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It's a couple of months into the spring semester and it's gone by quicker than I ever would have imagined.  Anyone else feel like they can't believe we are headed towards mid March already? I know I sure can't! With school and volleyball workouts in full force it's been a quick couple of months.


Thinking back on this past season, it seems almost as if it was a dream.  From the very beginning, getting to travel to California for an AWSOME preseason tournament, to mid season working hard to keep the wins coming in, and lastly beating UNI and going on to make it to the Sweet 16! We proved that with working hard and having great confidence in our skills, our coaches, and our teammates.... Anything is possible. (Shout out to the seniors from this past season.... I MISS YOU!) We proved to the nation we were a great team and now that tradition is moving forward to where we are at now!  All of the returners from last year are back working hard (Britt, Pip, Lindsey, Lisa, Paige, and myself) and our new freshman (Niki, and Jade) are seeing the standards that we have for being great students and volleyball players.  The team has been working to perfection on the court, in the weight room, and in the classroom. Spring is a time to improve individually by getting a lot of repetition on the court, getting quicker and jumping higher with our speed and agility work outs, and getting strong in the weight room.  I personally have really enjoyed getting back to the basics by really correcting and working on my skills on the volleyball court, with the rest of the ladies.  Being that I personally haven't got this much individual work for a long time due to being on the track team my freshman year, individual work has been the best! 


But one my favorite parts of this semester so far have been in the weight room.  I love pushing myself to become a better overall athlete so I LOVE to get into the weight room and get stronger every time I have the opportunity to do so.  Not only do I feel like I've became a better athlete over these couple of months but the WHOLE team has, every single one of us has pushed ourselves to get stronger so we can transfer that over to the volleyball court.  As our strength coach, Coach Stewart says, "It's great we're getting stronger in the weight room and quicker but now we have to transfer it over to the volleyball court." SOOOOO true!


Another one of my favorite things that has happened this semester has been our VERY competitive Tiger Challenges.  Our team has a couple of Tiger Challenges a week and it definitely gets our competitive juices flowing to say the least. So far my favorite challenges have been the classic tug of war and having to push the HUGE lineman's sled (I think it's called) that the football players usually push, down a good portion of the football field.  Those two challenges were all about having the right will power and mindset and that is a really important factor in volleyball or athletics in general.  I personally am on the GOLD team and WE ARE GOING TO WIN IT (yep, I said it black team), although the scores at the moment are very close.  But GOLD is going to finish it off and win it all (yep I said it again).  Pip, Lindsey, Jade, Paige, and I are determined to do so.  We're going to make it happen!!!!


Now that spring practices are coming up very soon, I'm really looking forward to seeing the beginnings of our hard work come together.  I JUST CAN'T WAIT till the other freshies get here AND WE CAN GET THE 2011 SEASON STARTED!!!!  It's a great privilege to be able to be on this team with all of our awesome coaches, teammates, and personnel that our volleyball program has.  OH AND I CAN'T FORGET TO MENTION OUR AWESOME FANS, gosh they are the BEST!  I'm so blessed to be a Mizzou Volleyball player.  I can't wait to see where the road leads us through the years I have to come here, but all I know is I LOVE being a part of this amazing team!!! YEAHHHH ZOU!


Ashton Bodenstab J

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