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Week two flew by!  During the week we had our elite camp and this weekend we had the team camp.  Most of us worked both camps and they went really well.  This weekend, us players had to run the game clocks for all the games.  So, there wasn't a lot of excitement this weekend, until Paige and I came home.

On Friday, our apartment got repainted and Paige and I had to take everything off the countertops.  I put a cardboard box of Gushers in the oven.  Can you see where this is going yet?  Paige and I being the excellent chefs that we are, decided to bake fish that night.  We forgot about the box.  We noticed smoke coming out of the stove top and from the bottom of the oven.  We opened the oven door and realized the box of Gushers was on fire!  At first, we were kind of panicking but somehow we got it together and performed under pressure.  Paige grabbed the fire extinguisher and shoved it on to me and told me to "use it!!"  I had never used a fire extinguisher before and couldn't figure out how to use it.  With the smoke getting heavier, I told to grab the scissors, I cut the plastic safety loop, pulled the pin, and shot the extinguisher.  By this point, our entire apartment was filled with smoke and our apartment was covered in the dust from the extinguisher.  So after a long day at the gym working camp, we got to come home and put out a fire, and then clean the kitchen and give the oven a really good scrubbing.  At times, our apartment still smells like smoke.  There's never a dull moment around here.

Now I want to introduce you to two of our new girls.  Junior college transfer, Liz Smith, and freshmen Morgan Eye.  I was able to catch up with them Monday after we scrimmaged.

Liz said her transition from her junior college to Mizzou hasn't been too bad.  The hardest part is the classes.  At her JC, her classes weren't too difficult for her and she only had two hours of class three times a week.  Now, she has class everyday.  She is taking Sociology of Family Life and Health Professions.  Liz wants to go into physical therapy.  Liz said her biggest challenge since being here is getting used to playing at the next level, against stronger girls and with a higher intensity.  Liz is excited for this year and the change of scenery that it brings. When she took her visit, she said she loved the campus, even though the size of the campus means a lot of walking to get to class.  Liz really likes how Coach P is able to bring everyone on the team together.  There is such a mixture of personalities, yet there is no clashing.  Finally, I asked Liz about her roommate Morgan Eye.  Liz said Morgan loves That 70's Show, a TV show, and has a pretty strong country accent.

Next was Morgan Eye.  Morgan is from an extremely small town, Montrose, Mo.  She said her adjustment from a small town to Mizzou hasn't been too bad.  It's a lot bigger here but it's not too crazy yet.  Then again, it's only the summer.  There will be about 30,000 more people on campus in a few months.  Morgan's biggest challenge has been playing with a new team.  The girls she had previously played with were the same girls she had been playing with her entire career.  She is figuring out how to play at a faster tempo with a greater amount of toughness.  Morgan said she is having fun living in the dorms and meeting new people.  She said they did their laundry for the first time and it took longer than it should have.  Also, Bree (Fowler) had to wash her clothes twice because she used too much detergent the first time.  I remember those days.  I think my mom had to walk me through my first laundry experience.  Morgan said she has learned that Liz is half Filipino and always making funny comments. 

I think it is safe to say that all of the new girls are really enjoying their time here at Mizzou.

Peace, Love and Basketball.
Tori Niemann

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Dear Tori,

I liked reading your blog. I am coming to camp this Friday and look forward to meeting you. I will be the one with curly hair. I am 10 years old. It sounds like you guys have a great time together. Look forward to meeting you and your team. See you Friday!


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