Time Out with Tori

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The first day of class is over!  We all survived.  It wasn't that difficult to get back into school mode since we just finished summer school, but it is still a challenge because we all have full course loads now.  Plus, there are a couple extra thousand students on campus that make getting everywhere a little difficult.  But I think we are all excited for the new school year.
This past weekend, when I was at the lake with most of my family, my aunts pointed out that I made a typo in my last blog entry.  I said that I was excited to see my aunt, uncles and cousins.  This became a joke to see which aunt was the favorite aunt since I actually had seven aunts at the lake.  But anyways, my last weekend of summer was great.  There were 31 of my family members there and we spent our time talking, swimming and eating great food.
Sunday was the first day that all of our team was together.  It was so great to see everyone again!  We also welcomed Liene!  We had our first lifting workout Monday and it went pretty well.  It will be good to get back in the swing of workouts.  We start individual workouts pretty soon.  Individuals are groups of four that are ran by the coaches.  They do drills with us and start teaching us new things.  They are a little more like practice so that will be exciting to start!  The season will be here before we know it!
Peace, Love and Basketball.
Tori Niemann

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