Jade Hayes' Diary

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I think our team is off to a fabulous start!!! Our whole team is working hard to accomplish our spring goals to initiate success for the upcoming fall season!!! I love our team and am so excited for what God has in store for us! These are some of my favorite traits of the girls on our team that I believe will make us successful:


  • Britt is the most amazing Jumper I have ever seen. I could watch her fly through the air for hours and never get tired of it! It is truly incredible! She is also as fast as lightning!!!
  • Pip is so determined and has a great "go get 'em" attitude that helps ignite our team and fire us up! You could call her a "little spit-fire!" She is currently battling a knee sprain but she will be as good as new in no time. 
  • Lindsey is a very hard worker! There is never a time I don't see her doing an extra workout or an extra abs complex! I also think Lindsey could run for hours.....she loves CARDIO!!!
  • Ashton is such an "athlete", she probably hears that often!! We always get told the same things, which we believe has something to do with our Track backgrounds! She always works for perfection!!!            
  • Molly is a born leader! she displays this not only in her actions, but in her speech as well! She is currently coming back from foot surgery and she is working hard to still keep her "angel-hands" soft to the touch! BEST SETTER EVER!!!
  • Lisa is our comic relief! Don't get me wrong, when it is time to be serious and work hard she is the first to step up her game! Her famous line, "Holy Toledo", cracks me up every time! I'm looking forward to the many laughs that lie ahead!
  • Paige is always great at being a "mom"! Niki and I enjoy sneaking up on her on our walks to the Hearnes at 7:20 am!! That will never get old! 
  • Niki!!!! Ok I couldn't wait for this one: She is the most fun-loving person you will ever meet!!! We have so many inside jokes..no one can keep up with us!! My abs are steel, because she is my roommate and all we do is laugh!!! We haven't had any petty fights yet..and don't plan on it!! We also haven't gotten sick of each other!! I love my roomie!!! Fun times!!!


These are some of the greatest girls I've ever met! I look forward to the memories we will make together! Since there is only 9 of us so far it is hard to see our depth, but we have a "ballin'" recruiting class coming in and I am STOKED to see how we will all mesh and make each other better!! (Hurry up and get here ladies!! ha-ha)


In concluding, I want to ad our coaching staff: Wayne Kreklow, Deng Yang, and Susan Kreklow, are the best!!

Our athletic trainers/weights coach: Nathan Pickel, Mandy, and Brad Stewart, are awesome!!

Last but not least, our manager: Matt is so helpful!

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