peace, Love and Basketball


Tori Niemann

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