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Hello ALL! Well it is about that time, time to wrap up the spring semester. As most of you know by now we are short on players so the opportunity for us to play any spring tournaments was limited. Sadly, we will not be going to any spring tournaments this year. This week of the 18th is our last week of spring practices. We will continue to lift the week after and do our final testing in the weight room with high hopes of everybody setting personal records on their lifts! A lot of people in the past couple weeks have already been hitting their PR's which is great! Brittney set a new team record for power cleans and we all were very proud of her! As far as practices go, we have had a couple of the alumni players coming back to help us out so we could be able to scrimmage and do more 5 on 5 and 6 on 6 work to give our team a more game like feel to practices. Catie Wilson and Wendy Wang have been coming to help us out with that and I can't thank them enough! All spring we have been doing very simple, but very important skill work. A lot of individual reps and drills to get our techniques down to a T. I think this spring has been going really well. We have a really young team right now and it is going to stay that way. We have 5 more freshman coming in to add to the 2 we already have now. With Britt and I being the only seniors it is going to take a lot of leadership from us to guide this new, young team to victory and I am super excited for it!

                School is slowly rapping up also. We only have 3 more weeks until finals week and that's it. A lot of people on the team are starting to stress a little because finals are right around the corner. In season or not, finals week and every semester is always a challenge. Of course it's a lot tougher to stay on top of things when you are in season, but off season is just as stressful and tiring on and off the court. I think our team this year is in great academic shape and that it will continue to stay that way. After this week we won't see the court again until about the first week of June when we start our summer conditioning. Sadly this is my last spring and my last summer. Only one more season left and then I will be done. It really does go by so fast I can't believe I am already a senior! I am excited for all the things to come and to get this season going with! We'll continue to keep you all updated! Thanksss J

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