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This past week we finished up our June session of summer workouts.  Our first month really flew by!  In the weight room, I think it is safe to say that all of us got much stronger.  All of our weights were constantly increasing in the exercises.  Now in July, we will be doing more conditioning.  In June, we did more agilities.  We are also doing conditioning four times a week now instead of the two times a week that we were doing in June.  Only one more month of summer workouts!

This past weekend, all of us went out of town.  Some people went home, some went to different lakes, Sydney went to Tennessee and Paige even went to Los Angeles.  I went home on Friday, spent all of Saturday at Baring Lake in Edina, Mo. and went to Kansas City on Monday to watch fireworks before heading back to Columbia.  From the sound of it today in the locker room, everyone had a great holiday weekend. 

Now I will let you in on sophomore Maggie Flynn and junior Sydney Crafton.

Maggie's favorite thing to do when she goes home is eat at the local restaurants such as Mr. D's and Mustang Sally's.  But her favorite restaurant in Columbia is Flat Branch.  Her favorite thing to do in Columbia is to hang out with her friends and teammates.  Maggie's favorite memory from last year was our trip to the Virgin Islands and playing against Tennessee and beating Georgetown.  Two things you may not know about Mag are that her right pinky finger does not ever straighten.  The injury happened in high school, but now instead of giving high fives, she gives high four and a halfs.  Also, Maggie drives a Jeep named Beverly.  Something that Maggie has learned about Sydney is that Syd always just goes with the flow and that she is an easy going farm girl.

Sydney's favorite thing to do at home is to go to her grandparent's farm and help out.  She does a variety of chores like raking hay and mowing the yard.  Her favorite thing to do in Columbia is to hang out with the team.  Sydney's favorite restaurant in Columbia is Red Lobster.  Syd's favorite memory of last year was beating Iowa State on Senior Night by one in the final seconds of the game.  Two things you may not know about her is that she loves country music, especially George Strait, and that she drives a stick shift.  Something that Sydney has learned about Maggie is that Maggie is really outspoken, loud and always has something positive to say.

Two weeks fire free!

Peace, Love and Basketball.

Tori Niemann

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