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We finished up our last week of individual position practices with an intense game of Black VS. Gold Dodgeball. Because we played in the Indoor Devine Facility, we played it where one team lines up against a wall and has to dodge kickballs while the other team constantly throws at them.  Unfortunately black team won. GO GOLD! Anyways we started off this week with our first team practices.  There was a lot of questions about how it would work with a hurt setter, three hitters, and five defensive players. But Wayne did a great job of finding ways to still work on our individual skills and still get a lot of reps. 

Molly is back and able to play now, with a little more movement and all of her sets are beautiful as ever.  Since we don't have enough people to play full 6 on 6, we have been doing a lot of deep court and 2 on 2 narrow court play, which seems to be the highlight of practice, mainly because we are all so competitive.  Coach Stewart still has us working hard in the weight room, and we still yell and encourage each other while lifting. There is even some dancing and singing involved. 

Our Tiger Challenge is still a pretty close race between black and gold and we can earn points for our team for good grades, cold tub, correctives, and even eating breakfast. Grades seem to be coming in like crazy! Even with the stress of school and study hall we all do a good job of coming together during workouts and practice and focusing on our goal of getter better.  I can't wait to see what our big black and gold challenge is this week! :)

Paige Buchanan #12

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