Time Out with Tori

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What a weekend!  We had the last three days off and they were great!  I know I caught up on some sleep and I'm pretty sure some of my teammates did too. Saturday was the first football game and most of us made it to the game. It was extremely hot, but still fun. After the game, we all cooled off at the pool.

Last week was our first week of individuals and they started off great. We went in groups of four. We had good intensity and worked hard! This week we have individuals again with four people and next week we go in groups of six.

This past Friday, after five-on-five, we had a team scavenger hunt. We broke up into three teams and had to run across campus to take pictures at different places. We had to run to the columns, Plaza, Shakespeare's, Memorial Union, the tiger and then meet back at the arena. My team won! Kyley, Christine and Paige were on my team. It was quite a workout running everywhere to try to beat the other teams!

With Monday out of the way, I'm ready to start the week. It helps that I only have two days of classes!

Peace, Love and Basketball.

Tori Niemann

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