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We had our one and only stair workout of the summer on Monday. We were in the arena and we ran up a flight of stairs 16 times.  We did jumps, bounds, and sprints up the stairs. It wasn't too bad, but all of our legs were feeling kind of shaky by the end of it!
This past weekend, a group of us made a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks to Maggie's family's condo.  It was Sydney, Kendra, Maggie, me and a former player, Bekah Mills.  We had a great time and got some pretty nice tans!  It was a perfect, relaxing weekend. 
We calculated how many hours we have left of workouts for the summer on Monday and it is only 33 more hours! We had a team meeting with Coach P on Monday and it helped us to get recharged for working hard these last couple of weeks.  The main goal for us these last couple weeks is to push ourselves even when we are feeling exhausted. 
Now I would like to introduce two of our seniors, Bre Brock and Christine Flores.  Both are from San Antonio, Texas.
Bre doesn't get to travel home very often because of the distance, but her favorite thing to do when she is home is to hang out with her family.  Bre is really close to her family.  We are always hearing her talk about her nieces!  Her favorite thing to do in Columbia is go to the movies and her favorite restaurant here is CC Broilers.  Two things you may not know about Breezer is that she can sew (I didn't even know that!) and she absolutely loves children.  One thing Bre has learned over her years at MU is that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.  Bre said the biggest difference from being a freshman to now being a senior is the accountability.  As a freshman, it was all about being new to the "college life" but now as a senior its all about being accountable, dependable and being able to help the younger girls on the team.
Christine's favorite thing to do at home is to hang with her family and friends.  Christine has younger twin siblings that she loves spending time with.  Her favorite thing to do in Columbia is going outside with her two dogs, Riley and NuNu and going to Devil's Icebox.  Her favorite restaurant in Columbia is Gumby's.  Two things you may not know about Cflo are that she can do the splits and that she used to play the flute.  One thing Christine has learned over the years is how to manage her time better.  The biggest change for her is the amount of discipline she now has and she has noticed that her work effort changed.
Peace, Love and Basketball.
Tori Niemann

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