Jade Hayes' Journal Entry

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Teamwork is Togetherness, Excellence, Accountability, Motivation, Will, Optimism, Respect and Knowledge.

                When a team is at its best, all the individuals-top to bottom- are working together for a common goal. Egos have no place. Who gets the credit is of no importance. The team, in turn, makes the individual better. A team has to put their personal interests aside and in other words, "Die to self!" We can't win every game by ourselves; it takes the whole team to win the game. The more that our teammates can do, the better off the team will be.  A team shouldn't care who gets the most kills, aces, assists, blocks, or digs. At the end of the game, all that matters is if we won as a TEAM!

Human nature compels us to look out for ourselves first and think of others second. But we are supposed to live a life of serving others. We should put others first even when we are asked to do the unthinkable. For example, if you had to decide being the coach with the best record, the leading scorer on the team, or the team manager which would you choose and why?  I am sure most of us wouldn't choose to be the manager...But thank you Matthew Porter for stepping up to the plate for that one!

 The natural tendency for the spotlight can cause us not to value serving others as much as we should. The challenge for our team this year is that we step out beyond our comfort zone and be the team we know we can be; sharing the qualities it takes to have TEAMWORK.

A leader is about Love, Encouragement, Attitude, Discipline, Enduring, and Responsibility.

Being a leader is about living a life without gaps - being one of integrity and great character. Who are you when no one is looking?  In sports, the presence of gaps can be costly. For a football team, it may be an offensive lineman who misses an assignment and gives his defensive opponent a clear shot at the quarterback. For a soccer or hockey team, it may be a goalkeeper who drifts too far from their post and gives the opposing offense a wide-open shot. For a volleyball team, it may be a hitter who transitioned early instead of blocking and left an open net for the opposing middle hitter and leaving her defensive teammate a chance to dig a ball straight to the face. No matter the sport, one thing remains the same: gaps can negatively impact an athlete's or a team's chance at success.

Our other team challenge this year is to take our eyes off of ourselves and cheer on those around us, living without gaps. Our encouragement and words of praise will make a difference! Completing our challenge will show that Mizzou Volleyball has taken over the sports world and started motivating, encouraging, and inspiring through building up. Our team will show  that we are the team that sets the standard, everywhere you turn, Mizzou Volleyball will be the example team that refreshes, builds, and brings life into the locker room, the court, and our team huddle; that we become committed to infusing life into others through our intentional words of nourishment.  People will feast off our encouragement, and ladies, "WE WILL CONQUER THE BEAST!"  Proverbs 14:23 says, "There is profit in all hard work..."     In other words- "LET'S DO WORK!!"  J


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