Checking in With Tori

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This past weekend we had Individual Camp.  All of us worked the camp and it was a lot of fun.  This was my first time to actually coach younger girls.  Each of us was given a team of about 10 girls and the teams played each other throughout camp.  I really enjoyed coaching and it was awesome to see the girls improve with each game.  It was fun to see all of the different personalities of the younger girls in the camp and to see their personalities come out as they got more comfortable with us.

Monday was our first day to have agilities in the Divine Indoor Practice Facility.  For the sophomores, it was our first time to have a workout on the indoor football field.  The workout went really well! It was good to get in a workout in a different environment.  After agilities, we had weights and then open gym.  Needless to say, we were all worn out after Monday's workouts.

Now I will let you in on a little more about me and my roommate and fellow sophomore, Paige Spietz.

Paige's favorite thing to do when she goes home is to play sand volleyball with her family and friends on the sand volleyball court at her house and to hang out on the Spietz farm.  Her favorite thing to do in Columbia is grilling out at our apartment and her favorite restaurant in Columbia is El Rancho.  Her favorite memory from last year is our trip to the Virgin Islands.  Two things you may not know about Paige is that she loves playing ping pong and she loves listening to country music.  Paige said something she has learned about me is that I could eat cereal for every meal, which is very true.

Now it's my turn.  My favorite thing to do when I go home is to go out to eat with family and friends.  I also love seeing my horses.  We just got our fourth horse the other day!  My favorite thing to do in Columbia is to go to the pools with my teammates or going to football games.  I absolutely love Chipotle here in Columbia.  My favorite memory from last year would actually be all of the memories we made as a team on the road trips, in hotels, at restaurants, and on the buses.  Two things you may not know about me is that I can play the harp and piano and that I once broke both of my wrists at the same time because I fell off my scooter.  Both of my arms were in tie-dye casts!  Something I have learned about Paige is that she has a sick obsession with sour cream and that she is always "down to clown."  Meaning that Paige can always find the fun in something.  There is never a dull moment around her and you can almost always hear laughter around us.

Oh!  I almost forgot, Paige and I are now one week free of any fires happening in our apartment!

Peace, Love and Basketball.

Tori Niemann

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