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Our first week is over with.  We have seven more weeks, or another way to look at it is that we have 28 more days to workout and get better.  Monday, we had another agilities workout at 7 a.m.  Some of us joke and say, you know you're an athlete when you have already taken a nap before 10 a.m.  We are always looking for time to fit in a nap!

Our first camp started yesterday.  We have all worked it, some more than others, and it has been a lot of fun interacting with the campers.  This is the elite camp, so all of the girls here are working hard. 

 I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce some of our new players and let you in on a little more about our returning players.  This week you will get to know two freshmen, Kyley Simmons and Bree Fowler.

I first sat down with Kyley, who told me her full name was Kyley Jean Simmons.  If you didn't already catch it, "Jean Simmons" like the Kiss rock star.  Anyways, Kyley said that her first week on campus was a bit overwhelming.  She said she felt a bit lost in the workouts because everything was so new to her.  This week though, she feels like it is all starting to come together.  One of her worries about coming into college was not knowing how to act around the team.  I would say that Kyley is fitting in perfectly!  Kyley said the hardest thing she has had to do so far at Mizzou is judging the time.  She is always worried that she will be late, but she hasn't been late yet!  I also asked Kyley what she has learned about her roommate, Bree Fowler.  Apparently, Bree likes to find shortcuts when trying to go places.  She is always trying to find the shortest and quickest way, whether its parking in a parking lot or driving on campus.  Also, one thing not many people know about Kyley is that she loves to sing, even though she says she is not very good at it.

 Next was Bree Fowler.  Bree's first week was interesting.  She was anxious to do the workouts and to find out what it was all about.  The hardest thing so far for Bree is not quite having a routine yet, that will come though.  She said her theater class has been a challenge for her because she has to really open up about herself and let her guard down.  This will be great to carry over for the team!  We are such an open group of girls, which basically translates into a group of sisters.  Bree is ready to make an impact on the team.  Bree comes from a large family that consists of two brothers and four sisters.  One unique talent of Bree's is that she can beat box.  One thing she has noticed about her roommate Kyley, is that every night before Kyley gets into her bed, she wipes her feet.  Apparently, their floor is a little dirty.

I hope that you feel like you know a little more about some of our new girls!  Each week I will introduce two more players.
Peace, Love, and Basketball.
Tori Niemann

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