Checking in With Tori - June 1

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Women's basketball player Tori Niemann will write a weekly blog entry to keep Tiger fans in the know on the Mizzou women's basketball team. Check back early week for updates!

I have been home around two weeks now and we still have two more weeks before we go back to Columbia for summer classes and workouts. It has been so nice being home and spending time with family. After being at school for a year with limited visits to home, and I know I saw my family more than quite a few of my teammates, I appreciate sitting in the living room watching TV with my family or having my mom fix dinner. I haven't talked to all of my teammates since we have been on break, but the ones that I have talked to are loving being home just as much as I am.

When you have limited time with your family, it is that much more important to find a family in the team. I can truthfully say that our team is a family. Without this family, we would not have the support system that we need. Of course, we all have support from our parents, siblings, grandparents, etc., but they do not see us every day in Columbia. Our team becomes our family away from home that we can always count on for support, someone to turn to, trust, or hang out with. This would all be impossible without our true families and just as impossible without our family that is the team and staff.

Last Wednesday, Paige and I moved into our first apartment. Last year may have been our first year living on our own, but we were still in the dorms. Having our very own apartment is a big deal! I cannot even tell you how excited we were the first time we unlocked the door! It is going to be an interesting summer and an interesting experience having to cook our own meals and clean our own place. Hopefully, it will all go smoothly. Wish us luck!

Peace, Love, and Basketball.

Tori Niemann

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