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Hey Mizzou Volleyball fans!

The team is back at it and working very hard! The summer is very important for our team because we take classes, we do team workouts and we have open gyms.

Our team workouts are Monday- Thursday from 6am to 8am. These workouts consist of lifting and conditioning. We also spend time working on agility and quickness. Coach Stewart is in charge of these workouts and he makes us work really hard. Since last week was our first week, a lot of people were tired and sore including me! The team also spends time playing doubles. We started a tournament in which we pick doubles partners at random and then we play all the other teams. We end up playing 3-4 games to 15 and we keep track of how many games everyone wins. At the end of June there will be one winner, which will be the person with the best record. This is really fun because it gives everyone a chance to play with and against everyone. And it also gives everyone a chance to play all positions since we play 2 vs. 2 (Everyone is required to pass, set and hit at some point). This summer we have decided to have open gym Monday -Thursday right after we're done with workouts. On Monday and Wednesday we play indoors and on Tuesday and Thursday we play outside on the sand courts.

We have also added another member to our team, Melissa Hartsel! She is one of our new freshmen and she is joining us for summer workouts. So far she is doing a great job!! She joins Brit, Niki, Lisa and I on the BLACK TEAM for Tiger Challenge!

We're getting excited for the upcoming season and we hope all you are too!!!


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